A New Chapter of High-Quality Development

2022-05-30 17:02:51 , Source : Discover Shaanxi

At the Shaanxi Province 14th Congress of the CPC, Liu Guozhong, Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the CPC, put forward the goals for the next five years.

Higher quality and efficiency of economic development

A modern industrial system with Shaanxi characteristics shall be basically formed; the role of scientific and technological innovation in enhancing and promoting real productivity shall be significantly enhanced; the level of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization shall be significantly improved; the regional development of Guanzhong area, Northern Shaanxi and Southern Shaanxi shall be more coordinated; the county economy shall continue to grow; the business environment shall be among the first tier in the country in terms of convenience; the construction of the passage, trade and logistics hub, key industrial and humanity exchange base for Central Asian, South Asian and West Asian countries shall have significant progress; the economy shall grow at an average annual rate of about 6%, and the per capita GDP shall reach 100,000 yuan.

Higher living conditions for people

Employment shall be more qualitative; per capita disposable income shall continue to grow faster and move ahead in the national ranking; a multi-level social security system shall be further complete; the level of equalization of basic public services shall be significantly improved; new progress shall be made in building a strong education system; the health system shall be constantly improved; the rural revitalization strategy shall be comprehensively promoted; the common prosperity shall be more solid.

Higher quality of the ecological environment

The nature reserve system with national parks as the main body shall accelerate the construction, pollution prevention and control to achieve more obvious results; the comprehensive index of air quality in key cities in the national ranking shall move up; urban and rural habitats shall continue to improve; carbon-peak and carbon-neutralization shall achieve steady progress; green production and lifestyle shall be established rapidly.

Higher social civilization

The spiritual and natural icons of the Chinese civilization, the Chinese revolution, and the Chinese geography shall be better protected; the core socialist values shall be widely promoted; the public cultural service system shall be continuously improved; a group of cultural enterprises with strong competitiveness shall be formed.

Higher effectiveness of governance system

The Party's leadership system shall be further complete; the advantages of socialist democratic politics shall be further demonstrated; the role of a promising government and an effective market shall be fully exerted; new progress shall be made in the construction of a higher level of security and legal system; grassroots governance capabilities shall be largely improved; major risks shall be effectively prevented and resolved.

Higher quality of Party building

The responsibility of managing and governing the party shall be fully implemented; the creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness of party organizations at all levels shall be continuously enhanced; the work style of cadres shall be continuously improved; the fight against corruption shall be deeply advanced.

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