Report on the Work of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province (2019)

2020-06-10 17:06:47 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province


Delivered at the Second Session of the 13th Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress on January 27th, 2019

Liu Guozhong

Governor of Shaanxi Province

Fellow Deputies:

On behalf of the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province, I will now report to you on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval. I also wish to have comments on my report from the members of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

I. Review of the work in 2018

The year 2018 was the first year for putting the guiding principles of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China fully into effect. It is also an unusual year for Shaanxi's development. Guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and under the firm leadership of the provincial committee, we kept firmly in mind the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment. We strengthened our confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We resolutely upheld General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole and resolutely upheld the Party Central Committee’s authority and its centralized, unified leadership. We fully implemented the guiding principles of the Party’s 19th National Congress and the second and third plenary sessions of its 19th Central Committee; we adhered to the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability; continued to work for high-quality development; continued to pursue supply-side structural reform as our main task; focusing on the targets, we strove to fulfill the Five Requirements for promoting sustained and sound economic growth, advancing agricultural modernization, strengthening cultural advancements, ensuring and improving people’s wellbeing, and exercising strict governance over the Party; we made coordinated efforts to maintain stable growth, advance reform, make structural adjustments, improve living standards, guard against risks, and ensure stability; we sustained healthy economic development and maintained social stability. The GDP reached 2.44 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.3%; local fiscal revenue stood at 224.31 billion yuan, an increase of 11.8%; and per capita income of residents in urban and rural areas in the province increased by 8.1% and 9.2% respectively, and energy consumption per unit of GDP was estimated to drop by 4.7%, and CPI rose by 2.1%. As such, Shaanxi has fulfilled the annual objective set at the 1st Session of the 13th People’s Congress of Shaanxi Province.

i. We strove to maintain a steady economic growth.

We took effective steps to boost agriculture, keep industry stable, upgrade the third industry, stimulate investment, expand consumption, and upgrade export industry. The economy performed steadily with more market vitality, higher quality and efficiency. We stepped the development of modern agriculture, with 11 new provincial-level agricultural industrial parks, a 2.7% increase of total grain output and vigorous development of special industries such as fruit industry, animal husbandry, Protected Agriculture, and tea. Comprehensive measures were taken to support enterprises to stabilize production and promote sales, output growth of above-scale industries increased by 9.2%. We promoted national pilot reform of the service industry. We vigorously developed finance, logistics, and other modern service industries. The total assets, the balance of deposits, and loans of financial institutions exceeded 5 trillion, 4 trillion and 3 trillion yuan, respectively. Xi’an, Baoji and Yan’an were listed as national logistics hubs, and the output growth of the tertiary industry in the province increased by 8.8%. We focused on major projects, the annual investment in fixed assets was increased by 10.4%, among which nongovernmental investments accounted for 22.3%. Projects of Xianyang Qinxing and Xi'an Geely were launched, the second of Samsung and Yulin Coal-oil-gas Comprehensive Utilization Project were pushed forward, Baoji Geely Engine and Yan’an Coal-oil-gas Comprehensive Utilization Project were completed and put into full operation, at the same time, major progress has been made in a bunch of projects like channeling the Hanjiang River to Weihe River. Yan'an Nanniwan Airport was open to navigation and subway line 4 and five high-speed roads like Zhashui to Shanyang were open to traffic. Xi'an-Yan High-speed Railway was under steady construction. We held activities to promote high-quality consumption supply and worry-free consumption, and the total volume of retail sales of consumer goods surged by 11.8%. Projects were launched to promote exports of brand-name products, achieving a 25.3% increase of exports.

ii. The three critical battles were carried forward firmly.

We fully implemented President Xi Jinping guiding principle of protecting the ecological environment of the Qinling Mountains. Under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, Shaanxi took comprehensive measures to manage the illegal villa construction in Xi'an in the northern foothills of the Qinling Mountains. According to laws and regulations, we worked on project cancellation, demolition of illegal construction, fund recovery, land retrieval, and soil restoration. As a result, 1185 non-permitted villas were demolished, 9 villas were confiscated, 4,557 acres of state-owned land was recovered, 3257 acres of collective land was returned, and 2,646 acres of land were returned to the forest. Inspired by this, Shaanxi urged all cities related to Qinling to carry out comprehensive remediation, achieving the goals of the political investigation, thorough remediation, and long-term standardization. All cities consciously learn from the experience, and earnestly carry out the special education on “have high political integrity, be brave in shouldering responsibilities, and improve the style of work.”

We ensured that no systemic risks emerged. We controlled on increment, put idle funds to use, and kept tight control over local government's hidden debt, and the non-performing loan ratio fell below the national average. We made solid progress in poverty alleviation. 3 billion yuan provincial funds were allocated to poverty alleviation, an increase of 30.4%, of which the investment in deep poverty counties increased by 50.5%. With the precise implementation of industrial poverty alleviation and employment poverty alleviation, and efforts made to build a “3 + X” characteristic industrial system of agriculture, 23 counties and 1.045 million people are about to be lifted out of poverty. Throughout the year, 288,000 poor people were employed in the non-agricultural sector, 91,000 units of houses for removed and relocated people were completed; 79,000 units of dilapidated houses were renovated, the treatment rate for serious diseases of the poor population was 99.4%, and more than 12,000 kilometers of rural roads were newly rebuilt, 180,000 people were lifted out of poverty under coordinated Jiangsu-Shaanxi poverty-relief project. We implemented comprehensive management of private coal businesses and strengthened joint prevention and joint control of Fenwei Plain, with the average concentration of PM2.5 in the province dropped by 10.5%, and the days of heavy pollution fell by 20.7%. The system of river chiefs and lake chiefs was established across the province, and efforts were made to clean up water source areas and black, malodorous water bodies in the urban areas; therefore, the main river water quality has been steadily improved. Special prevention and control of solid waste pollution were implemented, and the second general survey of pollution sources and detailed surveys of soil were steadily advanced. 1.055 million mu of desertified land was treated and 7.49 million mu of land was afforested.

ii. We stepped up the cultivation of new engines to drive development.

