Report on the Work of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province (2021)

2021-12-06 11:35:37 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province


Delivered at the Fifth Session of the 13th Shaanxi Provincial People's Congress on January 26, 2021

Zhao Yide 

Governor of Shaanxi Province

Fellow Deputies:

On behalf of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province, I will now report to you on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval. I also wish to have comments on my report from the members of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

I. Review of the work in 2020 and the 13th Five-Year Plan Period

The year 2020 was an extremely extraordinary year in Shaanxi's development. At the critical moment when the province was decisively building a moderately prosperous society and fighting against poverty, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shaanxi again and delivered an important speech, giving the people of the province great care and encouragement. Over the past year, in the face of the complex situation and difficult and daunting tasks, especially the severe impact of COVID-19, Shaanxi followed the guidance of Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and the firm leadership of the provincial committee. We earnestly learned and implemented the guiding principles of Xi's speeches made during his visit in Shaanxi; adhered to the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability and the new development philosophy. Focusing on the main theme of high-quality development, we fully fulfilled Five Requirements, coordinated the Covid-19 response with economic and social development, made solid progress in stabilizing the six fronts and maintaining security in six areas, and continued the three critical battles against poverty, pollution and major risks. (*The Five Requirements refer to requirements put forward by President Xi Jinping for the province, including promoting sustained and sound economic growth, advancing agricultural modernization, strengthening cultural advancements, ensuring and improving people's wellbeing, and exercising strict governance over the Party. The six fronts refer to employment, the financial sector, foreign trade, foreign investment, domestic investment, and expectations. The six areas refer to job security, basic living needs, operations of market entities, food and energy security, stable industrial and supply chains, and the normal functioning of primary-level governments)

i. We achieved major strategic success in Covid-19 response via swift, decisive, and targeted measures. Shaanxi took early actions and activated public health emergency response, ensured early detection, reporting, quarantine, and treatment of cases, concentrated patients, experts and resources in designated facilities to provide treatment, carried out a province-wide prevention and control effort through the grid management of communities and villages, organized and mobilized Party members and officials to work at the front line of epidemic prevention and control, took differentiated measures to ensure the production of anti-pandemic supplies, and effectively curbed the spread of the virus, thus doing everything we could to give treatment to confirmed cases and maximize the cure rate. Shaanxi sent 1,546 medical and nursing personnel to assist the fight against Covid-19 in other provinces and even in foreign countries, and undertook 209 international flight diversions, contributing a lot to China's overall epidemic prevention and control. We lost no time in resuming work and production when appropriate. By giving full play to the leading role of major projects and industries, we have ensured adequate supplies of coal, electricity, oil, water, gas and heat, as well as daily necessities, and helped residents return to normal life and work steadily.

ii. We delivered stability and pursued progress by maintaining security and kept the economic fundamentals stable despite multiple difficulties. We introduced a series of policies and initiatives to promote economic growth and support SMEs, assessed economic situation on a monthly basis, and launched the "SMESHX" platform in the service of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shaanxi. By fully implementing tax and fee cuts policies, we have reduced burden on market entities by more than 65 billion yuan, including 24.832 billion yuan in social insurance premium cuts and exemptions. We have cleared up debts worth 10.847 billion yuan owed to private enterprises. With these policies, the province's economy has turned from negative to positive and rebounded quarter by quarter. We made every effort to stabilize employment. We built a dynamic employment service platform with real-name management, introduced 22 policies and measures to stabilize employment, helped 2.925 million migrant workers return to work, and provided 157,000 jobs for veterans. The employment rate of college graduates reached 81.6%, and an additional 432,000 jobs were created in cities. We strove to promote industrial growth, redoubling efforts in monitoring the operation of enterprises in key industries, distributing production factors and matching production and sales. Production capacity in the fields of electronic information, energy and chemical industry, automobiles and equipment manufacturing were released at a faster pace. The volume of outward electricity transmission increased by 20.4%, while the added value of industrial companies with annual revenue of more than 20 million yuan grew by 1%. We worked to expand investment, organizing demonstration activities of key projects, increasing investment in new infrastructure and new urbanization initiatives as well as major projects and other areas, obtaining a total of 17,8 billion yuan for investment from budget from the central government, increasing 66.8 billion yuan in special-purpose bonds, and generating effective investment of 167 billion yuan. A number of major projects such as the Northern Shaanxi-Wuhan ultra-high voltage direct current transmission were started; the Yinchuan-Xi'an high-speed railway was opened to traffic; 11 new lines (sections) of highways, or 578 kilometers, were added; Xi'an Metro Line 5, 6 and 9 were opened to traffic; 18,000 5G base stations were built; and fixed asset investment grew by 4.1%. We worked to promote consumption recovery, vigorously develop e-commerce, online education and other online consumption, drive the consumption of automobiles and home appliances, and promote the recovery of the cultural tourism market. Taibai Mountain Hot Spring Tourism Resort was listed as a national tourism resort. The decline in total retail sales of consumer goods narrowed quarter by quarter. More was done to boost agricultural progress. We overcame the impact of flooding and stripe rust, with grain production totaling 12.75 million tons and unit production reaching a new high. Total amount of hog on hand has recovered to 105.5% of the previous years; and Zhashui fungus and other high-quality agricultural products has been generating increasingly prominent brand effect. We redoubled efforts to secure financial stability, guiding the financial sector to carry out direct allocation and establishing inclusive financial mechanism to ease enterprises' difficulties. The province's RMB loan balance and social financing scale grew by 14.1% and 40% respectively, with the non-performing loan rate lower than the national average and the government debt risks generally under control.

iii. We made up for the shortcomings and made precise efforts to win the decisive victory in the fight against poverty. Focusing on outstanding issues as people's access to sufficient food and clothing, compulsory education, basic health care and basic housing as well as drinking water safety, we have carried out campaigns to check policy implementation, existing weaknesses, and long-term mechanism to ensure that all poverty-alleviation tasks and rectification tasks are completed and all shortcomings are strengthened, and implemented "person-to-person" initiatives. As a result, the last 183,400 poor people in the early 2020 have all been lifted out of poverty. Monitoring and assistance mechanisms were established to prevent populations that have been lifted out of poverty from falling back into it again. We have provided follow-up support for those who have been relocated from inhospitable areas, implemented14,000 special industrial poverty alleviation projects, and built 1,900 photovoltaic power stations. As a result, poverty alleviation products worth of 12.22 billion yuan were sold, and the number of poor workers going out to find jobs rose by 17.8%. The collaboration between Jiangsu Province and Shaanxi Province in poverty alleviation has continued to deepen, with 1,854 projects benefiting 208,900 poor people.

iv. We strengthened scientific innovation and transformation, generating greater momentum for development. We moved faster to conduct the "1155 Party Building Project", carried out the transformation of 100 scientific and technological achievements, launched the construction of new-generation national pilot zone for AI innovation and development, built 18 new national-level crowd-sourcing spaces and four innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases. The turnover of technology contracts in the province exceeded 150 billion yuan over the last year. We have made coordinated efforts in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation of strategic emerging industries, deployed 27 innovation chains and 274 innovation pilots in key industries. Smooth progress has been made in projects such as Samsung II, BYD intelligent terminals and Hanzhong Aviation Intelligent New City. Local companies like Fast Autodrive Group, Shaanxi Blower Group, and Western Superconducting Technologies Co., Ltd.(WST) won the China Grand Awards for Industry. New materials, new energy vehicles, integrated circuits and semiconductor devices and other industries advanced rapidly. The electronic information industry grew by 37.4%, and 1,800 new high-tech enterprises were established in Gaoxin District. 7 new companies applied to go public or be included in "new third board selected layer", 5 of which were approved, the best result in history.

v. We pursued development through innovation and opening up and made solid progress in building Xi'an to a highland of reform and opening-up in China's interior. We improved the systems and mechanisms for the market allocation of production factors, deepened the electricity and transportation price reform, fully completed the separation and transfer of "the supply of water, gas, electricity and property management" of state-owned enterprises, and disposed 87.9% of "zombie enterprises". We revised and implemented the Regulations on Improving the Business Environment, launched "12345" hotline, the "Qin Servant" APP, the "Good or Bad" assessment system and an online platform for starting businesses. 92.1% of provincial government services could be handled online and physical market entities increased by 12.1%. The reform of and innovation in the Pilot Free Trade Zone was accelerated. Baoji Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Shaanxi Xixian Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone have passed the national acceptance, and the "Central Bank·Cross-border Bills" was a new model of dealing with cross-border financial trade. The pilot demonstration of multimodal transportation such as air-rail, public-rail and sea-rail was carried out, and the China-European Freight Train (Xi'an) Consolidation Center was listed as a national demonstration project. The freight train Chang'an made 3,720 service trips, with the number of trips, cargo volume and heavy container rate ranking first in China. The SCO Agricultural Technology Exchange and Training Demonstration Base was unveiled, Yangling CAF and The Silk Road International Film Festival was held successfully. The volume of imports and exports across the province rose by 7.3%, and the actual utilization of foreign investment saw an increase of 9.2%.

