Report on the Work of the Shaanxi Provincial Government (2017)

2017-05-09 15:49:45 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Fellow Deputies:

On behalf of the Shaanxi Provincial Government, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberation and for comments and suggestions from the members of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and all nonvoting delegates.

1. Review of the work in 2016

2016 was the first year to carry out “13th-Five Year Plan” and also a marvelous year for Shaanxi Province in catching-up process. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi jinping as the core, the whole province from top to bottom carried out new idea and new strategy on governance by CPC Central Committee since 18th CPC National Congress in earnest and carried on in-depth study and implemented a series of important speeches given by General Secretary Xi Jinping especially the spirit of the important speech delivered when he came to Shaanxi Province for inspection. We kept our noses to the grindstone to forge ahead to overcome difficulties, having made a stable progress and took a turn for the better in provincial economy, with people’s living condition improved. It is estimated that GDP is RMB 1.9 trillion yuan, with a growth of about 7.6% and that per capita income of residents in urban and rural areas in the province is up to RMB 28400yuan and RMB 9400yuan respectively, with a growth of 7.5% and 8.2% and that social retail goods are up to RMB 730.257 billion yuan, with a growth of 11% and energy consumption per unit GDP falling by 3.5% and CPI growth controlled within 1.3%, having fulfilled the annual objective defined at the 4th Session of the 12th People’s Congress of Shaanxi Province and achieved steady opening and favorable start-off in”13th-Five-Year Plan”.

(1) Economy operation kept within a reasonable range: given much worry about persistent economic downturn, the Province introduced 21 measures to stabilize growth and promote investment, procedure of reward and punishment in evaluation of investment promotion, action plan to reduce cost, several advices to accelerate rapid development of private economy, several opinions to promote sound development of private investment, suggestion on preparation of the plan to achieve “made in China” program 2025 in Shaanxi Province, establishment of fund for six pillar industries including integrated circuit and high-end equipment manufacture; with decrease in reduction of energy industry and non-energy industry growing by 13.1%, 772 industrial enterprises above designated size newly established, 24 enterprises with main business income more than RMB 10 billion yuan emerging, added value of industry above designated size growing by 6.9%, fixed asset investment growing by 12.3%, large sized project for coal to olefin by Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd and project with an annual output of 200,000 vehicles by Baoji Geely Auto put into production without a hitch, a number of projects for major infrastructures and industries including Zhenan Pumped Storage Station, Power Transmission Channel from Yuheng to Weifang, 8.6th Generation LCD Panel in Xianyang and LERRI Solar in rapid construction.

(2) New economic growth areas fostered in economy: the Province carried out innovation driven strategy in depth, having generalized “one academy and one institute” mode in 37 scientific research institutions, with trading volume in technical contract up to RMB 80.27 billion yuan, patent applications granted growing by 45.7%, ranking first in China, number of awards for national natural science and number of awards for technical invention ranking second and third in China respectively; pillar industry fostered with great effort, including large transport airplane officially deployed in service. MA series airplanes in batch production, auto production up to 420,000, a series of project agreements for long-term development signed with a number of enterprises such as Huawei, ZTE and BYD, percentage of value added to strategic emerging industry and building industry to GDP in excess of 10.7% and 9% respectively, additional 594 new and high tech enterprises established, high-tech industry growing by 27%; tourist and cultural industry in rapid development, tourists received from both here and abroad up to 450 million person times, general income from tourism up to RMB 381.34 billion yuan with a growth by 26.9% and percentage of income from cultural industry to total income on the increase.

(3) Development of new economy in an active way: additional 15 national e-commerce demonstration counties added, more than 20 e-commerce enterprises such as Suning Commerce Group and having established their national or regional headquarters in Shaanxi Province, new commercial activities including R&D, software information, Group Innovation & Crowd-funding and Internet Finance having taken initial shape. Cultivation and development of modern agriculture, with 660,000 mu of high standard farmland and 500,000 mu of farmland adopting efficient water saving irrigation built, 2680 agricultural leading enterprises and nearly 40000 cooperatives developed at various levels, more than 90% of farmland with right confirmed and registered and certificated, total grain output up to 12.282 million tons, apple yield up to 10.965 million tons, kiwi-fruit output up to 1.3125 million tons and vegetable yield up to18.9618 million tons.

(4) Promotion of supply side structural reform: opinions on implementation and “de-overcapacity, de-inventory, de-leverage, cost reduction and weakness remedy” as five major special action plans have been prepared, with 29.34 million tons of overcapacity in coal industry decreased, having over fulfilled annual task, 1.6 million tons of overcapacity in iron making industry decreased, 700,000 tons of overcapacity in steel making industry decreased, with task issued by Central Government fulfilled three years in advance; monetized resettlement rate in shantytown transformation is enhanced, with sales of commercial housing up to 44.549 million sqm, sales cycle of commercial housing in real estate industry in Xi’an down to 9 months.

De-leverage action plan has been prepared, with one enterprise added to SME board and GEM board respectively, 79 enterprises listed on “New Three Board” , additional 640 enterprises listed on Shaanxi Share Transaction Center. Structural tax reduction policy on change from business tax to value added tax implemented in earnest, collection standard for supporting fee for urban infrastructure reduced by 15%, second round of periodic reduction in social insurance premium implemented to reduce cost of enterprise by RMB 3.25 billion yuan, straight power supply up to 20 billion kilowatt-hours, RMB 720 million yuan of electric cost saved for users.

(5) Improvement in new type urbanization and ecological civilization has been enhanced, with promotion of sustainable development of transformation in the north of Shaanxi Province, intensification of concerted and innovative development in Central Shaanxi Plain, with 166 projects for concerted and innovative development in Central Shaanxi Plain prepared for implementation. Overall planning for core zone in urban agglomeration in Central Shaanxi Plain and construction plan for urban zone along Yellow River have been prepared, with 303000 sets of houses in shantytown rebuilt, 567000 sets of houses completed in government-subsidized comfort housing project, 579000 sets of houses occupied. Investment in provincial key demonstration town and cultural & tourist town up to RMB 13.4 billion yuan, Ansai County and Hu County transformed from county to urban district, pilot zone for comprehensive reform of town-sized small cities including Hengkou, Caijiapo, Zhuangli and Daliuta established, Tangyu in Xi’an, Zhaojin in Tongchuan, Tangyu in Baoji, Qingmuchuan in Baoji and Wuquan in Yangling selected in the first batch of distinctive town in China.

