Report on the Work of the Shaanxi Provincial Government (2016)

2017-04-19 17:12:29 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Fellow Deputies:
On behalf of the Shaanxi Provincial Government, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval and for comments and suggestions from the members of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and all delegates.

I. Fulfillment of the tasks set by the 3rd Session of the 12th Provincial People’s Congress for the “12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15)”

The year of 2015 is an extremely unusual year in the history of Shaanxi’s development. Facing the abrupt decline of international oil price and the economic downturn pressure throughout the whole year, we stuck to the spirits of Secretary-General Xi Jinping’s important speech and his instructions given during his inspection in Shaanxi, and made joint efforts to come up with and surpass the advanced economic regions so as to achieve a gradual economic upturn. In the whole province, the GDP grew by 8% to 1.817186 trillion Yuan. The local financial revenue grew by 12.1% to 205.987 billion Yuan. The income of urban and rural residents grew by 8.4% and 9.5% respectively to 26,420 and 8,689 yuan. Therefore, all tasks set at the 3rd Session of the 12th People’s Congress have been basically fulfilled.

(I) Take proper measures during economic downturn pressure to maintain a reasonable range of economic operation. First, we took a number of measures in time to support steady production and sales promotion of enterprises. Despite a bad start, industrial enterprises above designated size picked up gradually, growing by 7% throughout the year, which is a remarkable achievement in a major province of energy resources. Secondly, investment was introduced substantially to stabilize growth. Shaanxi actively strove to win support from the State for key projects such as water conservancy works and transportation works, carried out activities to attract the Central, private and Beijing enterprises into Shaanxi, and signed strategic cooperation agreement with various financial institutions. Last year, we obtained 209.6 billion yuan from the Central Government, issued 126 billion yuan of government bonds and 6.4 billion yuan of corporate bonds, and realized 1.98 trillion yuan of fixed-asset investment, growing by 8%. Thirdly, various measures were taken to meet consumer demands. For examples, online consumption has become a choice for most of consumers; e-commerce dealers conducted strategic cooperation with Shaanxi. Last year, the total retail sales of consumer goods grew by 11.1% and the price index rose by 1%. Fourthly and finally, modern agriculture developed on the basis of industrial parks. The number of modern agricultural parks increased to 2,350. Grain production witnessed consecutive harvests during the “12th Five-Year Plan”. The yield of apple ranked first nationwide. The effect of scale operation agriculture was increased rapidly. Steady economic growth has guaranteed employment and rising income and also expanded the space for structural adjustment.

(II) Comprehensively accelerate structural adjustment so that new pillar industries grew rapidly and played important roles during economic downturn. Based on major projects, we provided support for electronic information, new energy automobile, aerospace and modern service industries to make them stronger. The internationally advanced flash memory chips and auto battery projects as well as the production line that can produce 15 million cell phones per year have been put into production successively. The sales of natural gas, heavy trucks and hybrid cars ranked first nationwide. Major breakthroughs have been made in development and manufacture of the domestic large transport airplane and new-generation regional aircraft of Xinzhou. A number of state-level big data centers were officially put into operation. The total income of tourism amounted to 300.58 billion yuan. We also pushed energy chemical industry toward high-end level by sticking to “three transitions”. Following Yanchang Group, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. was listed into Fortune Global 500. Energy chemical industry has continued to play pillar role after withstanding painful experience. By policy guidance, we encouraged traditional industries, such as light industry, textile and building materials, to carry out industrial transformation and upgrading. The rood industry developed rapidly. The building industry achieved value added that accounted for 9.8% of provincial GDP. An industrial pattern supported by plural points is being formed. Shaanxi’s economy is moving faster towards the high-end level.

