AI-powered visual insights: 2024 Two Sessions hot term guide

2024-03-05 14:36:26 , Source : CGTN

As anticipation surges for the upcoming Two Sessions, CGTN provides a comprehensive insight into the most discussed topics by netizens both domestically and internationally.

We analyzed and distilled the top 10 keywords buzzing across China's popular social media platform Sina Weibo and the internationally recognized platform X (formerly known as Twitter), encapsulating the pulse of public opinion surrounding this significant event.

Among the hot terms identified, "Law on Guarding State Secrets" reigns supreme on both Weibo's and X's top lists. Other heated topics on Weibo include "The 70th anniversary of the National People's Congress," "Proposals for abolishing the pre-sale system for commercial housing," "Advocating for a 50% toll reduction on expressways during weekends," and "Proposals for alleviating administrative burdens on primary and secondary school teachers." Additionally, "Article 23," "Development," "Taiwan," and "Technology" emerge as the prominent topics on X.

Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, CGTN has curated an engaging visual guide. It presents the most talked-about issues in the form of nine captivating posters. Through this innovative approach, we aim to narrate the story of China's new era in a visually compelling manner, reflecting the diverse perspectives shaping the nation's trajectory.

Data editors: Zhao Hong, Sun Yiwen

Python engineer: Lin Yu

Technical consultant: Zhao Lei