By earnestly implementing the strategy of innovation-driven development, we created innovative platforms, achieved solid progress in the construction of Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor and Xi'an sci-tech Park of CAS, Shaanxi Province Aerospace and Astronautics Propulsion Research Institute was put into operation, and the first IPR center was launched. We actively encouraged the transmission of military enterprises to civilian ones and the cooperation between military enterprises and civilian ones. There are more than 1,000 military-civilian integration enterprises and, and the industry scale ranks second in the country.

We refined enterprise-led mechanisms for bringing together firms, universities, research institutes, and end-users to engage in innovation, with 33 research achievements winning National Science and Technology Award, the total volume of transactions made in technical contracts registered RMB110 billion yuan, and the number of invention patents per 10,000 people ranking seventh in the country. Shaanxi focused the industrial chain on six pillar industries. As a result, the output of new energy vehicles and industrial robots increased by 70% and 36.9% respectively, and the value-added of strategic emerging industries increased by 10.4%. We expedited the development of 4 entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration bases including the Xixian New Area, incubating more than 14,000 enterprises and teams.

Efforts were made to promote the integrated development of cultural tourism and the expansion of industries such as online entertainment, digital publishing, and cultural creation, etc. A number of cultural tourism projects have started construction or operation. The province received 630 million domestic and foreign tourists, an increase of 20.5%, and total tourism revenue reached 599.46 billion yuan, an increase of 24.5%.

We took solid action in five priority tasks (cutting overcapacity, destocking, deleveraging, reducing costs, and identifying growth areas). We cut capacity of 5.96 million tons in the steel and coal industries, disposed of 70 "zombie enterprises", implemented tax cut and fee reduction policies, eliminated provincial financial services and administrative fees related to enterprises, reducing costs for enterprises by over 80 billion yuan. We vigorously promoted coordinated regional development: the development plan of the Guanzhong Plain city clusters was initiated; the construction of the Xi'an as National Central City started; the proposal of further support for the development of the Yangling Demonstration Zone was approved by the State Council; and progress was made in the innovative and coordinated development of Guanzhong, Northern Shaanxi and Southern Shaanxi. The transformation for sustainable development in Northern Shaanxi was advanced steadily, with the economic growth of Yan'an and Yulin city reaching a new high in recent years. The green and circular development in Southern Shaanxi was accelerated, as proved by the refining economic structure and fast growth of Ankang and Shangluo. We strengthen county economies, fostering middle and small cities with a focus on counties, investing 15 billion yuan in major demonstration towns and cultural tourism towns. The urbanization rate in the province reached 58.1%.

iv. Solid progress was made in reform and opening up.

We deepened the reform on streamlining administration, delegating more powers to lower-level governments, improving regulation, and providing better services, optimized the business environment, canceling, delegating, or entrusting 247administrative permits, streamlining by 25%. We promoted the "granular" management of approval services: "three levels and four same", (namely name, type, basis, and code of a certain administrative permit should be consistent at provincial, city and county level), access via one website, and oversight conducted through the random selection of both inspectors and inspection targets and the prompt release of results were implemented across the province.

The indicators of the business environment have been greatly improved, and the total number of market players has increased by 29.1%. The institutional reform of the provincial government was implemented smoothly, and the reform of the city and county government and public institutions was steadily advancing.

The supervision, evaluation, and assessment system of the state-owned asset were further improved. As for provincial state-owned enterprises, the operating income increased by 10.8%, profits increased by 15.6%, and owner's equity increased by 13.3%. The transfer and separation of “the supply of water, gas, electricity and property management of state-owned enterprises” have generally finished. The registration and certification of the right to confirm rural contracted land have been fully completed, 60% of the villages have established collective economic organizations, 96% of the villages have completed asset clearance and capital verification, and 854 pilot villages have achieved remarkable results in the “three changes” reform, 99 counties have built rural property rights trading centers, and the rural land turnover rate reached 26.9%. The main tasks of the reform of state-owned forest farms were completed. We focused on cleaning up and rectifying the problem of occupying cultivated land, and the trend of illegal and non-agricultural use of farmland has been curbed.

We vigorously developed the hub economy, portal economy, and circular economy, and promoted the construction of the "Belt and Road" Initiative. Xi'an Linkong Economic Demonstration Zone and Cross-border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone was established, Northwest International Cargo Airlines was formed, and passenger traffic throughput of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport was upgraded and was granted the fifth air rights. The China-Europe Freight Train Chang'an has made 1,235 trips, with the heavy load rate and full load rate ranking first in the country. The increase in the number of railway passengers and the number of cargoes dispatched ranked first and second in the country respectively.

The construction of the free trade zones has proceeded steadily, with 165 pilot tasks basically completed, and 7 institutional innovations replicated and promoted throughout the country. The reform of customs clearance integration has achieved remarkable results, and five new customs agencies have been added to the province. Silk Road International Exposition, China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair, Silk Road Brand Trip, Shaanxi-Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Economic Cooperation Week were successfully held. The actual utilization of domestic and foreign capital increased by 15.1% and 16.2% respectively throughout the year.

v. People's livelihood has been continuously improved.