vi. Ecological shields were consolidated by drawing lessons and carrying out systematic management. The province has strictly implemented the regulations on ecological and environmental protection in the Qinling Mountains, earnestly complied master plans and special plans, reinforced the supervision of ecological red lines, strengthened the rectification of five prohibited practices in the Qinling Mountains, namely haphazard construction, deforestation, mining, pollutant emission, and haunting and other prominent problems. We have completed the withdrawal of 169 mining rights and 40 small hydropower plants. More efforts were made to protect environment in Yellow River basin. We drew up Shaanxi's ecological protection plans in line with the "Outline" formulated by the central government, strictly enforced the comprehensive sewage discharge standards, and ensured the red lines of pollutant emission in waters with specific functions are not crossed. With these measures, the transregional water quality of Weihe River turned good. We continued management of key water basins, with the transregional water quality of the Handan River and Jialing River remaining at Class II. We strengthened joint prevention and control of air pollution over the Fenhe Plain and Weihe Plain, with the province's average PM2.5 concentration dropping by 10.1%. Soil pollution control and remediation was intensified, and the detailed survey of soil pollution on agricultural land passed the national inspection and acceptance.

vii. The basic living needs of all our people were met by putting the people first and helping those most in need. We cut outlays on non-essential and non-obligatory items at provincial level by 6.63 billion yuan, and 40.332 billion yuan of the central government's funds have been transferred directly to cities and counties in full. Transfer payments were weighted toward cities and counties in financial difficulty and more financial resources were embarked to safeguard basic livelihoods and press ahead with social undertakings. The social security system was further improved. The urban and rural low income assistance has risen by 5% and 12% respectively and the pensions for corporate retirees have increased for the sixteen consecutive years. 18 group social insurance premiums in six categories were adjusted and benefited 3.68 million people. As for those in need, we released temporary price subsidies of 1.259 billion yuan and housing fund loans of 31.923, and invested 25.813 billion yuan in government-subsidized housing projects. The renovation of old urban areas and supporting facilities benefited 412,400 households. Education of all levels and types developed in a coordinated manner, with the gross three-year preschool education enrollment rate reaching 92.5% and the extra-large classes in compulsory education decreasing to 2.4%. The task of renovating dry toilets in rural primary and secondary schools was completed. We moved faster to foster higher vocational schools and ranked among the top in the country in teaching, scientific research, talents and other core indicators in higher education. We redoubled efforts to build a Healthy Shaanxi. The medical consumables markup in public hospitals was completely abolished, the National Children's (Northwest) Regional Medical Center was established, and the free prenatal screening and birth disease screening programs benefited 1.8 million women and babies. We effectively intervened in more than 1,900 cases of birth defects in newborns, and doled out 2.5 billion yuan's worth of senior subsidies and 669 million yuan's worth of family planning assistance. The cultural sector flourished. The Ninth Arts Festival was successfully held, the TV series "Setting the Stage" and "Qin Dynasty Epic" were widely acclaimed, and the renovation and expansion of Xi'an Beilin Museum and other key projects progressed smoothly. Ankang created a national public cultural service demonstration zone. We fully pressed ahead with preparations for the 14th National Games and the 11th National Games for Persons with Disabilities and the 8th National Special Olympic Games, completing the construction of all 51 venues. The construction of eight National Games projects that benefit the people have been accelerated. Social governance was further intensified. We fully implemented the three responsibility list of production safety, and carried out campaigns to promote workplace safety. The number of production safety cases and fatalities dropped by 183 and 88 year-on-year, down 24.4% and 15.1% respectively. We took scientific measures to protect against major floods, reducing deaths caused by disasters by 34.1%. We sifted out and resolved social disputes on an ongoing basis and redoubled efforts to combat organized crime and root out local criminal gangs.

New achievements were made in work related to nationalities, religions, foreign affairs, human defense, earthquakes, meteorology, mapping, archives and local records.

In the past year, Shaanxi Provincial Government has made the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speeches and instructions a top political priority, formulating a timely work plan and earnestly carrying out the decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee. We have fulfilled the responsibility of exercising full and rigorous governance over the Party. We strengthened the Party building by learning lessons from the case of Zhang Yongzheng who broke Party laws and disciplines, earnestly implemented auditing-based oversight and large funds management, ensured scientific and democratic decision-making and transparency in all government affairs, and resolutely combated formalism and bureaucracy. We also made efforts to address "laziness, slowness, cumbersomeness," and other acute problems, and effectively reduced the burden on the primary-level officials. Shaanxi government has consciously accepted the supervision of the National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and commissions for discipline inspection and supervision, revised and improved 13 government regulations, and handled all 865 NPC deputies' suggestions and 850 proposals of CPPCC members.

Fellow Deputies! Last year was the final year of the 13th Five-Year Plan Period. Over the past five years, the province has resolutely implemented the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, dealt with various risks and challenges in a steady and calm manner, steadfastly promoted high-quality development, made new historic achievements in economic and social development and achieved the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects as planned.

First, comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced. The average annual growth rate of GDP stood at 6.3%, and per capita growth exceeded US$ 10,000. The construction of an innovative province has seen great success, as evidenced by scientific strength shown in launching large passenger aircrafts, contributing to the Chang'e lunar exploration project and remeasuring the height of Mount Qomolangma. The modern infrastructure system has been improved. Mileage of railway and highway that is open to traffic exceeded 6,000 and 6,100 kilometers respectively, and the goal of ensuring that every county has access to highways were realized as scheduled. We have seen more coordinated regional and urban-rural development and faster construction of the Guanzhong Plain City Cluster. The proportion of northern Shaanxi's GDP to the whole province has increased by 0.6 percentage points, the GDP of southern Shaanxi has soared by 46.2%, and the urbanization rate in the province has increased by 5.5 percentage points.

Second, the target and task of poverty alleviation in the new era was completed as scheduled. A total of 2.88 million poor people were lifted from poverty, as were 56 poor counties. 249,300 poor households moved into new homes, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents in poor areas was expected to grow from 7,692 yuan to 12,491 yuan. The proportion of their income to the income of all rural residents in the province increased from 88.5% to 93.8%. Absolute poverty and regional poverty have been eradicated for the first time in history.

Third, significant progress has been made in deepening reform across the board. We deepened reform in key areas such as streamlining administration and delegating power, improving regulation, and upgrading services; we achieved remarkable results in the reform of relatively centralized administrative licensing power. Thanks to these efforts, the business environment has been continuously optimized. The number of physical market entities ranked 12th in the country; 17 new enterprises have been listed; the net assets and total profit of state-owned enterprises have increased by an average of 12.8% and 23.3% annually. Supply-side structural reform was steadily advanced, with the high-tech industry and strategic emerging industries expanding at an average annual rate of 16.4% and 10.2% respectively.

Fourth, the opening up of the province has made new strides. 21 typical practices of Shaanxi's FTZs have been applied nationwide; the number of comprehensive bonded zones ranked sixth in the country; the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport boasted airlines to 37 countries and regions around the world and ranked eighth and tenth in China respectively in terms of passenger and cargo throughput. Foreign trade expanded at an average annual rate of 14.8%, while paid-in foreign investment and introduced domestic investment grew at an average annual rate of 12.8% and 13.9% respectively. We have integrated deeper into the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) landscape.

Fifth, the ecological environment has continued to improve. The irregular construction in the Qinling Mountains has been thoroughly rectified; ecological protection in the Yellow River basin has been further advanced; the task of reducing the total amount of major pollutants has been fully completed; and battles to defend blue skies, clear waters and clean land have delivered notable results. Rivers with good-quality surface water were 20 percentage points higher than the national assessment index; the sediment entering the Yellow River has been significantly reduced; biodiversity has rebounded; the forest coverage rate has exceeded 45%; and the province has been greener on the map.

Sixth, people's living standards have been improved significantly. The employment has continued to improve in scale and quality, and the income of urban and rural residents grew by an average of 7.5% and 8.9% annually respectively. The popularity of education at all levels and of all types has surged significantly; a full life-cycle health service system has taken initial shape; a multi-level social security system has covered all residents; and the basic pension for corporate retirees has increased by 29%. We have taken gradual steps to improve the public cultural services and redoubled efforts to build a Law-based Shaanxi and Safe Shaanxi. With these achievements, people's sense of gain, happiness and security has further enhanced.