8 expressways including expressway from Baoji to Pingkan and expressway from Pingli to Zhenping has been started for construction, with total length of construction more than 1000km, Expressway from Huangling to Yanan completed and open to traffic. “Big Xi’an” metro lines in plan have been increased to 23 lines, with No.3 metro line of 39.2km in overall length put into operation. Water System Plan for Central Shaanxi Plain has been prepared and carried out, with Han River-Wei River Water Diversion Project and Wei River Ecological Zone Project accelerated in construction schedule, key projects such as Kunming Pool and Meibei Lake completed in key job in schedule, Xi’an and Yan’an rated as the title of national forest city, Baoji evaluated as the first national ecological landscape garden city in west region and Xianyang selected as national model city for greening. Five major actions including pollution control and haze reduction, water pollution prevention, total pollutant emission reduction, comprehensive improvement of rural environment and soil pollution prevention have been in further progress, national objective for reduction in emission of four major pollutants including COD, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide over-fulfilled.

(6) New heights for inland reform and opening to the outside world have been accelerated in construction, with reform on streamlining administration and instituting decentralization, integration of simpler administration and fair supervision, optimization of service deepened, 146 items subjected to local examination and approval previously assigned by central government revoked, 14 items subjected to examination and approval by provincial government cancelled, only 379 items requiring administrative license by provincial government kept. Integration of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, the social insurance registration certificate and statistics registration certificate, one business license with one unified social credit code have been carried out in an all-round way in terms of industrial and commercial registration system reform, with number of newly registered private enterprises going up by 23%, total number of market subjects up to 2.11 million and percentage of non public economy up to 53.8%. State-owned enterprise and asset reform has been carried forward in an active way, with enterprise groups such as Railway Construction Group, Dongzhuang Water Conservancy Complex Construction Corporation and Financial Asset Management Co. ,Ltd newly established, total business income of 38 province-owned enterprises up to RMB 874.16 billion yuan, going up by 10.7%. Financial reform has been in progress in an orderly way, with RMB 600 billion yuan obtained from Agricultural Bank of China and China Everbright Group in financing and credit extension. The 2016 Action Plan for the Belt and Road in Shaanxi has been carried out, with cooperation zones between China and Kazakhstan, China and Russia, China and Korea have been accelerated in terms of construction, with three regular trains from Xi’an to Central Europe including Moscow, Warsaw and Hamburg as well as cargo flight from Xi’an to Amsterdam put into operation, 42 international air passenger services, consulates of Cambodia and Malaysia established in Shaanxi Province and visa application centers of 13 countries including the UK set up in Xi’an.

International Seminar on the “Belt and Road”, First Silk Road International Expo and Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China, 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival and Art Festival, G20 Women Conference and G20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting have been successfully held, with new image of Shaanxi Province shown to the rest of the world by Boao Forum for Asia and Promotion Conference of Shaanxi Province by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in all aspects, RMB 623.1 billion yuan of domestic capital introduced, going up by 10.1%, USD 5.01 billion of foreign capital introduced, growing by 8.4%, gross value of imports and exports up to RMB 197.57 billion yuan, including RMB 104.5 billion yuan of exports, rising by 13.8%, with increase rate ranked in the second place in China. China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone shall be ready for operation, indicating that Shaanxi Province stands in the front for new round of opening to the outside world.

(7) Great efforts have been made to properly ensure and improve people’s livelihood, with expenditure on people’s livelihood up to RMB 359.5 billion yuan and 80% of newly increased financial capacity and total financial expenditure used for all-round implementation of policy on people’s livelihood. Targeted poverty alleviation and elimination have been carried out, with 244000 houses for removed and relocated people in construction, 860000 people relocated, outpatient expenditure of poverty stricken family fully reimbursed by New Rural Cooperative Medical System, 29 rehabilitation items for poverty stricken people with disability incorporated in extent of reimbursement, problem in safe drinking water for 600000 people solved, 1.3 million people shaking off poverty, Foping and Dingbian saying goodbye to poverty label. Employment and pioneering have made headway in an active way, with RMB 5.3 billion yuan of secured loan for pioneering offered, 445000 employment opportunities increased in cities and towns, 6.94 million rural labors transferred for employment, 42000 redundant employees due to overcapacity elimination properly reemployed, registered unemployment rate in urban area down to 3.3%. Social security level has been on the increase, with basic pension of retirees from enterprises in urban area on the increase in 12 consecutive years, up to RMB 2447.95 yuan, governmental subsidy for medical insurance for every resident in urban and rural areas increased from RMB 400 yuan to RMB 440 yuan.

Great effort has been made to develop educational business, with 181 kindergartens among 450 key kindergartens put into use. 1.949 million sqm of schoolhouse built and extended for weak schools in compulsory education system in poor area, policy on free tuition for regular senior high school put into effect, comprehensive reform of higher education, “Four-First Class” (first class university, first class discipline, first class school, first class major” campaign and construction of academician studio in steady progress, reform of the medical and health system has been deepened, with 52 medical consortiums and medical groups established, first payment for critical illness insurance down by 50%, policy of diagnosis and treatment before payment available for inpatient within county, 30 referral center for emergency treatment of critical pregnant and lying-in women built, national science and technology improvement award and innovative team award obtained by Fourth Military Medical University due to its research of tumor in digestive system. cultural undertakings have made headway, with 1400 satellite digital rural libraries and information management service platforms built, new books purchased for 14000 rural libraries, total number of museums up to 270, six films including “Bloody Wolf Dog” having won international and domestic prizes.

11th China Art Festival has been successfully held, with 51 various stadiums altered and expanded, more than 50 stage art works newly created with number of prizes obtained accounting for one fifth of the total number thereof. Preparatory work for 14th National Games has been started; the athletes of the province achieved the performance in Rio Summer Olympics with 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal won and made the best achievement in history in Paralympic Games with 10 gold medals and 4 silver medals won. Safe Shaanxi Province Campaign has been in progress, with supervision in terms of national security, public safety, environmental safety and food & drug safety further enhanced and number of production safety accidents and death toll down by 6.3% and 9.1% respectively.

For the past year, we made effort to enhance governmental improvement and carried out study and education on “Two Studies and One Act” as well as spirit of “Eight Regulations” by Central Government and Opinion of Implementation by Provincial Committee of CPC in depth, consolidated achievements in educational and practical activities on mass line and special education on “Three Stricts and Three Honests”, accelerated building of law-based government, clean government, service oriented government, subjected ourselves to supervision by Provincial People’s Congress according to law and democratic supervision by Provincial Political Consultative Conference, strengthened supervision of power operation of government, kept the public informed of government affairs, corrected no action, dilatory action and arbitrary action with a heavy hand and government improved in terms of execution, credibility and service level in a continuous way.

