Craftsman in Xi'an carves micro torch from olive pit

2021-09-08 15:49:58 , Source :

(ECNS) -- Huang Shuli, an inheritor of the fruit pit carving intangible cultural heritage, has carved a 4.5-centimeter-long and 1.5-centimeters-wide micro torch out of an olive pit in a week.

Huang, 43, grew up in a woodworking family engaged in carving for many years in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.

He had inherited this craft from his ancestors to become a professional fruit pit carving craftsman.

He was inspired by the 14th National Games of China, which will open in Shaanxi on Sept. 15, and decided to carve a micro torch.

Like other intangible cultural heritage projects, fruit pit carving is falling into obscurity.

Huang said he will create more works related to real life and popularize this craft among people. All Rights Reserved

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