More proactive employment and entrepreneurship policies were implemented. 460,000 new jobs were created in urban areas, the registered unemployment rate in urban areas stood at 3.2%, 6.245 million rural people landed jobs in non-agricultural areas, the initial employment rate of college graduates reached 89.3%, and the placement of retired soldiers was strengthened. We worked to curb wage arrears effectively, recovering 220 million yuan of wages for 23,500 migrant workers, the number of wage earners demanding unpaid salary, and complaints dropped by 65% and 51% respectively. Priority is given to the development of education. The gross enrollment rate in the first three years of the school reached 86.8%, the transformation of 1,288 weak rural schools was completed, provincial standardized high schools accounted for 80.8%, and the construction of "four first-class" colleges and universities was fully promoted.

We continued to improve the social security policy, and the basic pensions for enterprise retirees, basic pensions for urban and rural residents, and basic medical insurance for rural and non-working urban residents continued to increase, and inter-provincial on-the-spot settlement of medical bills through basic medical insurance accounts was fully realized. We deepened the reform of the medical and health system, with tiered diagnosis and treatment model covering 90% of county-level hospitals and 70% of township and township hospitals, treating a total of 28,000 patients with Kaschin-Beck Disease and other endemic diseases. Community health service centers and township hospitals have achieved full coverage of Chinese medicine centers. A total of 125,000 urban and 576,000 low-income targets have been covered with insurance, 77,800 households benefited from housing rental subsidies, and 5.94 million people have access to safe drinking water.

TV series "Years of Red Persimmon", "The High Earth of the Loess" and the drama "Ordinary World". Shaanxi accelerated the improvement of the five-level public cultural facilities network, vigorously promoted cultural business to the benefit of the people. We organized more than 10,000 cultural performances to the countryside, and Tongchuan successfully created a national demonstration zone for public cultural service system. 80 scenic spots have reduced ticket fees or opened free of charge. A number of literary and artistic masterpieces such as the TV series "Years of Red Persimmon", "The High Earth of the Loess" and the drama "Ordinary World" are popular among the masses. 16th Provincial Games was held successfully, and the third-level league football was launched.

vi. We made progress in pursuing innovation in governance.

With in-depth study and implementation of the Constitution, we focused on building a rule-of-law government, and readily subject ourselves to the oversight of the National People's Congress, the CPPCC, discipline inspection commissions of the Party and supervision commissions of the government. All 681 recommendations of the deputies to the people's congresses and the proposals of the CPPCC committees. We pushed forward with the party building and the anti-corruption campaign took stern action against formalities performed for formalities' sake, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance. 918 government regulations and documents were amended and abolished, government spending on official overseas visits, official vehicles, and official hospitality were persistently reduced, and the storage, use, and supervision of public funds have been strengthened.

Urban and rural governance at the primary level and safe Shaanxi Campaign gained momentum and notable results have been made in addressing public complaints. The multi-dimensional and IT-based social security system has been further improved. Extensive campaigns to combat organized crime and root out local mafia were conducted, and 94.2% of citizens in the province felt secure. We paid close attention to work safety, and the number of accidents and deaths fell by 24.6% and 17.7% respectively. With strengthened meteorological warnings and effective response to flood conditions, the safety of people's lives and the property was ensured. New achievements have been made in ethnic and religious work, and work related to foreign affairs, civil air defense, earthquake, surveying and mapping, archives, and local chronicles.

Fellow Deputies,

We owe all the achievements made in 2018 to the firm leadership of the Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, the concerted efforts of the provincial committee and the people in Shaanxi, as well as the support of and compatriots at home and overseas, including compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. On behalf of the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province, I wish to express our sincere gratitude to fellow deputies, CPPCC committee members, all the officials, the people, the people’s liberation army and the armed police in Shaanxi, and to other parties and people's organizations. I also wish to express our heartfelt thanks to our fellow countrymen and women in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, in Taiwan, and overseas.

We are clearly aware that Shaanxi is still confronted with difficulties and challenges in its development. Poor economic structure needs more strong and sufficient adjustment. The private economy is lagging and the business environment still needs to be optimized. Unbalanced and insufficient development is to be improved and poverty relief continues to be a weighty task. Some are badly paid and many weaknesses in people's livelihood. Pollution prevention and control need to be strengthened and ecological conservation and restoration continue to be a weighty task. We are weak in work safety at the primary level and it's imperative to control risks and hidden dangers. There is room for improvement in the work of government and some measures and policies have not been fully implemented. We still have a serious problem with pointless formalities and bureaucratism. We will take effective measures and do all we can do to address these problems in earnest.

II. Overall Requirements and Projected Target for 2019

This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It will be a crucial year for us as we endeavor to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects. To fulfill the work of government, we must:

follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era;

implement fully the guiding principles of the Party’s 19th National Congress and the second and third plenary sessions of its 19th Central Committee;

pursue coordinated progress in the five-sphere integrated plan;

pursue balanced progress in the four-pronged comprehensive strategy;

adhere to the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability;

continue to apply the new development philosophy;

continue to work for high-quality development;

continue to pursue supply-side structural reform as our main task;

continue to deepen market-orientated reforms and expand high-standard opening up;

focus on pushing forward, catching up and overtaking progress and observe the “Five Requirements” unswervingly as required by General Secretary Xi Jinping;

implement the strategic tasks of “new retail, new finance, new manufacturing, new technology and new energy” on all fronts;

vigorously develop the hub economy, portal economy and circular economy.


At the same time, we need to:

work faster to modernize the economy;

continue the three critical battles;

invigorate micro-entities;

explore innovations in and improve macro regulation;

make coordinated efforts to maintain stable growth, advance reform, make structural adjustments, improve living standards, guard against risks;

take further steps to ensure stable employment, a stable financial sector, stable foreign trade, stable foreign investment, stable domestic investment, and stable expectations;

boost market confidence;

enable people to feel more satisfied, happy, and secure; and

sustain healthy economic development and maintain social stability.