Fellow Deputies! We owe our major achievements made during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period to the strong guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, to the correct leadership of the provincial Party committee, and to concerted effort of all people and officials in the province. On behalf of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province, I wish to express our sincere gratitude to fellow deputies, CPPCC committee members, all the officials, the people, the People's Liberation Army and the armed police in Shaanxi, and to other parties and people's organizations. I also wish to express our heartfelt thanks to our fellow countrymen and women in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, in Taiwan, and overseas. I would like to pay high tribute to medical personnel and others who work at the front line of Covid-19 response and poverty-alleviation endeavors.

While recognizing our achievements, we are also keenly aware that we failed to fulfill some targets of the 13th Five-Year Plan as expected, and that difficulties and weaknesses persist in our development. The foundation for quality development needs to be consolidated and the potential for innovation needs to be fully released. Output per unit area is relatively low and the economy of counties is relatively small. Market entities are not fully cultivated. We need to open wider and work to increase people's incomes. The gaps among regions and between urban and rural areas need to be narrowed. There is still a lot to improve in infrastructure and people's livelihood. More efforts are needed to carry out energy conservation and pollution control. We still need to do more to build a law-based government. There is also room for improvement in the work of the government as some measures and policies are not fully implemented. On top of that, pointless formalities and bureaucratism remain and corruption needs to be addressed. We will face these problems and challenges squarely, shoulder our responsibilities, and make every effort to live up to our people's expectations.

II.The Guiding Ideology and Overall Requirements of the Economic and Social Development During the 14th Five-Year Plan Period

The "14th Five-Year Plan" period is critical for Shaanxi province to thoroughly implement the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping's major speeches on the inspection tour in Shaanxi, and work hard to write a new chapter in Shaanxi's pursuit in catching-up and overtaking for a new era. We should realize the complex environment and severe situation we are facing, but we should also see that the development of Shaanxi still embraces an important period of strategic opportunities. We have sound foundation and condition to make prudent preparation, seize the initiative, and achieve new breakthroughs in the new journey. The world today is fast-evolving with many significant changes unseen in a century, and instability and uncertainty have increased markedly. If we unswervingly keep our thoughts and actions in line with the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, and if we always take a global view, size up the situation and grasp the crucial areas, we will definitely be able to make our brilliant contributions to the nation. At present, China has entered a stage of high-quality development and is accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, which will inevitably bring about profound adjustments in the distribution of productive forces and the transformation and reconstruction of the economic landscape. We will take the lead in the increasingly fierce regional competition and obtain the first-mover advantage if we can do the following: we should recognize the general trend and give full play to our province's advantages, concentrate on the key variables for the in-depth development of industrial reforms; we should identify the focus and breakthrough points in better serving and integrating into the country's new development pattern, create an important pivot of the domestic circulation as well as a strategic link between the domestic and international double circulations; we should open a large channel, build a strong platform, and create a macro favorable environment. At present, our province attaches importance to both innovation-driven and investment-driven development, and the synergy of such major strategies as co-construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative, promoting a new pattern of the western development in the new era, and the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin is gaining momentum. If we continue to make concerted efforts, keep progressive, adopt a down-to-earth work approach, seize every opportunity, grasp the development laws, and make good use of our advantages under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, we will ride the tide, take firm steps in modernization and achieve high-quality development during the catching-up and overtaking.

The guiding ideology for economic and social development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period: uphold socialism with Chinese characteristics, thoroughly implement the guiding principles of the Party's 19th National Congress and the second through fifth plenary sessions of the 19th Party Central Committee in full, and follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era; earnestly implement the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's major speeches on the inspection tour in Shaanxi; make coordinated efforts to promote economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization development, and improve the strategy of building a modern socialist country in all respects, deepening reform across the board, establishing law-based governance, exercising full and strict Party self-governance; fulfill the Five Requirements for promoting sustained and sound economic growth, advancing agricultural modernization, strengthening cultural advancements, ensuring and improving people's wellbeing, and exercising strict governance over the Party; adhere to the new development philosophy, uphold the underlying principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, and take high-quality development as the priority; pursue high-quality development as the general aim, advance supply-side structural reform as the main task, and harness reform and innovation as the key source of momentum; by taking opening up as a breakthrough, ecological environment improvement as the prerequisite, and taking the satisfaction of the people's growing needs for a better life as the fundamental goal, ensure coordination in pursuing development and upholding security, actively integrate into the new development pattern; step up efforts to develop a modernized economy; move faster to advance the modernization of government system and capacity for governance, achieve economic stability and long-term social harmony and stability, embark on a new journey to build China into a modern socialist country in all respects, and strive to write a new chapter on Shaanxi's catching-up and overtaking for a new era.

The main goals of economic and social development: we will take greater strides in high-quality economic development, and promote innovation-driven development in Shaanxi to take a leading position across the country; ensure that a modern industrial system led by manufacturing is basically formed with the per capita GDP reaching around 90,000 yuan; strive to achieve breakthroughs in reform and opening up, and build an international trade channel with high efficiency, low cost and excellent service in inland areas. Significant progress will be made in the construction of a culturally strong province, and the Yan'an spirit will be further promoted with its cultural impact better enhanced. In addition, the quality of the ecological environment will see continuous improvement, and the transformation of green production and lifestyle will achieve remarkable progress. Lusher mountains, clearer water and the bluer sky will be seen across Shaanxi. We will strive to bring greater improvement to people's livelihood and well-being, promote fuller employment with higher quality, and ensure that residents' income growth keep pace with economic growth. We will greatly improve governance efficiency, highlight social fairness and justice, and basically establish a new social governance model based on collaboration, participation, and common interests.

To achieve the above goals, government work must focus on the following five aspects:

First of all, we must always follow the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping's major speeches on the inspection tour in Shaanxi. General Secretary Xi Jinping's ardent expectations for Shaanxi serve as the origin of our strength and confidence and of our resolve and determination. In the past five years, it is precisely by persisting in catching up and overtaking and in implementing the spirit of the General Secretary Xi Jinping's major speeches that the economic and social development of Shaanxi has broken new ground and gained new progress. We must strive to take the goal of writing a new chapter on Shaanxi's catching-up and overtaking for a new era as the general principle of all work, always keep the country's top priorities firmly in mind, and implement the "Five Requirements" put forward by President Xi Jinping for the province. We must make good use of the key strategy of reform and opening up, elaborate major platform carriers, major infrastructures, and major projects, make firm steps and continuous efforts to pursue progress, call forth all our strength to turn the grand blueprint drawn by General Secretary Xi Jinping for Shaanxi into a wonderful reality.

Secondly, we must always regard the new development stage, new development philosophy, and new development pattern as the strategic guidance. The fact that China's economic development has entered a new stage gives us a clear historical orientation of development; the implementation of the new development philosophy clarifies the guiding principles of modernization; the construction of a new development pattern illuminates the path we should take for realizing economic modernization. We must maintain a correct outlook on history, on the bigger picture, and on practice, take an appropriate reference in the new development stage, firmly and consciously implement the new development philosophy, and identify the functional position of serving and integrating into the overall new development pattern. We must adopt an integrated way to improve innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, link the supply-side structural reform with the strategy of expanding domestic demand, combine production, life and ecology with each other, and realize a unity between the effective market and proactive government. We must unswervingly manage our own affairs, and strive to solve the problem of unbalanced and insufficient development. We must continuously enhance survivability, competitiveness, development drivers, and sustainability. We must, in the new journey of building China into a modern socialist country in all respects, shoulder the historical mission, the responsibilities of the times, and make Shaanxi's contributions.

Thirdly, we must focus on high-quality development, high-quality life, and high-efficiency governance. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, promoting high-quality development serves as a strategic theme, and creating a high-quality life is the fundamental goal, while achieving highly efficient governance provides strong support. We must put priority on development and investment promotion, strengthen the comprehensive performance evaluation and index assessment of high-quality development. We must focus on transforming the development mode, and deepen the transformation and upgrading of quality, efficiency, and development driver, so as to achieve a reasonable GPD growth and a steady improvement in quality. We must adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, make relentless efforts to improve the quality of public services, livable environment, and the quality of people's cultural life, so that people's aspirations for a better life can be realized. We must empower development with reform, digital technology, and organization, effectively improve the ability to implement policy, provide market guidance, and conduct law-based governance. We must make focused and quick efforts to promote the completion of work targets, pursue long-term benefits, and highlight the strong sense of responsibility of the government with practical results and headways.