(III) Comprehensively advance urban-rural coordination and interaction based on “synchronic modernization” to expand space for development. First, we pushed the provincial urbanization to a new level according to the thought to “build a great Xi’an, a beautiful city, a strong county, a large-scale marketplace and a perfect community”. The provincial government and municipal government continued to promote construction of a great Xi’an; Xi’an and Baoji were hailed as national civilized cities; and the fixed asset investment in Xixian New Area grew by 33%. They also jointly promoted construction of small towns, beautiful villages and new rural communities; an investment of 14.57 billion yuan was put into 35 provincial-level key demonstration towns and 31 towns well known for cultural tourism; 4830 administrative villages were cancelled or merged to form 1002 new rural communities, with 970,000 rural residents turning into new urban residents. The rate of urbanization in Shaanxi grew by 1.35 percentage points. Secondly, the classified guidance by one policy for one city was implemented to form a situation where each district competes with another in economic development. We continued to advance the policy of municipalities with independent planning status and experiments in counties directly under the jurisdiction of provincial government; initiated experiment in 4 town-level cities; developed county economy based on industrial concentration district; encouraged each district to utilize its own advantages to achieve dislocation development; cancelled village governments and combined them into 207 towns, 128 of which were listed as national key towns and 3 of which were listed as national experimental municipal towns; and cancelled 3 counties and converted them into districts. As a result, the economic growth rate of Southern Shaanxi surpassed the national average for consecutive years. Thirdly and finally, infrastructures in urban and rural areas were comprehensively consolidated to enhance the comprehensive bearing capacity. We newly increased government subsidized housing to 485,000 houses, 534,000 houses of which were basically completed, and rental subsidy was granted to additional 21,000 households, both ranking among top nationwide. The road along the Yellow River was under smooth construction, with 29 roads through counties transformed and 10000km rural road newly transformed, thus guaranteeing the drinking water safety for 2.53 million people. The “gas supply throughout Shaanxi” Phase II project has benefited 15 million people. The 750kV electrical power mainstay grid has been fully completed, running through the Central Shaanxi Plain and connects to northern Shaanxi. There has formed a regional collaboration and urban-rural integrated development pattern.

(IV) We stuck to integrated governance of mountains, waters, fields and lakes so as to create a systematic ecology. In order to implement the action plan for “control of pollution and haze”, we dismantled or transformed 3867 coal-fired boilers, ruled out 78,000 yellow label vehicles (vehicles that fail to reach up to national Class I emission standard), and cut down on 3 million tons of bunker coal in central Shaanxi region; as result, Xi’an had 251 fine days, increased by 40 days over the previous year. We fully initiated the comprehensive treatment with Weihe River, into which an investment of 24.55 billion yuan was put to achieve the goals of calm rivers, ecological rivers and landscape rivers. We strengthen protection of Qinling Mountains and integrated governance of Hanjiang and Danjiang rivers and effectively curbed illegal construction at northern foot of Qinling Mountains so as to ensure quality of water in middle line of south-to-north water diversion. We comprehensively advanced the return of farmland to forests or grassland, the protection of natural forests, the protection and restoration of wetland and the governance of small water basins; planted trees and grass on a land of 4.907 million mu (approx. 327,297 ha); and built “million mu of wetland” and “million mu of forests”. We carried out contiguous governance of rural ecology environment; modified water areas and toilets; and improved non-point source pollution, which was welcomed by local people. We promoted energy conservation and emission reduction, improved the exit mechanism for enterprises with high pollution and high emission, strengthened construction of sewage plant and supporting pipelines, and exercised centralized treatment of wastes. As a result, the rate of urban sewage treatment was up to 83.2%; the rate of harmless treatment of wastes was up to 85.4%; the energy consumption per unit GDP dropped by 3.3%. Four main pollutant indicators were over fulfilled. Remarkable achievements were achieved in ecological civilization construction, despite a considerable difference from people’s expectation. So we need to make more efforts and work with perseverance at this problem. 

(V) Actively integrated into the “Belt and Road” strategy, Shaanxi has stood in the front position of opening up to the outside world. We elaborately built high-end cooperation platform based on national forum and brand exhibition; the number of countries, regions and international organization that participated in Euro-Asia Economic Forum increased from 13 in the first forum to 53; the round table conference mechanism for cities in the Silk Road Economic Belt was officially built; and the East-West Cooperation and China International Fair for Investment and Trade and China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair (CAF) were transformed toward the Silk Road Economic Belt International Expo. Based on the Special Customs Controlling Zone, we actively built experimental Shaanxi Free Trade Zone (FTZ); based on customs clearance, we accelerated trade facilitation and built cooperative relationships with 13 domestic port cities. The railway aviation logistics distribution center began to take shape; the number of customs in Shaanxi increased to 6; the “Chang’an” international freight train was included into national “Sino-Europe Express”, with 138 trains departing from Xi’an per year. Making use of the diplomatic advantage, we consolidated and developed friendship with foreign provinces or states, deepened the cooperation with Central Asian countries in running schools; and actively promoted normalization of the Silk Road International Film Festival, the Art Festival and Tourism Expo. We stuck to high-level introduction and high-standard “going out” for enterprises to participate in international industrial division of labor. Throughout the year, we utilized foreign investment of US$4.621 billion, introduced domestic investment of 565.863 billion yuan, growing by 10.7% and 13.7% respectively; the real overseas investment was US$666 million, increasing by 47%; the total volume of import and export amounted up to US$30 billion, rising by 12.8%, ranking fifth nationwide.

