De Mao Gong Cakes-Xi’an cuisine · China Time-honored Brand

2017-12-19 10:32:39 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

De Mao Gong, a food store with the title of “Card of Shaanxi”, was founded in 1872. The 100-year-old food store is the only one to make cakes with traditional techniques in Xi’an. With superior materials, particular production, authentic flavor, and clean aroma, the crystal cakes and series of products are honored as “Qin’s Best Cake”.

The cake-cooking skill was included in the list of “Shaanxi’s First Intangible Cultural Heritage” in 2007. De Mao Gong Cakes have become essential precious food for foreign tourists traveling in Xi’an.

Recommendation: Crystal cake, fillo pastry, walnut sweet cake (walnut cake), and glutinous rice cake

Location: Near the entrance of Guangji Street, West Avenue (General City God Temple)