Then we must focus on attracting talents to promote innovation, putting emphasis on industry, and channeling strength to make people well-off. In order to implement the "Three News" and realize the "Three Highs", innovation is the first driving force, and talents serve the prior resource; industry provides the fundamental support, and making people well-off is the priority. We must adhere to the core position of innovation, implement the strategy of strengthening the province with talents, promote the innovation platform, and share innovation resources; effectively integrate the industrial chain with the innovation chain, combine technology with economy, and show the strength of the leading scientific and educational province in terms of science and technology independence and self-reliance. By taking the real economy as the foundation, the digital economy as the lead, and the transformation and upgrading as the focus, we must accelerate the advancement of the industrial foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain, create trillion-yuan-level advanced manufacturing, energy and chemical industry, cultural tourism and strategic emerging industrial clusters, and build a modern industrial system with Shaanxi characteristics. We must take common prosperity as the orientation and the value pursuit of the government's work; make coordinated efforts to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, county economic development, and new urbanization; strive to develop industries that bring people prosperity, expand the private economy, and make great efforts to solve the problem of low incomes of urban and rural residents. We must make every effort to ensure that people of Shaanxi who have been working hard for the development of the province can reap their due rewards, realize the value of life, and live a happy life.

Finally, we must apply systematic, problem-oriented and bottom-line thinking. We must put the decisions of the Party Central Committee and the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee into actions of the government, combine working enthusiasm with proper methods to solve the problems of "boat" and "bridge." We must apply systematic thinking, strengthen forward-looking thinking, overall planning, strategic deployment and overall advancement; grasp timeliness, extent and effectiveness, coordinate every aspect of the issue, and properly handle a number of relationships: current situation and the trend, crisis and opportunity, stability and progress, immediate and long-term, development and safety. We must achieve integration and optimization in a dynamic balance, and achieve overall leap in progressive upgrade. We must adopt a problem-oriented thinking, be proficient in grasping the main contradictions and the main aspects of contradictions, work hard to solve practical problems, ensure that there are monthly changes in a month, quarterly progress in a quarter, and a number of achievements in every year. We must apply a bottom-line thinking, take the initiative to respond, keep flexible, and remain alert to "black swan" events and "grey rhino" risks. We must respond to small probability events with high probability thinking, deal with uncertainties in complex environments with actions of certainties, so as to ensure a smooth and steady voyage of the whole province's high-quality development.

Fellow Deputies! At present, the development of Shaanxi has reached its most strenuous stage. There are pacesetters in front and chasing pursuers in the back. We can catch up if we strive hard, but we can also slide down if we slack. We must uphold the spirit of "forging ahead despite difficulties" and of the old saying, "the braver one will win in inevitable confrontation". We must learn from each other to catch up, work hard to make progress with the adoption of a down-to-earth working style, and in such a new and fiercely competitive era, we will create a brighter future living up to the history and the people!

III. Providing a Kick-start for the "14th Five-year Plan" with High-quality Development

The year 2021 is the first year for the "14th Five-Year Plan", and it is also a crucial year for Shaanxi's catching-up and overtaking in the new era. For the government to deliver this year, we must earnestly implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Economic Work Conference and General Secretary Xi Jinping's major speeches on the inspection tour in Shaanxi. In line with the requirements of Eighth Plenary Session of the 13th provincial Party committee and the Provincial Economic Work Conference, we must uphold the underlying principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, ground our efforts in the new development stage, apply the new development philosophy, and create a new pattern of development; pursue high-quality development as the general aim, advance supply-side structural reform as the main task, and harness reform and innovation as the key source of momentum in our endeavor to meet the fundamental goal of satisfying the people's growing needs for a better life; apply systems thinking; consolidate and expand the achievements of the COVID-19 response and economic and social development; ensure better coordination in pursuing development and upholding security; thoroughly implement the Five Requirements for promoting sustained and sound economic growth, advancing agricultural modernization, strengthening cultural advancements, ensuring and improving people's wellbeing, and exercising strict governance over the Party; ensure stability on six key fronts and maintain security in six key areas; continue to expand domestic demand; strengthen science and technology to provide strategic support for development; pursue higher-standard opening up; keep major economic indicators within an appropriate range; ensure s kick-start for the "14th Five-Year Plan", strive to write new chapter on Shaanxi's catching-up and overtaking for a new era, and thus celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPC with outstanding achievements.

The main projected targets for economic and social development this year are set as follows: we will work to see that GDP increases by about 6.5%; local government revenue grows around 5%; income for people in urban and rural areas rise by 6.5% and 8% respectively; reach 400,000 new jobs added in urban areas; the registered urban unemployment rate shall be within 5.5%; the registered unemployment rate shall be within 4.5%; keep the increase of CPI at around 3%; energy consumption per unit of GDP decreases by around 3%.

i. Taking strong steps to put policies into action and achieve results, and striving to keep major economic indicators within an appropriate range

We will implement targeted policies to stabilize market entities. We will grasp the timeliness, extent and effectiveness of policy implementation, implement the national tax and fee reduction policy in maximum, study and introduce new measures in a timely manner, and maintain the necessary support for economic recovery. Efforts will be made to continuously implement the inclusive policy of refunding unemployment insurance premiums, and continue the policy of lowering unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance rates in stages. We will elaborate and take such measures as refunding VAT credits, small and micro enterprise income tax reductions, and postponement of tax payment, continue the two time-limited tax reduction and exemption policies in our province, and strictly control the unreasonable growth of non-tax revenue. We will also continue the policy of allowing micro and small enterprises to defer principal and interest repayments on inclusive-finance loans, and continue the plan of credit loan support. We will strive to optimize the tracking, monitoring and coordination services for key enterprises, implement the national policy of reducing transmission and distribution prices and industrial and commercial electricity prices, and strengthen support for small and micro enterprises and for such fields as technological innovation, green development and advanced manufacturing. During the special period, the majority of enterprises have overcome numerous difficulties, thus supporting and driving the province's economy to turn from negative growth to positive growth. After gaining stability, we will help all entities further recover and strengthen themselves with more direct measures and customized services.

We will focus on the implementation of projects and expand investment. Greater efforts will be made to implement high-quality project construction action plans, and we will hold such activities as key project observations, major project commencement month. We will implement a number of projects to promote advantages and o strengthen points of weakness in the many fields, including new infrastructure and new urbanization initiatives and major projects, infrastructure, public services, agriculture and rural areas. The investment at provincial level in key projects will reach over 420 billion yuan, while the investment in fixed assets will increase by about 7%. We will promote the planning and declaration of projects with special-purpose, strengthen the targeted financing of key projects, continue to promote the integration and upgrading of municipal and county financing platforms. In addition, we will encourage eligible enterprises to issue corporate credit bonds, and strive to raise more than 300 billion yuan in corporate bond financing. We will start construction of the high speed-railway projects like Xi'an-Yan'an, Xi'an-Shiyan, Xi'an-Ankang, and make proper preparation for the construction of Ankang-Chongqing, Yan'an-Yulin-E'erduosi high-speed railways. We will push forward 17 continued construction projects including the reconstruction and expansion of the Pucheng-Laoyu section of the Beijing-Kunming Expressway, and accelerate the construction of major water conservancy projects, including channeling the Hanjiang River to Weihe River. By doing so, we will take firm steps to promote large-scale investments and take the lead in development with major projects.

We will stimulate consumption by all means. We will meet the needs of different groups, innovate consumption forms and models, fully tap the consumption potential, and strive to realize that the total retail sales of consumer goods increase by about 7.5%. We will elaborately organize promotion activities for traditional products, vigorously cultivate new types of consumption such as online retail, education, and medical care, and achieve the integration of online and offline consumption. We will give Xi'an full support to build itself into an international consumption center, support Xianyang and Weinan to build themselves into sports consumption pilot cities. We will renovate and upgrade 5 provincial-level commercial pedestrian streets, create 10 provincial-level night economic demonstration clusters, and support the construction of a comprehensive living consumption service complex that is based on the countryside and is close to farmers' life. Furthermore, we will spare no efforts to improve the quality of life of urban and rural residents in the process of expanding consumption.

ii. Earnestly implementing the strategy of innovation-driven development, and focusing on improving the ability to promote technological innovation and apply

We will strengthen our abilities to support science and technology. We will deploy and build major scientific and technological infrastructure clusters that are concentrated in spatial distribution and are related in functional direction to create an origin of major original innovation. We will give full play to the supporting role of 26 national key laboratories, make active preparation for the construction of Shaanxi laboratories, and build major innovation platforms, including high-precision ground-based timing systems of high quality, the National Molecular Medicine Transformation Center and Xi'an Science City. In addition, we will strengthen the construction of major scientific and technological infrastructure, such as the comprehensive experiments of air, space, ground, and sea unmanned systems, carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage. We will step up the construction of Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor, strengthen policy integration and institutional innovation in such aspects as achievement transformation, investment and financing of collaboration among industries, universities, research institutes, and end-users. We will strive to ensure that scientific and technological resource allocation, management, service, supervision, and evaluation are well-aligned, and build the largest incubator and technology "Special Zone" for Achievement Transformation across the province. We will promote, apply and implement the policy of "one school, one policy" in Aoxiang Town, University Science and Technology Park, etc., to create innovation and entrepreneurship complexes, industrial belts, and economic circles. Efforts will also be made to promote the coordinated and dislocation development of high-tech zones at all levels, and support Xi'an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone to build a demonstration zone for scientific and technological innovation.