Fellow representatives, for the past year, we adhered to one blue print to the end, standing up to challenge in complex environment, having made hard-won achievement due to strong leadership by Provincial Party Committee and joint effort by all works of life in the province. I, on behalf of Provincial People’s Government, express the high respect to cadres and masses, officers and soldiers of troop and armed police stationed in Shaanxi Province and sincere gratitude to every representative, member and people from all walks of life!

In addition to summary of achievement, we have to know that there are difficulties and problems existing in development of Shaanxi Province, primarily, it is still tough to keep stable economic growth, transformation and upgrading as well as cultivation and development of new kinetic energy are still at a slow pace, private investment and industrial investment are inactive, substantial economy such as financial service is to be improved in terms of capacity, contradiction between overcapacity and demand structure upgrade is salient, performances in environmental protection, food safety, medical education, pension and employment are to be improved, malpractice and corruption phenomenon in some fields should not be ignored. We should face the problems and determine responsibilities so as to prepare detailed measures to solve them.

2. Basic ideas and expected goals in work for 2017

2017 is the year to hold 19th National Congress of CPC and 13th Provincial Plenary Session of CPC in Shaanxi Province, being an important year to carry out “13th Five-Year Plan” and deepen structural reform of supply side; therefore, it is significant and responsible to properly do our job in every respect.

Currently, world economy is in the process of sluggish recovery, with complicacy instability and uncertainty further standing out and ideological trend of de-globalization on the increase and domestic economy taking a turn for the better in a more stable way, economic operation in a reasonable range and economic structure optimization in progress. Central Government pointed out that proactive fiscal policy and prudent and moderate monetary policy should be carried out this year, with development of “Three Major Strategies and Four Major Plates”, west development and B&R strategy put into effect, bringing god-given opportunity for the province to enlarge advantage, optimize industrial structure, accelerate new type urbanization process and improve ecological protection and restoration. The province has been maintaining favorable economic development on the whole, with economic structure adjustment and optimization tendency unchanged, favorable economic resilience, basic feature of great economic potential and large economic leeway unchanged, accordingly, we are able to and confident to maintain rapid growth and march toward medium and high end level.

The general requirements of governmental work: overall implementation of spirit of 18th National Congress of CPC, 3rd Plenary Session, 4th Plenary Session, 5th Plenary Session and 6th Plenary Session thereof, in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping especially the spirit of important speech delivered when he came to Shaanxi Province for inspection, overall planning and implementation of “Five-in-One” entire layout and harmonious implementation of Four Comprehensives strategic layout, sticking to requirement of pursuing and surpassing and positioning and “Five Aspects”, adherence to basic requirement of stable improvement, establishment and implementation of new development idea to adapt to and guide new normal of economic development, centering on improvement in development quality and efficiency, focusing on structural reform of supply side, taking implementation of “Three Mechanisms” as assurance measure, proper implementation of stable growth, reform, structural adjustment, people’s livelihood and risk prevention, promotion of stable and sound development and harmonious stability of society so as to greet the holding of 19th National Congress of CPC and 13th Provincial Plenary Session of CPC by excellent achievements.

In practical working, Special attention should be paid to observing following four key principles:

One is to promote reform and development based on requirement of pursing and surpassing and “Five Aspects”. Pursuing and surpassing are scientific judgment for development trend and historical position of Shaanxi Province made by Xi Jinping as General Secretary based on general global trend and national situation, “Five Aspects” is definite requirement of future development of the province. We should take Pursuing and surpassing and “Five Aspects” as key task in the province in current and future period so as to try to be the first in every aspect, every field and every sector of work based on the requirement and ensure that annual growth rate of GDP in 13th Five-Year Plan is around 8% and that income of urban and rural residents catches up with national average level, with development quality and benefit on the increase and work in more fields takes the lead in China.

Second one is to adapt to, hold and guide new normal of economic development. New normal requires change of speed, optimization of structure and transformation of power to make development evolve into the stage with more advanced mode, further optimized division of work and more reasonable structure, it is planned to take promotion of structural reform of supply side as main task to give play to advantages in location, science and education, resource, industry and culture to deepen adjustment of economic structure and build modern industry system with characteristics of Shaanxi Province and promote economic development mode changes from scale and speed based extensive growth to quality and efficiency based intensive growth. It is planned to get done with addition to tackle the bottleneck to restrict development and get down with subtraction to achieve simpler and decentralized administration and reduce burden on development and get down with multiplication to pursue new power, new space, new industry and new subject and get down with division to remove mechanical obstacle and outdated capacity and potential risk to keep economic operation within reasonable range and make breakthrough in innovation of development mode.

Third one is to implement new development idea in depth to establish and practice new development idea of innovation, coordination, green, opening and share, being the definite requirement by Central Government and earnest expectation from people, it is planned to carry the new development idea through in all works. More attention should be paid to technical innovation to guide overall innovation and promote harmonious development of three major regions, urban and rural areas and tertiary industry and focus on haze control to intensify environmental protection and further integrate into “B&R” strategy by grabbing at the opportunity of pilot free trade zone built in Shaanxi Province and make people share more sense of gain and achieve development with high quality and high efficiency as well as fair and sustainability.

Fourth one is to satisfy the general requirement of stable improvement in various works. General requirement of stable improvement is an important principle in national administration and methodology to get done with economic work. In order to satisfy the requirement, we should not only maintain strategic focus, tackle the twitch due to in-depth adjustment of economic layout but also stick to problem oriented and bottom line thinking to pay more attention to prevent systemic risk in policy making. We should stand from the present to ensure economic growth by stable industrial growth, effective investment, domestic demand extension, consumption enhancement and adhere to the idea of success by joint efforts and persist in work to the benefit of long-term development including cultivation of pillar industry, improvement of infrastructure and optimization of system and mechanism so as to make headway in key fields and get up steam on the premise of stable and moderate development.

Based on comprehensive consideration, the expected goal for the economic and social development this year: GDP grows by about 8%, investment in fixed assets increases by about 10%, added value of industry above designated size rises by about 7.5%, local fiscal revenue goes up by about 6%, total retail sales of consumer goods jacks up by about 10%, per capita income in urban and rural areas mounts up by about 9% and 10% respectively, registered unemployment rate in urban area is within 4% and CPI growth is around 3%. These indicators shall not only satisfy the requirement of pursuing and surpassing but also meet the need of moderately prosperous society to ensure baseline for development and embody entrepreneurial spirit of great-leap-forward development. We should make great efforts get done with various works by spirit of reform and innovation and practical style of work to make greater achievement in practical work.

