Lu Yao

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Lu Yao (1949-1992) Original name Wang Weiguo, the Han Nationality, on December 3, 1949 had been born in a Shaanxi Yulin Qingjian County impoverished farmer family, when 7 years old because in the family is adopted difficultly for Yanchuan County countryside uncle. Once studied in the yanchuan county-operated middle school's, in 1969 returned to home village to work at farming. In this period of time he has done many temporary work, and has taught a year book in a countryside elementary school. In 1973 entered the Yan’an University Chinese department study, during started the literature creation.After university graduation, no matter what “the Shaanxi Literary arts” (now is “Yan River”) edits.

In 1980 published Astonishing Soul-stirring One, won the first session of national outstanding novelette prize.In 1982 published the novelette Life to describe a countryside educated youth’s life pursue and the winding experience, caused the very big echo, won the national second session of outstanding novelette prize, after reorganized the movie of the same name, won the eighth session of populace movie hundred-flowers award best narrative movie prize, caused a sensation throughout the land. In Difficult Day attained in 1982 Present age in the literature the novel prize. In 1988 completed 1,000,000 characters the lengthy works Ordinary World, this was a panoram type performance present age city and countryside social life novel. Entire book altogether three volume.

The author in the near ten year between broad background, through the complex contradictory entanglement, has scored the social various social strata multitudinous average person's image.Work and love, setback and pursue, pain and happy, daily life and huge social conflict, interweaves complexly in the same place, had demonstrated profoundly average person difficult path which passes through in the great time historic course.

Introduce to his representative works

Ordinary World

Ordinary world is a panoramic expression of the contemporary Chinese urban and rural social life in the novel. On the basis of the original book three abbreviated as a, the content is more concentrated. The author in nearly a decade to ask broad background, through the complex conflicts, score of the images of all walks of many ordinary people. And love of labor, setbacks and pursue, suffering and happiness, daily life and the huge social conflict, the numerous and complicated intertwined, profoundly shows people in the era of big in the historical process through the difficult and tortuous path.


Stories in the reform period in Northern Shaanxi plateau urban and rural life as the background. Description of the high school graduates Gao returned to the land and leave the land, and leave the land, to the change of land so life constitute the framework of the story. Between Gao Jialin and the rural girl Liu Qiaozhen, city girl Huang Yaping emotional imbroglio contradictory story development, is also the difficult choice of tragedy.

With the successful pursuit of Lu Yao, his anxiety and contradiction, with his psychological structure are closely linked, he was known as the"indigenous" writer, is influenced by the culture, as a son of a farmer, he was deeply in love with his hometown, inherited and accepted the influence of the traditional culture, to farmers his life as a source of inexhaustible. But he is also a “civilized” writer, his lofty idea, “Guang na bo qu”, always look to the world culture, he likes “a dream of Red Mansions”, the works of Lu Xun, Balzac, Tolstoy, his creation he is be worth reading a hundred times. All kinds of newspapers and periodical she often read, hard to read a lot, rich and colorful life, and the reference to his unique experience of life, so that his broad broad and long. All Rights Reserved

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