By doing the above, we will celebrate with outstanding accomplishments the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic.


The main projected targets for economic and social development this year are set as follows:

GDP growth of 7.5–8 percent;

local government revenue increase of 6%;

income for people in urban and rural areas increase by 8% and 9%;

a registered urban unemployment rate within 4.5 percent and a surveyed urban unemployment rate of around 5.5 percent;

CPI increase of around 3 percent;

a drop of 2.8% in energy consumption per unit of GDP.

To succeed in these tasks, we must fully implement the principle of "consolidating, strengthening, upgrading, and ensuring unimpeded flows" and ensure a generally stable economic performance with high-quality development. We will consolidate the gains made in the five priority tasks as follows:strictly implementing the standard of cutting capacity, ensuring targeted cost cut policies are put into effect, making more efforts in strengthening weakness in infrastructure construction and other areas, promoting the flow of more resources and factors of production from low-quality and low-efficiency areas to high-quality and high-efficiency areas. We must strengthen the dynamism of micro-entities, implement a negative list system for market access, break down barriers against the free flow of resources, create a more enabling environment for business, fire businessmen's entrepreneurship, and provide more support for quality companies to grow stronger and bigger.

We must upgrade industrial chains, give full play to the advantages of scientific and educational resources and the guiding and incentive role of industrial funds, strengthen the innovation system and capacity for innovation, build industrial organization forms in support of innovation, and create modern industrial clusters with Shaanxi characteristics. It is necessary to ensure unimpeded flows in the economy, establish a unified and open, competitive and orderly modern market system, promote the agglomeration and optimization of factors, and form a virtuous cycle of the domestic market and production entities, economic growth and employment expansion, finance, and the real economy.

III.Main Tasks for 2019

i. Highlighting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system

We will promote the quality and efficiency of traditional industries, push forward with 100 major technological transformation projects with a total investment of 50 billion yuan, and make traditional industries more digitized, smart, and internet-powered. More transmission and upgrading measures will be taken in machinery, metallurgy, building materials, textiles, food, and other industries, and the construction industry are to upgrade. We will promote the transformation and development of the energy and chemical industries, and speed up the construction of major projects such as 800,000 tons of ethane to ethylene in Yulin. We will make every effort to complete the task of disposing 78 "zombie enterprises" and cutting coal capacity of 2.1 million tons.

We will accelerate the development of emerging industries of strategic importance. We will carry out the industrial chain promotion plan to move industries and products such as advanced equipment manufacturing, integrated circuits, new energy vehicles, and new materials up to the mid-to-high value chain. We will expand and strengthen rail transportation, industrial robots, and other industries, accelerate R&D and production of Xinzhou 700 aircraft, C919 aircraft components, general aircraft, and unmanned air vehicles, and promote the agglomeration of satellite mobile communications, navigation, remote sensing, and other aerospace industries.

We will make progress in the construction of the phase-II projects of Samsung, Huatian IC packaging and testing, and ESWIN silicon materials. We will vigorously promote BYD Phase II, Shaanxi Automobile, and other whole vehicle projects, and accelerate the development of supporting industry of the automotive industry chain. We will strengthen the new material industry represented by high-end metal materials. Besides, we will actively build biotechnology industry chains such as innovative drugs and modern Chinese medicine.

We will promote the deep integration of advanced manufacturing and producer services. We will extend the mode of Shaanxi Blower Group, promote the integration of resources and business integration between manufacturing enterprises and productive service enterprises, and support the faster transformation from equipment providers to system integration service providers of enterprises in the fields like automobiles, power transmission and transformation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and CNC machine tools. We will encourage large and medium-sized backbone enterprises and "specialized and special" technology-based SMEs to expand upstream in R & D and design, and actively carry out industrial design, a technology management consulting and other services. We will construct a regional service system around the manufacturing cluster to promote the development and growth of productive service industries such as financial leasing, inspection and testing, legal consulting, information technology, and human resource services. We need to deepen comprehensive pilot reforms on the national service industry in Xi'an and Xixian New District.

Effectively enhance the technological innovation capability of the manufacturing industry. Relying on the national innovation pilot, we will further enhance integration between the military and civilian, relevant national ministries and provincial departments, and the central government and provincial government. We will improve the scientific and technological research mechanism, strengthen the coordinated organization, and achieve breakthroughs in core technologies for key fields in line with the development needs of advanced manufacturing. We will improve the military-civilian integration policy and related industrial system, accelerate the building of a leading national military-civilian integration innovation and demonstration zone, and strive to launch the national military-civilian integration service platform. We will push forward with the construction of projects such as the China West Sci-Tech Innovation Port, CAS Xi’an Science Park, High-precision ground-based time service system, and the drone town of Northwestern Polytechnical University and step up the establishment of the integration and innovation mechanisms featuring collaborative innovations, collective advantages, and collaborations between enterprises, universities and research institutes.

We will seize the opportunity of the national reorganization of the key laboratory system and strive for more national-level innovation platforms and resources in Shaanxi. Continue to promote “one academy and one institute” mode, and deeply implement the Project 1155 to improve the overall effectiveness of the innovation system. We will refine related policies to underpin innovation and entrepreneurship, and strengthen the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship demo centers. We will do more to protect intellectual property rights, implement a distribution policy based on knowledge value, and optimize scientific research projects and funding management.

ii. Overcoming difficulties and take solid action in the three critical battles

Efforts will be made to forestall and defuse major risks. We will implement a negative list system of government debt financing, a lifetime accountability system for debt, and a debt-checking mechanism. We will implement unified dynamic monitoring of debt, resolutely curb increments, and effectively dispose of dormant funds to ensure an orderly decline in the hidden debt of the provincial government. We are to promote the market-oriented transformation of financing platform companies, strengthen the liability constraints of provincial state-owned enterprises, carry out risk investigations on the redemption of the principal and interest of corporate bonds in duration, and resolutely investigate and punish illegal debt guarantee of all types. We will increase supervision and disposal efforts to stabilize the NPL ratio of financial institutions at the national average. Establish a monitoring and early warning platform to crack down on illegal activities such as illegal fundraising, financial fraud, and malicious debt evasion. We will adhere to the classified guidance to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market and effectively prevent and control risks in the real estate sector.