3. Main tasks in 2017

(1) To deepen structural reform of supply side and invigorate substantial economy

To take invigoration of substantial economy as main task of structural reform of supply side to further eliminate ineffective supply and make channel between supply and demand to improve product quality and service quality and try to achieve dynamic equilibrium between supply and demand in new normal.

To promote implementation of five major tasks of “de-overcapacity, de-inventory, de-leverage, cost reduction and weakness remedy”; for de-overcapacity, it is planned to accelerate elimination of substandard coal mines, promote reshuffling of iron and steel enterprises, shut down hopeless cement enterprises; for de-inventory, it is planned to cultivate and develop house renting and leasing market and enhance monetized resettlement rate in shantytown transformation, encourage farmers to go into city to buy commercial housing to reduce commercial housing inventory by 5% to satisfy the requirement that commercial housing is for residence rather than speculation; for de-leverage, it is planned to carry forward marketized debt-to-equity swap and pilot linkage between investment and loan, optimize enterprise assets and financing structure, reduce debt rate of enterprise and non-performing loan ratio of bank, enlarge equity investment scale, prepare channel for capital to enter into substantial economy; for cost reduction, it is planned to standardize and clear up various charges related to enterprises, set up unified trade platform for public resources, regulate price of electricity for general industry and commerce, ensure that direct power supply to enterprise is up to more than 30 billion kwh and reduce enterprise cost by RMB 30 billion yuan; for weakness remedy, it is planned to take 10 measures to promote development of private economy and disposable income of residents in urban and rural areas with great effort and improve harmony of development in a continuous way.

To make industry achieve stable growth with structure optimized; it is planned to promote industrial development based on the idea of “stabilize energy source, promote chemical industry, invigorate electronic industry, improve manufacture industry, expand emerging industry and optimize traditional industry” to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading to make energy industry grow by 3% and non energy industry rise by 12%. It is planned to expand market share for high-quality coal, semi-coke and oil and increase natural gas production, speed up construction of project for comprehensive utilization of coal, oil and gas by Yanchang Group and project for transformation of coal based arene by China Huadian Corporation in Fuxian County, promote project for synthetic gas to ethanol to realize designated capacity and profit, foster new generation of information technology, new material, auto, aerospace, high-end equipment manufacture, modern chemical industry and biological medicine, carry forward the project for production of 300,000 engines by GEELY , project for production of graphene in Hanzhong, project for production of 25 million intelligent terminals by ZTE and project for production of medium and large airplanes. It is planned to carry out 200 major technical improvement projects to promote transformation and upgrading of industries including nonferrous metal, metallurgy, building material, food, textile and building. It is planned to develop medium and small sized supporting enterprises for pillar industry and promote enterprise echelon formation growth and establish additional 500 industrial enterprises above designated size in the year.

To promote improvement in quality and efficiency of modern service industry; it is planned to make great effort to build new development pattern of culture-oriented tourism by development of tourism based on culture, prosperity of culture based on tourism, integration of resources, combination of project with industry, it is planned to build pilot tourism province to speed up construction of major culture oriented tourism projects including cultural and ecological tourism and vacation land in Qinling Mountain, Holy Land Valley-Golden Yan’an, second phase of Lehua Town, start to preserve and develop Sky Hole Cluster as geologic relics in Hanzhong, cultivate tourism industry including homestay tour, physical fitness, health preservation to build a number of distinctive culture-oriented tourist attractions, culture oriented industrial bases and cultural infrastructure and increase total income from tourism by about 20%.

To increase high quality culture supply and service supply, foster and expand industries such as network entertainment, digital publishing, and cultural creativity, promote construction of National Advertising Industry Garden in Shaanxi and Shi-ku Cultural and Commercial Center in Baoji to increase added value of cultural industry by 15%. It is planned to speed up construction of electronic commerce platform, logistics distribution system in rural area, Xi’an New Railway Logistics Base, Operation Base for Air Changan, agglomeration zone for modern service trade enterprises in Xixiang New Area and support construction of big data and cloud calculation in Xixian New Area and Yan’an New Area.

(2) To expand gross demand moderately and promote effective investment and consumption upgrading

Given that the province is in the transition from middle period to later period of industrialization, with great potential for investment and consumption, it is planned to start from supply and demand to create favorable environment for development of investors and operators and promote favorable interaction and gather momentum for further development in addition to current development.

To further carry out project driven strategy; it is planned to make good use of national policy to support and intensify construction of infrastructure in west region, maintain intensity of investment in infrastructure and intensify investment promotion, promote project landing in an active way to achieve RMB 2.27 trillion yuan of fixed asset investment, speed up construction of 14 expressways from Baoji to Hanzhong and from Suide to Yanchuan as well as 4 expressways from Heyang to Tongchuan etc. it is planned to build ecological tour highway along Yellow River, rebuild national highway, transit highway through county seat and red tourist highway up to more than 2500km, start construction of high speed railway from Xi’an to Shiyan, promote preparatory work for construction of high speed railway from Xi’an to Chongqing and accelerate construction of high speed railways from Xi’an to Yan’an, from Xi’an to Yinchuan, from Xi’an to Chengdu, from Baoji to Lanzhou etc.

To promote construction of projects including second phase and third phase of No.1 line of and No.4, 5, 6 lines of Xi’an Metro as well as Xi’an Metro line to Lintong, inter-city railways from Xi’an North Railway Station to Xianyang Airport, from Xi’an to Hancheng. It is planned to carry out extension and relocation project for Yan’an Airport and Ankang Airport, accelerate preparatory work for extension of third phase of Xi’an Xianyang Airport, speed up construction of “Broadband Shaanxi” project, promote all fiber network city, ensure wireless network coverage of key area, optimize national internet backbone straight point network configuration, build new generation of information infrastructure, intelligentize “Big Xi’an” distribution network, try to approve and start construction of ultra-high voltage power transmission channels from Northern Shaanxi to Wuhan, from Binchang to Xuzhou, pay attention to construction of underground pipeline lane and pilot sponge city, speed up construction of major projects including Water Diversion from Han River to Wei River, Dongzhuan Reservoir and Water Diversion from Yellow River.

To accelerate consumption structure upgrading; it is planned to carry out the strategy to invigorate the province based on high quality and trademark strategy so as to improve quality level based on the goal of “high quality, famous brand, strict standard, advanced manufacture and favorable benefit” in an all-round way, start campaign to increase variety, improve quality and make famous brand in 100 enterprises to increase effective supply of high quality products and consumption of end products, promote change of management and marketing mode in traffic, accommodation and life service based on information technology, foster new consumption growth area including physical fitness, pension and housekeeping industries, accelerate integration of networks for circulation of goods between town and country, encourage electronic commerce enter into rural area and community and development of community based business convenient for and favorable to residents, build life service circle in community within 15miniutes drive, make great effort to optimize consumption environment and crack down on making and selling of counterfeit and shoddy products to safeguard rights and interests of consumers.

