Key Projects in 2020

2020-07-03 21:08:18 , Source : 陕西省人民政府英文网站

We will accelerate the construction of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (in phase III), support the renovation and expansion of Yulin, Baoji and other regional airports, and build Ankang New Airport.

We will continue to proceed with the construction of the Xi'an subway and the high speed railways of Xi'an-Yan'an, Yan'an-Yulin, Xi'an-Shiyan and Xi'an-Ankang and build Yinchuan-Xi'an High-speed Railway. Twelve expressways from Taibai to Feng county, from Qingjian to Zichang, from Ankang to Langao, and from Pingli to Zhenping will be built.

We will accelerate the construction of water conservancy projects such as Hanjiang-to-Weihe River Project, Dongzhuang Reservoir, Guxian Reservoir, Jinghe River Comprehensive Control Project, and nMazhen Yellow River Diversion Project" in Yulin. We will strengthen infrastructure construction of5G network.

We will work hard to build 100 business service projects in urban and rural areas, develop more brand chain stores and standardized agricultural product markets, and expand the coverage of e-commerce in rural areas.

We will move faster to prolong the comprehensive utilization of Jingbian kerosene oil-gas resources, the construction of Xianyang National Energy Coal Gangue Power Generation Project, the Northern Shaanxi-Hubei Power Transmission Project and the Power Supply Project, and strive for the implementation of major demonstration projects such as the Coal to Liquid Project of Zhongke (Synfuels China).

We will speed up to develop non-energy industries, provide enterprises with chance to promotion, and put projects such as Geely, phase II project of BYD, and Fastgear retarders into operation.

We will speed up construction of Technical Revolution Project such as upgrading of Long Steel Company, expansion of Xifeng Liquor to improve its quality; rely on the industrial Internet to expand the “intelligence+”. Efforts will be intensified to tackle key problems in core basic components, advanced basic technologies, key basic materials and industrial technology; foster and expand high- end equipment manufacturing industries such as CNC machine tools, aero engines and combustion turbine, rail transport and Transmission & Distribution (T&D). Focusing on the advantageous fields of titanium, molybdenum, aluminum, zinc, magnesium and vanadium, we will actively progress the construction of a number of projects with strong bases, such as titanium alloy profiles for aerospace use and high-temperature alloy materials for engines.

Relying on the industrial park, we will vigorously strengthen, complement and enlarge industrial chain to elevate the level of the industrial chain, speed up the construction of integrated demonstration area of national general aviation industry in Xi'an, Xianyang New Display Industrial Park, Baoji New Material Industry Base, Weinan Additive Manufacturing Base, Hanzhong Aviation Smart New City, actively foster leading enterprises with obvious scale advantages and strong industrial chain integration capability.

A total of 50 county-level demonstration industry cluster zones and industrial concentration district will be built at the provincial level. Combining resource endowments and location advantages, the policy of "One county, one policy" will be put in place to support each county in building one or two distinctive and advantageous industries.

We will devote more energy to pool innovative talents and teams, and support the construction of the Western Innovation Harbour, Xi'an Science Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yulin National Laboratory For Clean Energy of CAS, Shaanxi Aerospace and Aeronautics Propulsion Research Institute, National Western Tech-Transfer Center, and the Western China Overseas postdoc Innovation Base. We will promote the establishment of national innovation centers for advanced and rare metal materials technology, add 2-3 provincial innovation centers, and identify 30 provincial enterprise technology centers,' and support the construction of Xi'an Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Pilot Zone. We wiII work hard to upgrade "mass entrepreneurship and innovation programs" and accelerate the establishment of a full-chain service system for innovation and entrepreneurship; press ahead the construction of four national demonstration bases for mass entrepreneurship and innovation, including Xixian New Area and Yangling Demonstration Zone, and 500 specialized mass entrepreneurship spaces; and implement the initiative to establish standardized entrepreneurship centers in hundreds of counties and thousands of towns.

It will make steady progress in the development of information, software, Internet of things, supply chain and other industries, and support the pilot projects for innovative application of supply chains in Xi'an and Weinan. We will promote the integrated development of cultural tourism, foster new forms of business such as cultural creativity, digital entertainment and E-sports, and support leading enterprises. We' will vigorously develop the modern logistics industry and accelerate the construction of Xi'an, Baoji and Yan'an as national logistics hubs. All Rights Reserved

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