We will deepen the integrated development of innovation chain and industrial chain. We will deploy the innovation chain in line with the industrial chain, accelerate the implementation of the "1155 Project", focus on key links such as raw materials, basic parts (components), complete machines and supporting products. Furthermore, we will establish a list of corporate resources, innovation resources, and key core technologies, and promote the construction of a batch of collaborative and efficient innovation consortia, platforms for generic technology R&D and new R&D institutes, and support leading industries to reach the mid-to-high end of the value chain. We will establish industrial chain according to the innovation chain, focus on basic research, application research, technical engineering and other key links, and strengthen research on cutting-edge technologies and industrial applications. We will also bolster areas of weakness in pilot scale production, promote the extension of the innovation chain to the leading end, lead the highly promising industries, emerging industries, and cultivate and promote future industries. Moreover, we will implement the action of promoting one hundred applications of major scientific and technological advances, promote on-spot transformation and utilization, and strive to exceed 160 billion yuan in technology contract transactions.

We will improve the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Led by the Xi'an Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Pilot Zone, we will stimulate talents' innovation vitality, establish a market-oriented technology evaluation system, a scientific research organization model, a mechanism for scientific and technological advances application, and an income distribution mechanism. We will vigorously push forward the reform of the system and mechanism of the open competition mechanism to select the best candidates to undertake key research projects, to more areas; pilot the system of leading experts assuming responsibility and the system of contracting scientific research funds; open up the channel for scientific researchers to become entrepreneurs. We will build a team of technical brokers, implement the service guarantee policy for experts such as academicians in Shaanxi, and actively cultivate and introduce high-level, first-class and urgently-needed leading talents and innovative teams. We will promote the deeper integration of technology and finance, give full play to the role of government guidance funds, and promote cooperation between "angel investment", "venture capital", "industry investment" institutions and innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises in normal roadshows. We will implement an action plan (2021-2023) to improve the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and focus on promoting the ability to apply scientific and technological advances. We will make efforts to improve the innovation and entrepreneurship system of "innovation center plus incubator plus scientific innovation enterprises", and strive to build over 40 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship platforms. We will give support to the development of "specialized and special" enterprises, high and new-tech enterprises, and the unicorn enterprises (those startups worth a billion dollars or more). We will strive to develop over 8,500 small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises, and add about 1,000 new high-tech enterprises. We will spare no efforts to realize that leading companies can stand tall and small and medium-sized enterprises can play an overwhelming role in the market, and that all kinds of innovative entities can reinforce each other.

iii. Optimizing and stabilizing the supply chain and the industrial chain, and effectively improving the development level of the real economy

We will drive industrial transformation and upgrading with high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. We will make efforts to implement the industrial infrastructure reengineering project, promote the demonstration and application of core basic components (parts), key basic materials, advanced basic processes, industrial technology basis, and build key industrial chains such as heavy trucks, coal chemical industry, integrated circuits, photovoltaic power generation, electronic displays, and new materials. We will make proper preparation for 2 provincial-level manufacturing innovation centers and 30 enterprise technology centers to support Baoji to establish a national CNC machine tool technology innovation center. We will keep developing such strategic emerging industries as the new generation of information technology, aviation and aerospace, and high-end equipment, step up the technological transformation of traditional industries such as machinery, metallurgy, building materials, and textiles, and actively develop locally characteristic industries such as selenium-enriched food and biomedicine. We will promote the high-end development of the energy and chemical industry, speed up such projects as the utilization of 15 million tons of coal by quality, and 800,000 tons of ethane cracking to produce ethylene; we will also support the development of clean energy such as photovoltaics and wind power, and create hydrogen energy application demonstration projects. In addition, we will strive to ensure that the industrial added value of the above-scale industry increase by about 6%. Faster steps will be taken to promote the elimination of overcapacity and outdated production facilities, tighten the governance of "zombie enterprises", and implement the pilot demonstration project of "vacating cages for birds". We will make active efforts to encourage enterprises to utilize Cloud services and platforms, so as to promote the in-depth integration of digital technology, network technology, intelligent technology and the real economy.

We will promote the quality and efficiency of the modern service industry with the extension of the value chain. We will make coordinated efforts to advance the construction of a modern circulation system, build national logistics hubs in Baoji and Yan'an, etc. in high standard, and provide support for the construction of inland dry ports featured by multimodal transportation in southern Shaanxi and for the construction of energy and chemical logistics parks in northern Shaanxi. We will vigorously develop producer services industries such as business conventions and exhibitions, software and information services, and creative design; we will also accelerate the development of industries such as health and elderly care, domestic services, properties management, sports and fitness. We will speed up the construction of key cultural industry parks and cultural and creative districts, expand and strengthen the culture-oriented industries such as film and television production, publishing, performing arts, entertainment, and animation and games. We will take active actions to build Shaanxi into a national tourism demonstration province, focus on developing high-end tourism facilities, humanistic tourism service, characteristic tourism products, and diversified tourism formats. Furthermore, we will strive to reshape and gain new advantages of Shaanxi's integrated cultural tourism development through the entire industry chain.

We will promote targeted investment promotion with extended and strengthened industrial chain. We will focus on targeted cooperation with the world's top 500, China's top 500, private 500, and industry top 100 companies, and deepen the promotion of introducing state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and chambers of commerce to Shaanxi. We will conduct investment promotion with market-oriented philosophy as well as the "investment banking thinking", establish and improve systems for the cross-regional circulation, benefit sharing, and reward and incentive in major investment projects. We will make active efforts to expand kinds of parks and platforms, including the comprehensive free trade zone, economic development zone, introduce and cultivate a group of functional platform enterprises, and foster more industrial communities enjoying complementary and connected industrial chains with integrated development of upstream and downstream industries.

iv. Prioritizing the development of agriculture and rural areas, and comprehensively promoting rural revitalization

We will consolidate and expand the achievements of the battle against poverty. We will remain the major assistance policies unchanged during the transition period, improve the dynamic monitoring and assistance mechanism, make continuous efforts to reduce poverty through developing local industries in poverty-stricken areas, strengthen areas of weakness in technology, facilities, and marketing to forestall a large-scale reemergence of poverty. We will provide follow-up support for those who have been relocated from inhospitable areas, promote employment through multiple channels, and strengthen supporting infrastructure and public services. We will cultivate and develop leading agricultural enterprises, and increase the employment rate of the local population and the contribution rate to the local economy through mechanism innovation. Initial and persistent assistance will also be provided for the poverty-stricken counties, villages, and people, and we will make an integration of the policy, work and mechanism in rural revitalization to ensure that no one is left behind on the road to common prosperity.

We will take initiatives to ensure food security. We will conscientiously implement the system whereby provincial governors are held responsible for food security, ensure food security in specific parcels of land through practical institutional mechanisms, and we will strive to maintain a total grain output of more than 12 million tons. We will practice strict economy on food and eliminate waste, resolutely stop any attempt to use farmland for purposes other than agriculture and specifically grain production; we will add 2.9 million mu (1 mu ≈ 666.67 square meters) of high-quality farmland, and ensure that the grain acreage will be kept stable at over 45 million mu. Subsidies for grain growers will be maintained, ability to regulate and control purchasing and storage will be promoted, and insurance programs covering total production costs and incomes will be expanded. We will implement innovation projects in the seed industry, support Yangling to build a "silicon valley" for the seed industry in arid areas, provide support for universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises to jointly build a high-level seed industry research and development platform; we will also strengthen technological research to make breakthroughs in seed source, and pioneer in achieving notable development of the seed industry.

We will take solid steps to promote the construction of modern agriculture with distinctive characteristics. We will make coordinated efforts to give award and give support to the "3 plus X" whole industry chain development, promote the quality and efficiency of the fruit industry, the transformation and upgrading of equipment agriculture, and the high-quality development of animal husbandry; we will also push forward large-scale and high-quality development as well as brand building of such industries as tea, edible fungi, Chinese date, walnuts, Chinese medicinal materials, and meat sheep. We will promote production of hogs, provide guidance for large enterprises to set up farms in Weibei and Northern Shaanxi, and take firm steps in pork reserve. We will take measures to upgrade the processing of agricultural products, and build cold chain storage supporting facilities to promote the integrated development of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries in rural areas.