(3) To carry forward structural reform of agricultural supply side and promote improvement of quality and efficiency of agricultural products to increase income of farmers

To adapt ourselves to the periodic change due to transition from insufficiency in total amount to contradiction in structure, innovate system and mechanism, promote scientific and technological progress, optimize agricultural system, production system, operation system to cultivate new kinetic energy for agricultural and rural development.

To develop distinctive modern agriculture; it is planned to implement provincial governor responsibility system for food safety and mayor responsibility system for “vegetable basket”, keep an eye on the warning line for minimum arable land, establish responsibility zone system for protection of basic farmland, carry out construction of modern grain base in town, increase 500,000 mu of basic farmland to make total yield of grain up to 115 billion tons, keep optimizing apple cultivar structure, expand area of planting of kiwi fruit and walnut, standardize development of livestock breeding within measure and build a number of bases for high quality agricultural and sideline products, develop facility agriculture, support development of distinctive cultivation, green vegetable, flower and plant, woody oleiferous plant, promote standardized planting, clean production and diversification of tea trees, improve popularity and competitive power of tea produced in Shaanxi Province, build a number of standardized production and scale production bases for Chinese medicinal plant to improve comprehensive development and utilization of Chinese medicinal plant and agricultural technology promotion system, support Yangling Agricultural Demonstration Zone and enhance effective supply of agricultural science and technology.

To promote integrated development of first industry, second industry and tertiary industry in rural area, it is planned to develop market subject in agriculture and rural area to highlight leading role of leading enterprise, cultivate 10 famous enterprises, 500 demonstration cooperatives, 1000 demonstration family farms, 10000 professional farmers, build “one after another” industrial chain in agriculture, implement demonstration project for integrated development of “10-county, 100-town, 1000-village”, support pilot development integrating first industry, second industry and tertiary industry in Dali County, Lantian County, Yuyang County, Xixian New Area and Jinghe New Area, improve agricultural product traceability system, establish comprehensive agricultural information monitoring system, protect landmark product and cultivate a number of advantageous agricultural product brands.

To deepen comprehensive reform in rural area, it is planned to implement reform of rural land in terms of right to ownership, contracting right and management right to achieve “checks and balances”, promote rural land expropriation, operation and construction land commercialization, reform of house site, trial of mortgage loan by property right of rural house and give more property right to farmers, carry out reform of rural collective property right system properly, supervise and management rural collective fund and asset resources in an effective way, implement reform of business asset joint-stock cooperative system in an orderly way, establish registration system of collective asset and stock right, build trade platform for rural collective property right, develop collective economy, promote land contract right withdrawal in a compensated way and trial in mortgage loan by management right, support new type agricultural management body and socialized service organization to carry out various scale management including circulation of land management right, stock management, trusteeship management.

(4) To implement innovation driven strategy in depth and accelerate transition from old kinetic energy to new kinetic energy

To substantially promote construction of national innovation demonstration project, cultivate and introduce “top-notch” talents with great effort, improve innovation supply capability in an all-round way, accelerate development of new economy, achieve transition from factor driven and investment scale driven development to innovation driven development.

To build coordinated and open innovation system, it is planned to accelerate construction of innovation driven province, pilot site for overall innovation and reform in Xi’an, demonstration area for national independent innovation in Xi’an High Tech Zone, demonstration base for pioneering and innovation in Xixian New Area, promote differential, distinctive and branded development of various development zones, deepen overall reform of scientific and technological resources to form innovation driven development with characteristic and advantage of Shaanxi Province, take an active part in national major scientific and technological project, international big science program, big science engineering and big science equipment, carry out a number of provincial major projects in green mining and intelligent manufacturing fields, develop pilot test base for scientific and technological innovation, support leading enterprises to set up a number of industrial technology alliances with colleges and universities and research institutes, build “patent pool” and “copyright pool” in several industrial innovation alliances so as to make breakthrough and play a demonstration role in fifth generation of mobile communication, Beidou Navigation Satellite System and virtual reality.

To promote military and civilian integration, central and local integration, ministerial and provincial integration, it is planned to make good use of industrial fund for military and civilian integration, build demonstration base for collaborative application of intellectual property right for national military and civilian integration, establish 10 industrial alliances for military and civilian integration, cultivate a number of “civilian into military” and “military into civilian” enterprises, carry out detailed implementation program to achieve 425 cooperation projects with central enterprises in the province to ensure construction of these projects, speed up construction of China Western Technological Innovation Harbor, Aerospace Power Research Institute, Industrialization Base for UAV Technology of Northwestern Polytechnical University and Trial Flight Base for Civilian Plane in Luyang Lake, support Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics to build Research Institute of Leading Technology, Xi’an Institute of Additive Manufacture, National Molecular Medicine Translational Science Center of Fourth Military Medical University and accelerate promotion of “one academy and one institute” mode.

To promote Public Entrepreneurship and Mass Innovation, it is planned to accelerate establishment of crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding platform for scientific and technological achievements, support construction of Shaanxi Co-working Space, Startup in Xi’an, Co-working Space in BUAA Science Park, bring the role of guidance fund for angel investment, risk investment and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, promote integration of technology with finance, cultivate high tech enterprise gazelle enterprise and rapid development of high-growth middle and small businesses, implement more stringent IPR protection system, put knowledge value increase oriented distribution mechanism into practice, enhance percentage of gains shared by scientific research personnel from commercialization of research findings, create more relaxed environment for pioneering and innovation.

(5) To seize the major opportunity of construction of China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone to further integrate into B&R pattern

To foster new advantage of overall opening and competition by innovation in system and mechanism to further integrate into global supply system and carry out “Introduction” and “going out” strategy at higher level and accelerate building of new heights for reform and opening in inland.

To build China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone based on high standard, it is planned to highlight institutional innovation, brave exploration and experiment and independent improvement, copy and promote experience of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone in reform and innovation, accumulate practical experience with characteristic of Shaanxi Province, explore new mode for economic cooperation and cultural exchange between mainland and countries along the Belt and Road, form rule and system, governmental supervision system and management mechanism geared to prevailing international rule, build a business environment in compliance with international convention to compel reform by opening to the outside world and promote development by reform, carry out pre-establishment national treatment and negative list management system for foreign investment, innovate clearance system, build “single window” for international trade and achieve “one-stop” operation at port.