We will beat poverty with precision alleviation. We will focus on extreme poverty and implement targeted measures. We will work to ensure that the basic living needs of rural poor populations are met and that such people have access to compulsory education, basic medical services, and housing. This year, 565,000 people and 29 counties will be lifted out of poverty.

Further efforts will be made to reduce poverty via boosting employment and industrial development, ensure that the entitled poor households have at least one income-increasing industry and that at least one person is stably employed in poor families with working ability. We will complete the task of building case handling houses and technology-related houses of People's Procuratorate, and vigorously promote the vacation of old houses of relocated households and homestead land reclamation. More will be done to alleviate poverty through the development and conservation of local ecological resources, education, healthcare, and social security. We will shore up weak links in infrastructure in poverty-stricken areas and strengthen cooperation between Jiangsu and Shaanxi in poverty alleviation.

We will focus on building people's confidence in their ability to lift themselves out of poverty and on helping them access the education they need to do so. With all these efforts, we would create the self-generated impetus for poverty reduction. We will see to it that poverty relief policies remain unchanged for those already lifted out of poverty to consolidate progress in poverty alleviation.

We will take solid steps to prevent and control pollution. We will effectively carry out the ecological and environmental protection plan for the Qinling Mountains, do more to protect and restore soil and water loss areas in the Daqiao Mountain, Baiyu Mountain, Weibel dry highlands, consolidate the achievements of remediation, and make good use of long-term mechanisms.

We will work to make our skies blue again and carry out plans for improving Fenhe-Weihe River Plain area with all our might, strengthen coordinated management among regions, continue our work in providing clean heating, reducing the use of low-quality coal, launching special programs to reorganize poorly managed - and polluting - small enterprises and manage diesel trucks.

We need to promote the green, efficient use of energy and reduce CO2 emission per unit of GDP by 3.9%. We should implement river chief system and lake chief system, strengthen the prevention and control of water pollution in Weihe River, Hanjiang River, Danjiang River, Yanhe River, Wudinghe River, Jinghe River, and other rivers, strengthen the ecological protection and restoration of wetlands, and start dealing with urban garbage and sewage. We will promote the utilization of livestock and poultry breeding waste resources, and strengthen the control of agricultural non-point source pollution.

iii. Cultivating and stimulating market vitality, continuing to release the potential of domestic demand

We will enable investment to play a key role. We would seize the opportunity of the 20th anniversary of the Western Development Campaign, and strengthen investment in infrastructure, ecological and environmental protection, and public services. We will do a good job in the construction of 600 provincial-level key projects, and push forward with them based on classification. We will strengthen the construction of new-type infrastructures such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, Internet of Things, and smart cities, accelerate the construction of major water conservancy projects such as Dongzhuang Reservoir, Hanjiang River-Weihe River water diversion, and advance the construction of power transmission channels in Northern Shaanxi-Wuhan.

We will strive to expand consumer demand. Vigorously implement the consumption upgrading action plan, cultivate and expand modern service industries such as logistics, exhibitions, and finance, and promote higher quality and an expansion of service consumption in the fields of sports, health, and retirement. Promote the integrated development of cultural tourism, accelerate to build Shaanxi into a region-based tourism demonstration province, build first-class global tourism center, accelerate the construction of 17 integrated national tourism demonstration cities and counties, and actively create 5A-level scenic spots such as the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Sites. Support Xi'an to be an international consumption center, and encourage Xi'an, Weinan, and Yulin to pilot supply chain system construction. Expand and upgrade information consumption and spread e-commerce into rural areas and communities earlier. Improve quality standards and credit systems, rectify market order, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The total retail sales of social consumer goods are projected to increase by about 10% throughout the year.

We will promote coordinated regional development. We will bolster the collaborative and innovation-driven development of the central Shaanxi plain, continuous transmission of northern Shaanxi, and green, circular development of southern Shaanxi in an all-round way. We are to implement the development plan of city clusters in the central Shaanxi plain, speed up our effort on construction of Xi'an as a National Central City, the integrated development of Xi'an and Xianyang, Fuxian and Yanliang, Xi'an and Tongchuan and Xi'an and Weinan, and promote the upgrading of the Yangling demonstration area, and the innovation-driven development of Xixian New District as a pilot zone for development model of the national innovative city. We will promote the high-quality development of high-end energy and chemical bases in northern Shaanxi in a systematical way, expand the comprehensive conversion of coal, oil and gas resources and the scale of power transmission, and at the same time accelerate the development of non-energy industries and modern agriculture. We will make coordinated efforts on the development of industries related to environmental protection and organic products on one hand and rural revitalization on the other hand in southern Shaanxi, and strive to cultivate new growth drivers. Support will be given to the development of county economy and urban construction, construction of 50 county-level demonstration industrial concentration areas, key demonstration towns and cultural tourism towns, and systematic development of characteristic towns.

iv. Continue to prioritize the development of agriculture and rural areas and implement the strategy of rural revitalization

We will focus on building an industrial system of modern agriculture. Guided by a strategy of sustainable farmland use and innovative application of agricultural technology to increase farmland productivity, we will designate grain production functional zones of 27 million mu, and beef up high-quality farmland construction. We should vigorously develop modern agriculture and advance supply-side structural reform in agriculture, accelerating the development of three 100-billion-worth industries such as apple, sheep, equipment agriculture, and locally characteristic industries including tea, Chinese date, walnuts, and edible fungi. We will promote the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas. We will build a hundred fruit and vegetable storehouses and logistics and cold chain system for both production and sales of fruit and vegetable, and build three national rural industrial integration development demonstration parks in Lantian County, Dali County, and Yuyang District. We will promote pollution-free agricultural products, green food, and organic agricultural product certification, geographical indication, and standardized production and increase the supply of high-quality green agricultural products. We will ensure the special program on the clean-up and rectification of illegal use of farmland and strengthen the prevention and control of African swine fever.