We will take solid steps in rural development. We will take coordinated measures in urban and rural planning and construction in counties, focus on the protection of traditional villages and rural features, and strictly regulate the cancel and merger of villages. Emphasis will be put on the improvement of toilets and the treatment of sewage and garbage to improve the living environment in rural areas; we will continue to take firm steps in the rural road construction, operation and maintenance, and promote the upgrading of rural infrastructure. By putting emphasis on addressing practical and trivial issues in the improvement of living environment around the people, we will carry out activities to jointly create a beautiful environment and a happy life, create a group of beautiful and livable demonstration towns and villages, so that the masses of farmers can see changes and get happiness throughout their daily life.

We will step up the reform in key areas and key links in rural areas. We will steadily advance the current round of contracts for another 30 years upon expiration, make explorations in separating homestead ownership, qualification, and right of use, and in the market entry system of collectively-operated construction land. We will take solid steps in the transfer of contracted land, and moderately expand the production scale of farmers. We will promote the achievements of the pilot reform of the rural collective property rights system, develop new agricultural business entities such as farmer cooperatives and family farms, and bolster the new rural collective economy. To promote rural reforms, we will respect the creation of the grassroots and the masses, encourage exploration and steady progress so as to maximize the vitality of rural resources and production elements.

v. Actively integrating into the new development pattern and stepping up to reach new heights in the course of inland reform and opening up

We will deepen the joint construction of the "Belt and Road", and emphasis will be put on facilitating the economic circulation. We will pursue supply-side structural reform as our main task, continue efforts to cut overcapacity, reduce excess inventory, deleverage, reduce costs, and strengthen points of weakness; we will also accelerate the formation of an input-output relationship embracing better efficiency and higher quality. We will make good use of the resources of both domestic and international markets, focus on the construction of the great Asia-Europe land and sea trade channel, and speed up construction of channels, trade and logistics hubs, important industries and cultural exchange bases oriented to Central Asia, South Asia and West Asia; we will make further efforts to promote the coordinated development of domestic and external demand, exports and imports, and introduction of investment and foreign investment. We will strive to build the China-Europe Freight Train (Xi'an) assembly center based on high standards. We will carry out capacity expansion and optimization of Xi'an Port, push forward the market-oriented operation of China-Europe freight trains. We will build a comprehensive service platform for digital finance, accelerate the integration of Xi'an railway port and comprehensive bonded zone; furthermore, we will improve the application of information technology, promote facilitation and the internationalized level of the port. We will strengthen cooperation with eastern coastal cities and ports, attract foreign trade companies, develop bulk commodity trading industries, and develop inland port multimodal transport. We will give full play to the demonstrative role of pilot free trade zone. We will give more provincial and municipal management authority to pilot free trade zones and collaborative innovation zones, carry out differentiated explorations in trade, investment, supervision, and administrative management, and form pioneering reform experience in education, medical care, finance, seed industry and other characteristic fields. We will make active efforts to promote the construction of the "Belt and Road" comprehensive reform and opening up pilot zone and the international commercial legal service demonstration zone, accelerate the construction of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) agricultural technology exchange and training demonstration base, and ensure the success of brand exhibitions such as the Silk Road International Exposition, Euro-Asia Economic Forum, China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair. We will promote the optimization and upgrading of foreign trade and foreign investment, strive to optimize the network layout of overseas warehouses and overseas commodity exhibition centers, and develop new trade formats such as bonded maintenance, remanufacturing, and bonded testing and R&D. We will actively expand the import channels of advanced technology, important equipment, and key parts and components, and build an innovation demonstration zone for import trade. We will firmly support Xi'an and Xixian New Areas to comprehensively deepen the pilot service trade innovation and development, and support the opening of Yulin Port. We will make every effort to ensure that the total import and export volume increase by about 8%, and that the foreign investment in actual use grows by about 12%. We will take more practical measures with a broader vision and greater resolution to strengthen the outstanding weakness in opening up, and strive to develop new competitive advantages in the new stage of development.

We will energize market entities. We will press ahead with reforms to streamline administration and delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services. We will implement a new round of three-year action plan for optimizing the business environment, deepen the reform of relatively centralized administrative licensing power, promote the policy of "one license for one industry", "one license for one enterprise" and "joint license handling"; meanwhile, we will implement comprehensive supervision and joint law enforcement. Great efforts will be made to accelerate the integrated applications of digital platform and open sharing of government data. We will strive to optimize the process of approval services, work to expand the coverage of services that can ensure an online completion, and strive to realize that more matters can be done without the need for a second trip if they require presence in person. We will deepen the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, push forward the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises and state-owned assets, and improve the supervision platform for the province's state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises. By setting the establishment of the Transportation Holding Group as an example, we will promote the strategic reorganization and professional integration of state-owned enterprises, and develop more highly competitive enterprises that are operated and invested by state-owned capital. We will intensify mixed-ownership reform, implement the professional manager system and the tenure system of management. We will strive to improve the quality of state-owned listed companies and further enhance their overall competitiveness. We will support the accelerated development of the non-public sector of the economy, ensure equal protection of the property rights and independent management rights of private enterprises in accordance with the law, and promote entrepreneurship. Location restrictions on business registration applying to micro and small enterprises and self-employed people will be relaxed, and by relying on platforms such as the mini program "Shanqitong", we will optimize services and support qualified private enterprises to participate in the implementation of major national strategies and major projects. We will advance reforms to promote market-based allocation of production factors. We will promote the evaluation principle based on output per unit of production factor, highlight such evaluation indicators as output per unit of land use, energy consumption, and emissions, and channel the concentration of production factors to advantageous fields, industries, and enterprises. We will keep the order of the land market well-regulated, implement the mechanism that the planned index distribution of new construction land is linked to the actual use of stock construction land, and enhance the disposal of land approved but not provided and of idle land. We will take firm steps to develop listed companies, strive to add 12 domestic and foreign listed companies, support the construction of Xi'an Science and Technology Innovation Finance and Tongchuan Inclusive Financial Reform Pilot Zone, and advance the digital RMB pilot in an orderly manner. By improving the operating mechanism of the production factors market, the production factor trading rules and service system, we will strive to make Shaanxi a major magnet for high-end production factors across the country and even around the world.

vi. Implementing the regional coordinated development strategy and steadily promoting new types of urbanization

We will promote coordinated regional development. We will implement a number of measures to promote the development of the western region in the new era to form a new development pattern, strengthen strategic alignment with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and make efforts to turn the Jiangsu-Shaanxi poverty alleviation collaboration into regional economic cooperation. We will deepen the collaborative and innovation-driven development of central Shaanxi plain, and accelerate the construction of a new integrated development mechanism featured by coordinated planning, industrial cooperation, joint construction of facilities, service sharing, and policy synergy. We will promote the transformation and upgrading of northern Shaanxi, support Yulin to build a national-level energy revolution innovation demonstration zone, and support Yan'an to build a pioneering zone for ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin. We will make efforts to promote the green and circular development of southern Shaanxi, build the brand image of ecological products in the Qinling Mountains and Daba Mountains areas, and step up to realize the effective interaction between ecological protection and economic development. The northern, central and southern regions of Shaanxi will be taken as a whole, and by utilizing each region's differentiated role and regional characteristics, we will persist in breaking new ground of coordinated development with complementary cooperation.

We will promote the high-quality development of city clusters and metropolitan areas. We will compile territorial space plans at all levels, and promote the urbanization system of "one city cluster leading the four urban development belts". We will promote the coordinated development of city clusters in the central Shaanxi plain, focus on key breakthroughs in transportation facilities construction, ecological and environmental protection, and industrial division of labor and cooperation; in addition, we will step up to build Xi'an into a National Central City and build Baoji into a Sub-central City. We will put emphasis on the integration of Xi'an and Xianyang to accelerate the construction of the Xi'an metropolitan area, and promote the integrated development of Xi'an and Tongchuan, Weinan, Shangluo and other cities. We will support Yulin to build itself into a transportation hub city and regional center city, and support Yan'an to build itself into a sacred land of the revolution and a historical and cultural city. We will respect and maintain the natural landscape of southern Shaanxi, accelerate the construction of a central city in Hanzhong, and give support to build Ankang into a comprehensive transportation hub and eco-tourism city in the hinterland of Qinling Mountains and Daba Mountains

We will take steady steps to promote urban renewal. We will improve the urban ecological system, promote ecological and urban restoration, and accelerate the establishment of a green ecological network. Efforts will be enhanced in the comprehensive improvement of the urban environment, and we will promote the experience gained from the campaign to transform and upgrade old communities, urban villages (shantytowns), back streets and alleys, to open dead-end roads and to address overhead lines fell on the ground. We will promote the interconnection of parking resources, focus on the construction of key civil air defense projects, resolutely demolish illegal buildings, and further promote the sorting of household waste. With the utilization of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., we will improve the level of meticulous urban management, promote the construction of livable cities, resilient cities, and smart cities, and strive to make people commute more conveniently and bring more comfort to people's life. We will promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, advance the construction of government-subsidized rental housing and shared ownership housing, and encourage all parties to participate in the construction of rental housing. We will simultaneously promote rental and sales, increase housing supply, and strive for standardized development so that the majority of young entrepreneurs, workers, and low-income groups can live and work in peace and contentment.

