Flower Festival

2023-04-11 14:15:00 , Source : Discover Shaanxi

On April 9, 2023 Xi'an Qujiang Huazhao Festival was held at the Xi'an Qujiang Pool Heritage Park. Hundreds of Hanfu buffs gathered here wearing flora-patterned costumes, celebrating this featured festival.

The Huazhao Festival (or Flower Festival) is celebrated for the flower goddess' birthday, symbolizing the birth of various flowers. It is a major traditional festival in ancient China. The date of the Huazhao Festival varies in different regions, roughly falling between the solar term Awakening of Insects and Spring Equinox. During this period, spring is in its prime and everything is in bloom. So it makes sense to pick one of the days as the birthday of the flower goddess.

Nowadays, new customs gradually emerge to celebrate the Huazhao Festival. Young people wear Hanfu and dress themselves up, transforming into hundreds of flowers, thus demonstrating Hanfu culture. Hanfu buffs call themselves "Tongpao". The Hanfu-wearing event beautifully resonates with the Huazhao Festival, which has become a new trend.

Xi'an, as the ancient capital, reflects the great inclusiveness of Hanfu culture. People dressing in Hanfu can be easily captured on the street, and various Hanfu-themed activities have been organized. Xi'an Qujiang Huazhao Festival, in particular, is a major event to transmit Hanfu culture.

The 2023 Xi'an Qujiang Huazhao Festival includes several rounds of competitions, and there will be thirteen winners.

Hanfu buffs taking pictures at the Qujiang Pool.

"Jungu", a Hanfu buff, shared, "In order to deliver a good performance on stage, we all have to spend hours dressing up. Upon our efforts, we hope that more people can learn about Hanfu and fall in love with Hanfu."