More effort will be made to create ecological, livable, and beautiful villages. We will be guided by scientific planning, enable pilots to play an exemplary and leading role and ensure county-level governments take main responsibilities, mobilize farmers to participate in improving living environment We will focus on waste and sewage treatment, toilet revolution, village appearance improvement, and build over 200 rural revitalization demonstration villages. We will speed up our job in rural road construction, operation, and maintenance, continue projects such as renovating dilapidated houses in rural areas, upgrading the power grid, consolidating and upgrading drinking water safety, and spreading gas to the countryside. By doing this, we will upgrade infrastructure and public services in rural areas.

We will improve institutions and mechanisms to further develop rural areas and agriculture. We will advance the land system reform, carry out supporting policies to the practice of separating land ownership, qualification, and right of use, and encourage orderly circulation of land. We will push forward with reform on the rural collective property rights system and extend reform practice to more villages after reviewing the reform in selected villages. We will strengthen the collective economy by implementing the reform of transforming resources into assets, funds into share capital, and farmers into shareholders according to local situations. We will give full play to the role of leading agricultural enterprises and industry associations, and cultivate new business entities such as family farms and farmer cooperatives. We need to improve the urban-rural integration development mechanism, encourage and guide industrial and commercial capital, and farmers to build a close interest linkage mechanism to participate in rural revitalization, maintain and respect farmers 'dominant position, and effectively increase farmers' income. We will improve the rural governance system that combines autonomy, the rule of law, and the rule of virtue, and create a vibrant, harmonious, and orderly village of good governance.

v. Deepening reforms in major sectors and keeping increasing internal impetus

We should deepen the reforms designed to delegate powers, improve regulation, and strengthen services. We will keep optimizing business environment and accelerate the construction of a provincial online platform for government services, making it more convenient for individuals and businesses to access government services via one website. We should ensure that over 90% of provincial government services, over 70% of government services at city and county level are to be processed online, reduce over 60% of materials needed for government services when it comes to offline governance services, and ensure that 100 most frequent matters at all levels can be done online or can be done without the need for a second trip if they require presence in person. The reform separating permits and certificates from business licenses should be rolled out within the province, putting an end to the phenomenon of “letting firms in but not letting them do business.” The oversight model using randomly selected inspectors to inspect randomly selected entities and requiring the prompt release of results should be implemented across the board, implementing the entire process of regulation from production to use in crucial sectors including food, drugs, and special equipment, imposing accommodative and prudential regulation for emerging businesses. We will develop better ways of enforcing laws on environmental protection and market oversight, and making oversight fairer, standardized, and effective.

We will work to deepen the SOE and state capital reforms. Adhering to the principle of separation of government and enterprise, separation of government and capital, and fair competition, we will strengthen, expand, and increase returns on the state capital, and accelerate the transmission from business management to capital management. We will place emphasis on supervision, strengthen revenue management, and establish and improve in and out the mechanism of the state-owned capital. We should encourage the introduction of private capital and expand the scope of the pilot reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises. We will accelerate the pace of enterprise shareholding system reform and increase the securitization rate of state-owned capital. We must continue to improve the modern enterprise management system, do a better job in reducing the management level of the enterprise, reduce the number of legal persons, and actively promote the reform of the "one enterprise, one policy" of 36 provincial enterprises. We will work to increase the proportion of state capital operations budget transferred into the general public budget. We will support state-owned enterprises to act faster to address historical issues.

We are to remove barriers to the development of private enterprises. We will safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of private businesses by ensuring that private businesses are treated on an equal footing in market access and licenses, business operations, public biddings, and so on. We will set up a bail-out fund for private enterprises, and improve the incentive mechanism to reduce the financing costs of small, medium, and micro-enterprises. We will promote the model of "smart county+ inclusive finance" to solve the difficulty of financing for farmers and small and micro-enterprises. We will set up a 1 billion yuan special fund for technological transformation, enable provincial innovation platforms to open to private enterprises and support private enterprises to develop products, update equipment, and upgrade technology. We will foster a cordial and clean relationship between government and business, improve mechanisms for entrepreneurs to participate in enterprise-related policy formulation, and establish a complaint center for rights protection of private enterprises.

We need to intensify fiscal and taxation reform. We will conduct performance-based budget management across the province and deepen the reform to define the respective fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities of governments at all levels. We will implement tax reduction and fee reduction policy on a larger scale, fully implement the revised Individual Income Tax Law, and appropriately reduce the social security fee rate. Support and guide financial institutions to implement national monetary and credit policies and continue to expand credit and aggregate financing. Make great efforts in helping enterprises go public, give full play to the regional equity market, guide high-quality enterprises to seek listing and issue bonds, and enhance the financing capacity on the capital market at various levels.

vi. Accelerating the development of the hub, portal and circulation economy, and being more integrated with the Belt and Road Initiative

More efforts will be made to develop a circular economy. By building a tightly woven road network, expanding railway network, optimizing the aviation network, and strengthening information networks, we will move faster to establish an integrated transportation system featured by land-air interaction and multimodal transportation. We will improve the inter-provincial expressways and expressways connecting the provinces and cities and counties, push forward with railway projects like Xi'an-Yan'an, Xi'an-Shiyan, Xi'an-Ankang, Yan'an-Yulin, step up projects such as the Xi'an-Hancheng Intercity Railway, the renovation, and expansion of Xi'an Railway Station, and support the faster development of China-Europe freight train.

