Measures were issued to strengthen the intellectual property work of Shaanxi (Xi'an) Pilot Free Trade Zone

2021-10-13 15:01:39 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Recently, the China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone Xi’an Work Leading Group Office issued the Measures to Strengthen the Intellectual Property Work of the Shaanxi (Xi'an) Pilot Free Trade Zone, aiming to accelerate the promotion of the creation, application and protection of intellectual property rights in the Xi’an Pilot Free Trade Zone, also to build an intellectual property service system that is convenient to the people and for the people. It put forward 20 specific implementation measures in six aspects: establishing intellectual property protection mechanisms, exploring intellectual property reforms, strengthening intellectual property service support, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, strengthening the construction of talent base, and strengthening organization and implementation.

In terms of establishing an intellectual property protection mechanism, it is proposed to intensify the crackdown on violations of laws and infringements, establish a prudent and inclusive supervision model, and strengthen cross-departmental collaboration; in terms of exploring intellectual property reforms, it is encouraged for various functional areas to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and intellectual property securities. In the aspect of strengthening the support of intellectual property services, the work contents are clarified as strengthening platform construction, increasing the establishment of trademark acceptance windows, carrying out public welfare services, and providing rights protection assistance; in terms of promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, it is proposed to strengthen new Intellectual property protection in business types, patents in new fields, trademarks, and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in the Internet, e-commerce, import and export; in strengthening the construction of talent base, it is proposed to strengthen the power of think tanks, the construction of professional talents, and the business training within the free trade zone.    

In order to strengthen the organization and implementation, a work division table was formulated to clarify the leading and supporting departments of various measures, and all departments are required to strengthen coordination and cooperation in accordance with the division responsibilities, form a work force, and jointly promote the implementation of various measures; at the same time, it is required to strengthen publicity and official guidance, improve the awareness and ability of enterprises in the pilot free trade zone to operate in compliance with the law and prevent infringement against intellectual property rights. All Rights Reserved

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