To promote opening to the outside world in an all-round way, it is planned to keep construction of five major centers including traffic & logistics, technological innovation, industrial cooperation, cultural tourism and financial cooperation along the Belt and Road, carry out professional investment promotion targeting Fortune 500, hold economic cooperation week between Shaanxi and Guangdong as well as Hongkong and Macau, economic cooperation between Shaanxi and Yangtze River Delta, support Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park to build the largest inland port in China, accelerate construction of airport comprehensive bonded area, try to set up Baoji Comprehensive Bonded Area, establish Northwest International Cargo Airline, hold 4th Silk Road International Art Festival, 2017 China Culture Exchange Activities in Copenhagen, set up Central Asia Education and Training Base, hold China International Silk Expo, Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China, Euro-Asia Economic Forum, China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair, introduce foreign investment of USD 5.5 billion, up 10% and domestic investment of RMB 685 billion yuan, up 10% in the year.

To further speed up “going up” pace, it is planned to set up industrial overseas development fund, support 100 superior enterprises to cooperate with international capacity and modern agriculture, accelerate construction of 3 overseas economic and trade cooperation parks, keep export of famous brand products of Shaanxi Province and carry out foreign trade incubation project, expand export share of equipment manufacture and new material and make gross value of imports and exports increase by more than 7%.

(6) To develop county economy and promote coordinated development between urban area and rural area

To make greater effort to remedy weakness of county economy and drive coordinated development between urban area and rural area by new type urbanization and enhance momentum for development in weak field and widen development space in coordinated development.

To promote breakthrough development of county economy, it is planned to adjust and optimize county industrial production structure, eliminate illegal and inefficient capacity, accelerate in-depth transformation and middle and high end oriented development of industries in energy resource field, intensify investment promotion, promote in-depth integration of technology into enterprise, give priority to develop advanced manufacture industry by advanced technology and operation management, make effort to develop strategic emerging industry and develop processing industry for agricultural product based on distinctive agriculture, comply with the need of consumption upgrading to improve county service level, develop modern service industry such as financial service and distinctive tourism, introduce famous e-commerce and cultivate local e-commerce, support development of electronic commerce, logistics and express delivery in rural area, build 5 processing industrial parks for distinctive agro-products,22 demonstration counties for agricultural industry transformation and upgrading, support construction of 50 standardized demonstrative county industry concentration districts, build platform for pioneering and innovation, improve supportive policy for farmers to achieve pioneering and innovation, integrate and set up a number of pioneering and innovation parks with regional characteristics for personnel returning to Shaanxi Province as their hometown, further empower and invigorate county, deepen reform of 4 pilot zones for comprehensive reform township-level cities, expand scope of pilot zone for cultivation of small city and try to make Shenmu County become a city.

To develop nonpublic economy, it is planned to build “amiable” and “fresh” type relation between government and business in an active way, support development of private enterprise in project planning, financing, investment in research and development, equipment procurement and tax reduction and exemption, relax restriction on investment, infrastructure and public service projects in market based operation are open to nongovernmental capital, support nongovernmental capital to participate in construction of PPP(Public—Private—Partnership)projects in infrastructure including railway, aviation, expressway and heating, encourage and guide private enterprise to adjust structure, transform and upgrade, participate in restructuring of state owned enterprise, increase in capital and share and operation management of state-owned holding company by various means such as contribution, share acquisition, equity replacement.

To promote regional coordinated development, it is planned to abide by the idea to strengthen Central Shaanxi Plain, stabilize Northern Shaanxi and prosper Southern Shaanxi, keep harmonious development of the three major regions, improve collaborative innovation in the Central Shaanxi Plain, take national pilot and demonstration project for innovation as an opportunity to activate new power for development and seize the key position for new round of industry development with focus on technological innovation and transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and give play to their leading and example role, promote building of national high-end energy chemical industry base with focus on “three-transformation” in Northern Shaanxi, intensify technological breakthrough in key coal-oil-gas process and application thereof, build high-end, diverse and clustering industry system, support sustainable development of transformation, encourage Shaanxi Province to take building of national demonstration area for overall reform of ecological civilization as an opportunity to promote ecological environmental protection, industrial development and new type urbanization and stick to the principle of green and cyclic development.

To promote construction of “big Xi’an” and new type urbanization, it is planned to drive construction of “big Xi’an”, accelerate integration of Xi’an and Xianyang, rationalize management system and mechanism of Xixian New Area, optimize urban function among Xi’an, Xianyang and Xixian New Area, accelerate promotion of human-oriented urbanization process, deepen “one city one policy”, promote construction of urban zone along Yellow River based on high standard, enhance management and control over planning, speed up preparation of urban agglomeration program in Central Shaanxi Plain, provincial space and urban system program, start preparation and management of urban and rural integration program, generalize the experience in experiment of “integration of various programs”, promote experiment in overall reform of middle and small sized cities in Weinan and national new type urbanization in Yan’an, support construction of Xinghan New Area in Hanzhong, make effort to build provincial key demonstration town, famous culture-oriented travel town and distinctive town, promote citizenization of agricultural population and achieve 800000 agricultural population settle in urban area in the year.

(7) To enhance environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction and promote improvement of ecological civilization

To set up the idea that landscape is fortune, promote environmental protection and ecological improvement in a systemic way, carry out integrated treatment of mountain, water, forest, land and lake to solve outstanding problem in environment with greater determination and efforts.

To make great effort to curb haze and protect blue sky, it is planned to give top priority to haze control in environmental protection, take six measures to reduce coal production, control number of vehicles, suppress dust, improve source, prohibit burning and enlarge green land at the same time, carry forward joint prevention and control of atmospheric contamination with focus on Guanzhong Area , take the measure to reduce, replace and clean bulk coal at the same time, speed up “gasified Shaanxi” process, promote clean heating in winter by coal to electricity, coal to gas and coal to heat, intensify cleaning of bulk coal in urban villages in Guanzhong Area, urban-rural fringe area, improve the percentage of consumption of clean energy including geothermal energy, wind power, photovoltaic power, make 50% of installed capacity of coal fired units in Southern Shaanxi and Northern Shaanxi achieve ultra-low emission, strengthen forecast and early warning of air quality, build integrated emergency response system covering “big Xi’an” and every city in Central Shaanxi Plain, carry out active response to weather subjected to heavy pollution, perform large and green water project, enhance self recovery and regulation function of ecological environment, make environmental protection compel structure adjustment and industry transformation and upgrading, develop cyclic economy and cleaner production, reduce carbon emission by 3.9% and try to reduce PM2.5 concentration in Guranzhong Area by more than 3% and increase number of fine days by 5 days.