We will promote the construction of the third phase of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport and the Luyang Lake National Civil Aircraft Research and Flight Test Base, and improve the layout of feeder lines and general airports. We will accelerate the construction of national logistics hubs in Xi'an, Baoji, and Yan'an, and support the construction of regional transportation hubs in Ankang and Yulin. At the same time, we will actively build "Broadband Shaanxi" and "Cloud Shaanxi" to improve the high-speed information network.

We are to vigorously develop the portal economy. We will focus on building five major “Belt and Road” centers to improve global resource allocation capability. We must deeply explore the reform of the free trade zone, optimize the approach of customs supervision, support the opening and upgrading of the comprehensive bonded zone, and strengthen the aviation and railway ports. We will actively build distribution centers for import commodity display transactions, cross-border e-commerce international cooperation centers, and undertaking centers for processing trade industry transfer. We will make good use of the fifth freedom rights and expand international routes. We will accelerate the construction of airport-based economic demonstration zones and build industrial clusters around airports and dry ports. In addition to running existing exhibitions, we will introduce high-end exhibitions and build an open cooperation platform through more cooperation with Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Economic Belt, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and other places. By strengthening economic, trade, and cultural exchanges related to the “Belt and Road", Shaanxi will act more as a portal connecting the world.

We will vigorously develop the circular economy. We will implement a support plan for special talent and strengthen the construction of academician expert workstations, post-doctoral workstations, master studios, and platforms for the development of technical talent. We will solidly promote the construction of "Internet + logistics", improve the urban and rural distribution system, cultivate new modern logistics formats such as car-free carriers and smart logistics, support the development of leading domestic and foreign logistics companies such as, SF Express, and UPS in Shaanxi, and create a bunch of provincial-level logistics demonstration park. We will unblock energy supply channels and strengthen information interconnection. We will improve the quality of the use of foreign capital, take targeted measures to attract the world's famous enterprises, and actively undertake the industrial transfer of the eastern region. We will support enterprises to develop overseas markets, build overseas industrial parks such as the Shaanxi-Kyrgyz Energy Cooperation Cluster, and build "overseas warehouses" and Shaanxi Commodity Exhibition Center to make export markets more diverse.

vii. Being committed to people-centered philosophy and doing more to ensure and improve people’s livelihood

A great effort should be made to ensure stable employment to increase income. We will take targeted measures to promote employment of key groups such as college graduates, veterans, people having difficulty in finding jobs, people from poor families, and migrant workers, ensuring that there is no zero-employment family. We will create more jobs by encouraging business startups, improve policies for secured loans for business startups, and step up construction of standardized entrepreneurship centers in a hundred counties and a thousand towns. We will refine the salary setting and growth mechanisms for all workers. We will protect the legal rights and interests of migrant workers by addressing the problem of wage arrears.

We should give priority to developing education. We will fully implement the guiding principles embodied in the National Education Conference, increasing investment in education, deepening education reform, strengthening the ranks of teachers, and moving faster to establish an education system which comprehensively fosters the students' all-round moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic grounding with a hard-working spirit. We will expand preschool education resources and increase the coverage of non-profit kindergartens to 80%. We will optimize the allocation of compulsory education resources, strengthen the construction of small-scale rural schools and boarding schools in towns, improve the planning and construction of urban schools, and focus on solving the outstanding problems such as weak rural education, crowded urban schools, school selection, and heavy after-school learning burdens.

We will establish more provincial-level standardization and demonstration high schools, and explore the practice of characteristic education. We will encourage pragmatic cooperation between vocational education schools and employers through joint cultivation. Accelerate the “Four-First Class” (first-class university, first-class discipline, first-class school, first-class major” campaign, improve the collaborative innovation mechanism that brings together firms, universities, research institutes, and end-users, and enhance the college's ability to serve economic and social development. Quality continuing education and special education should be provided. We will support and regulate the provision of education by private actors.

We will strive to build a Healthy Shaanxi. More steps will be taken for the construction of healthy cities, healthy counties, and 8 types of "healthy cells". We will develop Internet Plus Healthcare models to improve health literacy and health condition of urban and rural residents. We will continue to promote the comprehensive pilot of medical reform, accelerate the construction of close medical consortiums, and enhance the capacity of community-level medical and health services. We will fully implement special actions for the prevention and treatment of endemic diseases such as Kashin-Beck Disease, act on measures such as water improvement, grain replacement, and relocation, and strive to eliminate the root causes of the disease. We will continue to promote the development of Chinese medicine, improve the drug supply and circulation management system, and accelerate the construction of vaccine temperature monitoring and traceability system. Strict prevention and control of food and drug safety risks will be carried out so that the people can eat with peace of mind.

Efforts should be made to improve the social security system. We will improve the system for provincial-level management of aged-care insurance funds and promote provincial-level management of unemployment insurance and work injury compensation insurance. We will focus on improving the old-age service system, and promoting the integration of medical and nursing. We will improve the policies on basic medical insurance and serious illness insurance for urban and rural residents, and make more lifesaving and emergency-relieving medicines reimbursable under the medical insurance scheme. Work on urban and rural subsistence allowances, social assistance benefits, and benefits for entitled groups will be done well. We will improve the housing security system, renovate another 98,000 shantytowns, and continue to improve people's housing conditions.

