Xi'an introduces huge investment for industrial projects

2021-03-30 10:46:31 , Source : China Daily

The Xi’an Industrial Projects Signing Ceremony 2021 was held on March 24 in Xi’an, capital city of Shaanxi province in Northwest China, and successfully attracted a total investment of 303.73 billion yuan ($46.50 billion) for its 215 industrial projects.

The signing ceremony is held at Xi’an International Conference Center on Wednesday.

Among the projects, there are 100 1-billion-and-above projects with a total investment of 265.57 billion yuan; 31 3-billion-and-above projects, 17 5-billion-and-above projects, and one 10 billion project.

Among the projects, there are 96 industrial projects with a total investment of 115.85 billion yuan, accounting for 44.7 percent and 38.1 percent of the investment total, and 12 foreign-funded projects with a total investment of 27.08 billion yuan.

The projects cover new energy, new materials, aviation parts, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, electronic information, digital economy, culture, tourism and healthcare.

Li Mingyuan, deputy secretary of Xi'an municipal Party committee and mayor, makes a speech at the ceremony.

“At present, Xi'an takes industrial investment promotion as an important measure to speed up the construction of a strong city with an advanced manufacturing industry," said Li Mingyuan, deputy secretary of Xi'an municipal Party committee and mayor of the city. "We're strengthening the planning of industrial projects, carrying out targeted investment promotion, and promoting the upgrading of the city's industrial structure and the transformation of its economic development model with the precision of industrial investment promotion, so as to inject a long-term source of power into the city's development.”

Li added that with the implementation and commissioning of these signed projects, the city will continue to promote the transformation from "Xi'an products" to "Xi'an brand" and from "Made in Xi'an" to "Created in Xi'an", and thus cultivate more influential industrial clusters, realize the common development of enterprises and cities, and promote the high-quality development of the Xi'an economy to a new level.

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