To intensify environmental improvement in key fields, it is planned to carry out river chief system, it is planned to carry out river chief system, keep comprehensive control of key valley, promote water pollution prevention, try to incorporate water source reserve of South-to-North Water Diversion Project into the scope of national experiment in reform of natural resource management, carry forward environmental control along Yellow River in an overall way, carry out pilot project for ecological restoration and land pollution abatement and remediation, support Tongguan County to build pilot zone for comprehensive control of land pollution, consolidate the achievement made at the northern foot of Qinling Mountain, prevent arbitrary approval and construction from staging a comeback, persist in carrying out the campaign “to ensure development, curb extensive operation, ensure safety, curb hidden danger, ensure ecology and curb pollution” and special treatment of tailing pond in Northern Shaanxi, quarry in Central Shaanxi Plain and petroleum pipeline leakage in Northern Shaanxi and deepen comprehensive improvement of rural environment to build beautiful countryside.

To further strengthen ecological environment improvement, it is planned to observe the principle of giving priority to economy and protection, spontaneous recovery to carry out comprehensive control of “mountain, river, slope and tableland” to promote construction of water system in Central Shaanxi Plain aiming to restore the landscape of “eight rivers around Chang’an” in history, accelerate construction progress of ecological rehabilitation project for Kunming Pool, Meibei Lake and Luyang Lake, intensify protection of Ying Lake and Hongjiannao Lake, carry on projects such as natural forest protection, conversion of arable land to forestland, try to establish national park in Qinling, Qiaoshan and Yellow River, support Yan’an, Tongchuan and Fuping to make an experiment on ecological protection system for mountain, water, forest, land and lake and support relevant cities and counties to build national pilot demonstration zone for ecological civilization, improve work performance assessment procedure, carry on off-office auditing of leading cadres regarding natural resource and asset and establish lifelong responsibility investigation system for environmental damage.

(8) To ensure people’s livelihood by poverty alleviation and make effort to improve cultural and social construction

To practice human oriented development idea, carry out “two 80%” of policy on people’s livelihood, promote poverty alleviation in a powerful and substantial way, improve various social policies, try hard to improve public service level and quality including employment, pension, culture, education and health to keep increasing the sense of gain of the people.

To carry on targeted poverty alleviation to get rid of poverty, it is planned to promote poverty alleviation aiming to worry about no food and cloth and ensure compulsory education, basic medical service and safe housing, promote migration and relocation including poverty elimination, disaster avoidance and ecology in a planned way, construct 213000 houses for relocated immigrants, complete archiving, poverty alleviation and relocation for 180000 households and finish disaster avoidance and ecological relocation for 420000 households, implement poverty alleviation by industry, employment and pioneering, explore financial poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation through tourism, poverty alleviation by return on assets, give aid to a number of distinctive industry bases with high degree of participation by impoverished people, improve infrastructure and development condition in poverty stricken area, support impoverished county to integrate and use agricultural fund from county finance, improve sustainable development capability of poverty stricken area, tighten poverty alleviation assessment, improve poverty withdrawing mechanism and make 885000 impoverished people and 13 impoverished counties get rid of poverty in the year.

To strengthen employment and social security, it is planned to get done with employment of college graduates, ex-servicemen, personnel with difficulties in finding job and redundant employees due to overcapacity reduction in urban area, promote reform of old age insurance system, carry out universal insurance coverage plan, achieve unified unemployment and employment injury insurance at provincial level step by step, improve social benefit with steady steps, adjust minimum living security level in time, keep promoting integration of urban medical insurance and rural medical insurance, start to carry out direct settlement of hospitalization cost in other place, promote combination of medical care and pension service, develop old age service industry, give more aid to poverty stricken personnel, build 20 social welfare centers at county level, 200 urban community old age service stations or daytime care centers, 1000 rural mutual assistance and nursing homes, build care and protection center for minors in county and district with more stay-at-home children.

To firm cultural confidence and enhance cultural development, foster and practice socialist core values, strengthen protection of historical and cultural heritage and revolutionary site, promote protection of intangible cultural heritage as well as inheritance and development of red gene, build historical and cultural base to highlight Chinese civilization, try to enable the work to firm cultural confidence in Shaanxi Province to come out top in China, give play to subsequent effect of 11th China Art Festival, carry on “Big Qinling •China Ridge” Literary and Artistic Creation Project, make effort to get Top 100 Program done, hold 8th Provincial Art Festival and 3th Modern Culture and Art Festival, cultivate culture market, try to prepare a number of projects and produce a number of excellent works in emerging culture field to improve foreign influence of culture, improve public culture service system, enhance construction of cultural activity room, Sanqin Literary Family, rural library and community based museum, accelerate co-building and sharing of public cultural resources.

To promote coordinated development of various educations, it is planned to build, alter and expand more than 100 middle and primary schools in county seat and urban area, carry out policy on subsistence allowance for rural teachers, start to implement third preschool education action plan, deepen reform of school district system management, accelerate balanced development of compulsory education, support regular senior middle schools to improve their basic condition for school operation, improve vocational education, promote universal coverage skill training for graduates from junior-senior middle schools, deepen implementation of construction plan of “Four First-Class” and promote distinctive and connotative development of college and university, support sound development of non-government funded education and steady development of special education, promote lifelong learning system and study oriented society.

To promote improvement of Healthy Shaanxi Province, it is planned to make effort to do pilot work on national comprehensive medical reform, set up modern hospital management system, promote reform of medical service price, promote spread of high quality medical resource, improve disease prevention and control, women and children health care service, emergency treatment, health supervision system, further enhance medical assistance for sufferer with serious disease, promote prosperity and development of traditional Chinese medicine, support Tongchuan and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine to work together to build Sun Simiao College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, encourage social medical service to satisfy various needs of the people, promote in-depth integration of national fitness with national health, facilitate rapid development of mass sports and improve level of competitive sports.

To improve social administration level, it is planned to implement “7th Five-Year Plan for Law Popularization, improve public law service system and law aid system, complete restructuring of comprehensive law enforcement in urban management, improve law enforcement and service level in urban management, promote restructuring of social organization management system, improve urban and rural community service and management standard, enhance training of social work personnel and community team, get done with ethnic and religious religion work, promote construction of “Peaceful Shaanxi”, improve public security system, improve safety production subject responsibility and management responsibility system as well as three-dimensional crime prevention and control system for social security, set up and improve long effective mechanism for risk and hidden trouble identification and correction, keep away and curb major accident in safety production and serious accident in public security and grave accident in environment, crack down on various criminal activities pursuant to law, intensify fighting against telecommunication fraud, illegal fund raising and economic crime related to the public, safeguard people’s life and property safety, take strict precautions against risk in food security to ensure food safety, carry on responsibility system for letters and calls to solve reasonable complaint from the masses.