We will continue to strengthen basic public cultural services. We will strengthen the construction of county libraries, cultural centers, comprehensive cultural service centers for rural areas and communities, and improve the modern transmission and coverage system of radio and television in rural China. We will move faster to advance renovation and expansion of major cultural projects such as the Beilin Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, and the Emperor Qin's Mausoleum as well as the construction of the Huangdi's Mausoleum Cultural Park. Committed to the strategy of Chinese culture going global, we will ensure the success of the Silk Road International Art Festival and other activities. More work will be done to strengthen the protection, utilization, inheritance, and development of cultural heritage and create more cultural masterpieces. We will develop mass sports activities such as football, ice and snow sports, and make good preparations for the 14th National Games.

More progress will be made in production safety. We will raise public awareness of putting life first and pursuing safe development, fully implement "three requirements" and the supervision responsibility of the emergency department. We will continue to carry out safety campaigns for road traffic, coal mine, and dangerous chemicals, effectively prevent production safety risks in non-coal mines, building construction, urban fire protection, and other fields, and resolutely curb the occurrence of serious and major accidents. Solid work needs to be done on emergency management and the construction of professional emergency rescue capabilities to improve disaster prevention, mitigation, and rescue capacity.

We should develop a model of social governance based on collaboration, co-governance, and common gains. We will explore new approaches to urban and rural community governance and services, strive to sift out and defuse social tensions and problems. We will enhance Peachful Shaanxi initiative and help people feel more secure by launching campaigns to crackdown on organized crime and local mafia, taking tough measures to curb gang crimes and their "networks" and "protective umbrellas", stepping up the fight against extreme violence against individuals and theft, pyramid schemes, and telecommunications fraud. We will support reforms in national defense and the armed forces, strengthen national defense mobilization, civil air defense, and reserve forces, establish a service support system for demobilized military personnel, promote mutual support between the military and civilians, and cultivate a strong atmosphere of "caring about national defense and respecting military personnel."

We will carry out solid work in ethnic, religious, foreign affairs, earthquake, meteorology, surveying, mapping, archives, local chronicles, etc., and support the development of trade unions, Communist Youth Leagues, women's federations, overseas Chinese federations, science associations, disabled people's federations, and charities.

viii. Strengthening the sense of responsibility and improving our government on all fronts

We are to promote theoretical and political work. We should keep firmly in mind the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment. We should strengthen our confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We should resolutely uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole, and resolutely uphold the Party Central Committee’s authority and its centralized, unified leadership. And we should maintain a high degree of unity in thought, stance, and action with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core. We will hold activities about keeping in mind our Party’s founding mission. We will remain committed to the party's leadership in all aspects and links of the government's work, resolutely carry out important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and all decisions and plans of the Central Committee, and implement all the plans of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee. The government should be more penetrating and discerning on political issues, stand firm and stand on principles and major issues of right and wrong, and resolutely fight against words and deeds that violate political discipline and rules.

We will make progress in building a rule of law government. We must adopt appropriate legal thinking and measures to deal with government work, strictly abide by the Constitution and the law, and bring all government activities into line with the rule of law. We will make decisions in a sound, democratic, and legally-compliant way, listen carefully to views when formulating important policies of public interest, and set reasonable grace periods to carry out them. We will deepen the reform of coordinated law enforcement by government departments, shift the focus of law enforcement to lower governments, and fully implement the system of responsibility and accountability for government enforcement of laws and regulations. We will work to reduce law enforcement and address overlap and duplication in enforcement. With more effort on promoting transparency in all government affairs, we will readily subject ourselves to the oversight of the law-based supervision of the People’s Congress, democratic oversight of CPPCC committees, oversight of Discipline inspection commissions of the Party and supervision commissions of the government, public oversight, and oversight through public opinion. We will make sure that power is exercised with transparency and officials are in the service of the public.

We in government need to improve our political integrity and professional competence. We will be competent in ideals, political building, the performance of responsibility, capacity building, and conduct, and focus on underpinning the Party’s governance capacity in eight areas. We should improve our ability to adopt a strategic perspective, and develop creative thinking and a dialectical approach to thinking; we should think in terms of the rule of law, and think about worst-case scenarios. We will advance the building of a learning government. We will strengthen investigations and research, encourage hard work. Through learning, research, and practical work, we will improve our ability, grasp the law, pinpoint the crux, and then solve difficult problems. We will fully implement all three mechanisms brought forward by the provincial Party committee, impel officials to shoulder more responsibilities, perform their duties, be dedicated to their work, and deliver a good performance.

We will do more to improve Party conduct and build a clean government. Promoting Yan'an spirit, we will always maintain close ties with the people. We must resolutely put into action the central Party leadership’s eight-point decision on improving conduct and staying engaged with the people along with its detailed rules for implementation and the implementation measures of the provincial Party committee, We should work resolutely to address the practice of formalities for formalities’ sake, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance, with particular focus on seeing the first two persistent ailments stamped out. We are determined to reduce the mountains of documents and endless meetings and alleviate burdens on community-level officials by cutting down on and overhauling matters subject to inspection, checks, and evaluations. General expenditures should be cut by over 5 percent, spending on official overseas visits, official vehicles, and official hospitality should be controlled strictly so that we can spare more money on improving people's livelihood. We will earnestly implement the “one post, dual responsibilities” system, strictly abide by all laws, address both symptoms and root causes by strengthening auditing-based oversight, and at the same time requiring government budgets and final accounts to be released to the public. We must strictly control the transaction of public resources, restrain power with systems, and exercise power well for the people. We will resolutely fight against all dereliction of duty and corruption and take tough measures against corruption and misconduct among officials.

Fellow Deputies! Let us rally closer around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core. Let us, under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, remain true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind, work hard to strive for excellence, and carry out the “Five Requirements” put forward by President Xi Jinping for the province. We will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with great achievements! All Rights Reserved

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