We will take firms steps to implement county economic development and urban construction. We will elaborate the "one county, one policy" measures, give counties more autonomy in the integration and use of resources, encourage counties to choose the prior industry based on local conditions, and build county industrial parks in high standards. We will strive to realize that county's GDP growth rate is 1% higher than that of the province. We will make solid efforts to promote the construction of a new type of urbanization with the county as the main carrier, strengthen the construction of municipal infrastructure and public service facilities; we will carry out the "demonstration county in county development" campaign in 10-15 counties (cities), enhance the development level of key towns and characteristic towns, and build a batch of demonstration towns for rural revitalization.

vii. Promoting the continuous improvement of the quality of the ecological environment and accelerating the building of a Beautiful Shaanxi

We will strive to be an ecological guardian for Qinling Mountains. We will strictly adopt ecological and environmental protection regulations and overall plans for the Qinling Mountains, accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive intelligent monitoring system, and establish a supervision system that covers the sky and the ground and combines network with matrix management. We will promote the elimination of small hydropower stations in a planned way according to the law, strengthen the management of tailings ponds, and continue to consolidate the progress in addressing littering, random roadside booths or food stalls setting, chaos on the construction site, illegal pasting of advertisements and car parking. We will promptly formulate the industrial access list and Daba Mountains protection measures, fully implement the forest chief system, and accelerate the construction of the Giant Panda National Park and Qinling National Park. Further steps will be taken to improve the ecological diversification compensation mechanism, and support Shangluo to carry out the pilot project of the ecological products value realization mechanism. We will also make solid efforts to carry out the treatment of pyrite in southern Shaanxi, and complete the comprehensive treatment of heavy metal pollution in the pyrite mine in Baihe County and 4 sewage diversion projects. We will spare no efforts to conduct environmental governance in mountains in a systematic manner, protect the mountains' environment by regulations, make supervision on the mountains with intelligence technology, and resolutely guard the ancestral mountain line of the Chinese nation.

We will push forward ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin. We will focus on simultaneous control of water and sand, promote the transformation of the Yellow River from over-intervention and over-utilization to natural restoration and recuperation. We will carry out 10 major campaigns for ecological space management, and take firm steps to promote projects such as turning marginal farmland into forests and grasslands, construction of new silt dams, and ecological restoration of historical mines; we will also implement ecological restoration of the Weihe River and its main tributaries, and 2600 square kilometers of soil erosion will be treated properly. We will continue to carry out the investigation and treatment of the sewage outlets into the Yellow River, guide industrial enterprises to realize zero discharge of wastewater, and promote the upgrading of urban sewage treatment facilities. We will improve the Yellow River flood control system, speed up the construction of key control projects such as the Guxian Water Conservancy Project, promote the construction of sand interception projects in the main source areas of coarse sediment, and implement the Xiaobei mainstream treatment project.

We will take solid steps to prevent and control pollution. We will continue to improve the atmospheric environment in the central Shaanxi, actively make adjustments in the structure of industry, energy, transportation, and land use, and promote the optimized layout of the power industry in central and northern Shaanxi in a well-planned way. We will strengthen the system of river chiefs and lake chiefs, implement the 10-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River, and deepen the comprehensive management of rivers and lakes such as the Handan River; we will also make more efforts to protect water conservation areas in the middle route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, and ensure that the water channeling to the north always be clear. We will take earnest steps to promote soil pollution control, comprehensively investigate historical solid waste in heavy metal mining areas, and strengthen soil pollution risk management and restoration.

We will promote green and low-carbon development. We will step up the implementation of eco-environment management according to different regions when it comes to the policy of resource consumption upper limit, environmental quality bottom line, the red line for ecological protection as well as the eco-environment access list. Meanwhile, we will make active efforts to create a national ecological civilization experimental area. We will carry out research on carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and formulate provincial-level action plans for carbon emissions to peak. We will actively promote clean production, vigorously develop energy conservation and environmental protection industries; we will also take measures to control total energy consumption and intensity, and promote market-based trading of carbon emission rights. We will strive to advocate a green lifestyle, promote products such as new energy vehicles, green building materials, energy-saving home appliances, and high-efficiency lighting, and launch activities such as green households, green schools, green communities, and green travel. We must realize that green development resides in action and persistence; we will act on the understanding that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, and jointly build a picturesque Shaanxi featured by blue sky, lush land and limpid water.

viii. Making every effort to prevent and defuse various potential risks, and firmly adhering to the bottom line of safe development

We will not let up on any front of our long-term fight against COVID-19. We will adhere to prevent the virus from spreading through both human beings and things, and take strict measures to ensure early detection, reporting, isolation, and treatment of cases. We will tighten the closed-loop management of inbound travelers, the inspection and disinfection of imported cold-chain food, cut off the spread of sporadic cases, and strictly prevent cluster cases. Protective measures for high-risk employees will be implemented, and vaccination will be promoted in an orderly manner. In addition, we will improve the prevention and control, medical treatment, and emergency supplies systems when it comes to major epidemics, and coordinated efforts will be made in the prevention and control of such infectious diseases as COVID-19, influenza, hemorrhagic fever, brucellosis. We will always put protecting people and human life above everything else, and guard the hard-won strategic gains in containing COVID-19.

We will effectively prevent and defuse various economic and social risks. We will strictly implement the list and ledger of defusing 61 risks in 8 categories, and take firm steps in improving the capabilities to prevent and defuse risks in critical industries, including infrastructure, strategic investment, important technology, food and energy. The mechanism will be promoted and we will make steady progress in social stability risk assessment; we will adopt a negative list of government debt financing, and strengthen the efforts to defuse the debt risks in key cities and counties. Furthermore, we will improve the financial risk prevention and early warning system as well as the handling and accountability mechanisms, review and overhaul various trading venues; we will take resolute measures to crack down on illegal fund-raising activities, and ensure the steady and compliant operation of local financial institutions.

We will strive to improve the level of public safety. We will strengthen the main responsibility of the enterprises, the management responsibility of localities, and the supervision responsibility of departments, and continue to carry out safety campaigns to prevent production risks in hazardous chemicals, coal mines, transportation, construction projects, and urban fire protection. We will promote the risk management and control capabilities of hazardous chemicals, improve the catalog of prohibited, restricted and controlled hazardous chemicals as well as the subject accountability standards and regulations; meanwhile, we will carry out special campaigns in such fields as chemical parks, production enterprises, and hazardous chemicals transportation. We will improve the fundamental safety level of the coal industry, make solid progress in the treatment of disasters such as coal and gas outbursts, large-scale roof overhangs in goafs, and rock bursts, and increase our efforts in urging non-compliant companies to exit the market. We will improve our capabilities to ensure the quality and safety of the entire food chain, make further efforts to tighten prevention at the source, impose strict management throughout the production process, and conduct strict risk control. We will attach great importance to disaster prevention and mitigation, and improve capabilities to make early warning of disasters, emergency response and social mobilization.

ix. Striving to achieve practical progress in the improvement of people's well-being and constantly promote living quality of the people

We will make every effort to ensure employment. We will take employment as our priority, accelerate the construction of a dynamic and precise employment service system, strive to keep existing jobs secure, work actively to create new ones, and help the unemployed people find work. We will carry out campaigns to keep the employment stable and to provide targeted assistance, implement the employment and entrepreneurship promotion and grassroots cultivation plans for college graduates; meanwhile, we will provide training for 500,000 enterprise employees and migrant workers, promote the employment of key groups such as veterans, and provide one-to-one employment assistance for the disabled and zero-employment families. We will work harder to curb wage arrears and protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers. Mechanisms for reasonable wage increase, payment guarantee and minimum wage standard adjustment will gain improvement, and we will promote the mechanism that the market determines the remuneration of various production factors, and increase the property income of urban and rural residents through multiple channels. We will enhance redistribution adjustments in taxation, social security, transfer payments, etc., and bring prosperity to people in every possible way.