(9) To improve financial work and development support capacity

To innovate financial fund usage mode, it is planned to improve financial service efficiency, make effort to solve problem such as difficulty and high cost in fund raising by enterprise, and improve fund supply to substantial economy in pertinence and effectiveness.

To improve fiscal management level, it is planned to enhance collection and management of fiscal revenue, keep improving revenue quality, take various measures for tax abatement and fee reduction, integrate financial funds, stimulate storage fund circulation, cut general expenditure, speed up project implementation and expenditure progress, satisfy the need of expenditure on key fields related to people’s livelihood, improve cost-effectiveness of fund, give play to guiding role of financial fund with effort, activate financial capital and private capital, enlarge industrial fund size, magnify financial fund effect by marketization such as capital injection, discount interest and PPP.

To make effort to develop modern financial industry, it is planned to implement strategic cooperation agreement signed with national financing institutions, keep enlarging financing scale, promote improvement in local financial system, accelerate regional financial center in Xi’an, set up financial information technology company and rural finance service company, support Chang’an Bank to expand asset size, encourage Qinnong Bank to develop in the province, try to make Bank of Xi’an listed in main board, try to make Mingdong Bank and Xijing Bank approved as soon as possible, develop non-banking financial institution, accelerate building Shaanxi Finanical Assets Management Company into comprehensive financial service platform, promote capitalization of mineral resources, build comprehensive traffic and financing platform, encourage enterprise to be listed on multi-level capital market, support enterprise to raise fund by debenture and enterprise bond, support enterprise in poverty-stricken county to carry out financing by green channel such as IPO, debenture issue, acquisition and reorganization, integrate financing guarantee resources, improve financing guarantee risk compensation and sharing system at provincial, urban and county levels, establish Shaanxi Financing Guarantee Group Co. ,Ltd with registered capital of RMB 10 billion yuan, promote Agricultural Development Bank inject its special fund into Shaanxi Poverty Alleviation and Enrichment Guarantee Company, reform and improve financial supervision system, promote exchange and sharing of credit information, bring financial risk in industry and key field under strict control, improve finance service capacity for substantial economy.

(10) To deepen promotion of key reform and give more play to leading role of reform

To take reform as great power for pursuing and surpassing, accelerate key reform with focus to solve outstanding contradiction and problem in key field to further activate market vitality and society creativity.

To promote reform to streamline administration and delegate power to lower level, integrate power decentralization with administration and optimize service with greater effort, write off , delegate and adjust a number of items with “high gold content” subjected to examination and approval, explore pilot reform on centralization of permission power, standardize administrative permission power, deepen reform on “integration of permits, one certificate for one license, separation of permit from license, simplify business registration, speed up improvement of “internet + government service” system, enhance dynamic management of list of authority and responsibility and list of public service items, complete improvement and upgrading of provincial administration service hall, complete unified business platform over internet, integrate and optimize urban and county administration service halls, generalize efficient examination and approval mode including separation of receival from examination, uniform examination and centralized handling, carry out “double-random and one-opening” practice, further improve credit centered market supervision system.

To deepen reform of state owned enterprise and assets, it is planned to speed up reform on “one enterprise one policy” in 42 province owned enterprises, improve and enhance large sized backbone enterprises, improve modern enterprise system, build corporate governance structure and flexible and efficient market oriented management mechanism with effective check and balance, with focus on six reforms on establishment of state owned capital investment operation company to accelerate restructuring and listing of enterprises and capital securitization, promote transformation and upgrading, start separation and handover of water, electricity and gas supply and property management from enterprise to public sector and speed up stripping social function from enterprise.

To accelerate reform of key fields, promote reform of property right system, improve protection of property right of various economic organizations and natural persons, promote IPR mortgage financing, foster IPR intensive industry, carry on construction of model city for pilot financing by national IPR and national patent insurance, carry out reform of investment and financing system, salt industry, electric power system and state owned forest farm, promote experiment on separation of industrial association and chamber of commerce from administrative department.

Fellow delegates, the great mission to pursue and surpass put forward stricter requirement of government work, we shall implement spirits of 6th Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee and 11th Plenary Session of 12th CPC Provincial Committee, enhance self-improvement of government, better serve the people of Shaanxi Province, improve “four-consciousness” and observe guiding principles of inner-party political life and improve inner-party supervision, adhere to political discipline and regulation, incorporate governmental activity into legal orbit, and subject to supervision of Provincial People’s Congress and its standing committee and Provincial Political Consultative Conference, enhance legalization of governmental function and standardization of authority, carry out “Eight Regulations” by Central Government and Three-Point Law by State Council, keep improving work style and fight against “Four Malpractices” and control “Three –Official Business Expenditure”, adhere to the principle of economic responsibility auditing of all leading cadres, investigate and prosecute various corruption cases, correct the malpractice making inroads on interests of the masses, promote implementation of “Three Mechanisms” by Provincial Party Committee, motivate the enthusiasm of cadres to endeavor and pioneer, keep the public informed of the government affairs, subject to supervision of news media and public opinion, respond to social concern, get done with work on earthquake, meteorology, mapping, civil air defense, archive and local chronicles to ensure that governmental works are carried out in a planned way.

Fellow delegates: troops and armed police stationed in Shaanxi Province have made a key contribution to stable reform and development and modernization, we shall combine adjustment of economic layout with national defense layout with focus on improving military strength under new situation, support reform and innovation as well as revolutionization and modernization of troops, carry on national defense mobilization, recruitment, militia training, civil air defense, “double supports and joint construction” , solve practical difficulty of ex-servicemen, veteran, people subject to special care given to servicemen and the family members of revolutionary martyrs and servicemen, consolidate and develop good relation between military and civilian and great unity between military and government.

Fellow delegates and comrades: “it is necessary to live up to our initial expectation in our initial place” , let us unite around Central Party Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, under the strong leadership of Provincial Party Committee, we shall emancipate our mind, forge ahead with determination, take favorable climate, geological position and support of the people as good opportunity to put on steam and complete great mission of our generation and make great effort to achieve the goal of pursuing and surpassing and greet the successful holding of 19th CPC National Congress and 13th CPC Provincial Congress by excellent performance All Rights Reserved

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