We will develop a sustainable multi-tiered social security system. We will work to see that everyone has access to social security, improve the basic pension scheme and basic medical insurance financing mechanism, and develop a multi-pillar pension system. We will improve the system for provincial-level management of pension, work injury, and unemployment insurance, advance the reform of medical insurance and social assistance systems, and work to refine the work system and support mechanisms for veterans. We will improve the housing provident fund system and collect 50 billion yuan in housing provident funds. 5,000 new public rental houses will be built; rental subsidies will be granted to 39,000 households; 7,500 new shanty towns will be renovated, and renovation of 3,622 old urban communities will be conducted. We will construct an old-age service system that promotes the integration of home care, communities and institutions and the combination of medical and nursing; furthermore, we will build 1,000 daycare centers for the elderly in the community to help the elderly use smart technology. We will promote the healthy development of childcare services, carry out pilot care services for infants and young children aged 0-3, and improve the social security level of orphans and children in need. We will ensure that basic social security can be provided, and take effective measures to help the people solve problems.

We will speed up the development of social undertakings. Efforts will be made to provide education that satisfies the needs of people. We will increase fiscal spending in non-profit kindergartens, and focus on solving the problem of unbalanced development of compulsory education between urban and rural areas, between regions, and between schools. We will implement the development and demonstration project for standardized ordinary high schools, promote the construction plan of high-level higher vocational schools and majors with Chinese characteristics, push vocational schools to achieve the standards and create excellence. We will make efforts to revitalize higher education in the new era, and increase support for the construction of the "Double First-Class" initiative. In addition, we will advance the building of a healthy Shaanxi in an all-round way. To do so, we will implement 17 campaigns, speed up the construction of regional medical centers and county medical communities; we will continue to screen breast cancer and cervical cancer for rural women, prevent and treat birth defects of pregnant women and newborns, strengthen the vision care for children aged 0-6, and enhance prevention and treatment of myopia for adolescents. We will promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, strive to create a national comprehensive reform pilot zone for traditional Chinese medicine, and build a "Shaanxi medicine brand". Furthermore, we will ensure a cultural prosperity. We will speed up the construction of the Great Wall, the Long March, and the Yellow River national cultural parks, advance the construction of the Yan'an National Cultural Relics Protection and Utilization Demonstration Zone, and make more efforts to protect such relics as Chang'an City in Han Dynasty, Taiping Site, Shimao Site. We will launch new public cultural projects, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the Beilin Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, and the Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum, and promote the construction of major cultural projects such as the new provincial library. We will develop cultural brands such as the Shaanxi Literature Team, Chang'an Painting School, Film and Television in Western China, Shaanxi Drama, and ensure the success of the various art activities, including the Silk Road International Art Festival and the joint performance of outstanding lists of Chinese Shaanxi Opera, and strive to create a name card for Shaanxi featured by the inheritance and innovation of Chinese culture.

We will improve the level of social governance. We will adhere to and promote the Fengqiao model in promoting social harmony in the new era, build a comprehensive mechanism that integrates prevention and control at the source, investigation, social dispute resolution, and emergency response, and deepen the centralized management of repeated petitions and carry out special campaign to resolve long-pending petition cases. We will make steady progress in promoting trails on modernizing municipal social governance; we will strengthen the construction of urban and rural communities, strive to build 100 urban community service stations, 100 smart communities, and 300 rural community service centers, and complete the general election of Party branch and of committee in villages and communities in an orderly manner. We will make efforts to combat organized crime and root out local criminal gangs on an ongoing basis, crack down on various illegal and criminal activities, strive to enhance Peaceful Shaanxi initiative, and resolutely protect the safety of the people's life.

x. With the goal of "reaching wonderfulness and perfection", doing Shaanxi's utmost to ensure the success of the 14th National Games and the Paralympic Games

In pursuit of "safety, quality, environmental protection, humanities and simplicity", we will conduct systematic planning and elaborate management, set project schedule in a reversed order, promote construction as planned, and make high-quality preparations. We will take a target-oriented approach, make every effort to build a first-class venue environment; meanwhile, we will elaborate the competition process and various supporting schemes, and ensure the success of major events such as the opening and closing ceremonies, the torch relay, and the commendation of advanced units and individuals of national mass sports and advanced collectives and individuals of national sports system. We will also take a problem-oriented mindset, make a comprehensive analysis of issues in venue construction, equipment commissioning, safety protection, personnel organization, etc., establish a checklist to make all departments shoulder respective responsibilities, and defuse potential risks. In addition, we will adopt a result-oriented thinking, promote the comprehensive effects of the National Games, advance the construction of urban infrastructure, implement the eight major projects of the National Games to bring people benefits; we will increase the effective supply of fitness facilities, and enhance people's sense of fulfillment as well as the popularity of Shaanxi. We will strive to gather the wisdom and concerted efforts of all people to dedicate a spectacular, extraordinary and outstanding sports event to the people across the nation.

IV. Improving Government Functions in an Effective Way

We will focus on advancing the modernization of government system and capacity for governance, and actively build a law-based, digital, practical and clean government, and strive to build a service-oriented government able to satisfy the needs of the people.

Led by political work construction, we will resolutely uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping's core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole and resolutely uphold the Party Central Committee's authority and its centralized, unified leadership; we will follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, earnestly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's major speeches and instructions, keep enhancing our capacity for political judgment, thinking, and implementation; we will enhance our capability to observe and analyze economic and social issues with a political perspective, resolutely implement the decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee; we will take practical actions to strengthen our consciousness of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment with the central Party leadership; we will stay confident in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping's core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole, and uphold the Party Central Committee's authority and its centralized, unified leadership.

By taking the goal of promoting the rule of law as the cornerstone, we will improve the level of administration according to law. We will thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's thought on the rule of law, promote six major projects to build a law-based government, and bring all government activities into line with the rule of law; we will improve the quality of administration and legislation, improve the system of decision-making in accordance with the law; we will make in-depth efforts to promote transparency in all government affairs, and readily subject ourselves to the oversight of the law-based supervision of the People's Congress, democratic oversight of CPPCC committees, oversight of Discipline inspection commissions of the Party and supervision commissions of the government, public oversight, and oversight through public opinion; we will ensure that the power granted by the party and the people is always exerted to seek happiness for the people.

On the basis of digital construction, we will improve government efficiency. We will elaborate a digital government construction plan, and set up a provincial government big data service center; we will make an intergradation of industry data, and continuously improve the scientific, intelligent and convenient level in administrative management with such technologies of big data and blockchain; we will optimize the public service experience such as the "12345" hotline, promote "cloud office" and "readily accessible service" into all walks of life so as to bring benefit in all aspects of people's life; we will work hard for the comfort of the people, and serve sincerely to make the people worry-free.

With the support of capacity building, we will improve the capability to shoulder responsibility and work hard. We will strengthen our capability to deliver a good performance, and temper ourselves through practical training; we will improve the political ability, strategic vision, and professional level to understand the new stage of development, fully apply the new development philosophy and to create a new development pattern; we will make continuous efforts to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of policy measures to bring government work more in line with scientific laws and make it live up to the expectations of the people.

By taking the improvement of the Party's work style as the guarantee, we will spare no efforts to ensure all policy decisions deliver. We will observe the central Party leadership's eight-point decision on improving Party and government conduct and the implementation measures of the provincial Party committee with perseverance; we will continue to tighten our belts, and strive for a stable life of the people; we will promote the warning of the Zhao Zhengyong's case to advance reforms, and continue to optimize the political environment; we will vigorously promote a down-to-earth work style so that members at all levels can speak the truth, engage in work and implement the policy with earnest; by carrying forward the spirit of "Serving-the-people ox", "Pioneering ox" and "Persisting ox" as well as the tenacity of Shaanxi people, we will work hard and efficiently to overcome all difficulties, and strive to deliver performance miracles with the consciousness of shouldering the great responsibility.

Fellow Deputies! The people's liberation army and the armed police in Shaanxi carry forward the glorious tradition of supporting the government and loving the people, and have made important contributions to the reform, development and stability of Shaanxi. We must thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's thinking on strengthening the armed forces, support national defense and the development of the armed forces as always, make effort to conduct national defense mobilization, actively carry out double-support building; we will refine policies on the preferential treatment and resettlement for demobilized military personnel; we will further promote the social environment in which armed forces are loved and supported by the people, and national defense is deeply cared about by the people, and family members of the armed forces are given priority; meanwhile, we will strengthen and promote unity between the government and the military, and between the people and the military.

Fellow Deputies! The great goals of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the glorious mission of Shaanxi's catching-up and overtaking are so inspiring. Let us rally closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, and let us, under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, unite as one to forge ahead, seize the time and devote all ourselves to work, and strive to write a new chapter on Shaanxi's catching-up and overtaking for a new era! All Rights Reserved

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