(VI) The endogenous power for catching up with and surpassing the advance economies was further enhanced by promoting development based on comprehensively deepening the reform. Focused on streamlining administration and delegating power to the lower levels, we advanced the reform of administrative system, cancelled or delegated 94 provincial approval rights to lower levels, entirely eliminated non-licensing approval, opened to public the list of provincial rights and liabilities of 4394 items, revised and released 2015 edition of government approved investment project directory. To inspire vitality of market players, we deepened reform of economic system, comprehensively carried out “integration of the business license, the organization code certificate and the certificate of taxation registration into one document”, orderly promoted the pilot scheme of “turning business tax into value added tax” and the reform of price, investment and financing, cut down government price catalogue by 55%, and cancelled 40 items of administrative undertaking charges. We established enterprise group through optimizing state-owned asset allocation; last year, the number of new market players increased by 321,000 entities, 53.3% of which pertained to non-public ownership economy. Focused on land property right system, we deepened rural reform and accelerated verification and release of land contracting right to substantially facilitate implementation of the Party’s rural policies. To serve real economy, we quickened financial reform, set up Qinnong Bank by reorganizing Shaanxi Rural cooperative Union, established 13 village banks and 286 small loan companies, initiated 5 government industrial funds, incorporated government debts into budget control, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with five banks; there were 43 listed incorporations and 36 enterprises listed on New Third Board (Agency Share Transfer System); and the total deposit balance of Ren Min Bi in all financial institutions exceeded 3 trillion yuan. To guarantee social equity, we carried out distribution system reform, further raised minimum wage standard, and exercised the system of linking job position to job grade for leaders below county level and the system of subsidy for township staff. Comprehensively deepening reform is the key to motivating vitality and improving productivity, so we will make more efforts on it.

(VII) We made every endeavor to improve people’s livelihood to raise people’s sense of gains. Despite increasing pressure on financial revenue last year, we have realized 80% growth rate in two aspects and spent 358.2 billion yuan improving people’s livelihood, with the security capacity being raised continuously and security coverage being further expanded. We have persistently given priority to employment and encouraged combination of starting new businesses and innovation so as to guarantee full employment of vulnerable group; the rate of immediate employment of college graduates has reached up to 88.5%; there are additional 443,700 persons employed in towns, and 693,800 rural laborers are transferred and employed. We have constantly improved the social security and assistance system; the standard for basic pension of enterprise retirees ranks twelfth nationwide; maximum government subsidy for basic endowment insurance of urban and rural residents amounts to 200 yuan; the minimum living guarantee subsidy for urban and rural residents amounts to 460 yuan and 2500 yuan per month respectively; per capita financial subsidy for urban residents’ medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical system is 20 yuan higher than national standard; the medical assistance level and temporary assistance level of urban residents have reached 2344 yuan per capita and 1407 yuan per household. We have perfected the interest safeguard system for more than twenty special groups including rural teachers and laid-off workers due to enterprise downsizing. Indemnificatory housing has realized 23% coverage of population; residents relocation has normalized and spread to other regions of the country. Within this year, 450,000 urban households will move into new houses, and 1.29 million people will get rid of poverty, including 219,000 people relocated. We will accelerated the three-year action plan for pre-schooling (Phase II), actively facilitate improvement of poor-performance schools of voluntary education and construction of middle schools and primary schools in urban areas, focus on quality of regular high schools and scale expansion of secondary vocational education, and promote connotative development of higher education. Subsidy for first-year pupils in pre-schooling amounts to 1300 yuan; there are 839 new official kindergartens and 29 counties/districts that have met national voluntary education requirement; gross enrollment rate of senior high schools reaches up to 96.4% and college admission rate up to 80.6%. We have further improved the aid system for needy students and resolved all hot issues. We have deepened reform of the medical and health system, comprehensively initiated graded diagnosis and treatment system, set up 37 medical groups and consortiums, carried out overall reform of public hospitals, improved critical illness insurance for urban residents, increased the rate of participation in new rural cooperative medical system to 99.7%, recruited 1803 undergraduate doctors for grassroots hospitals and cultivated 1520 general medical practitioners. Based on 30 key cultural projects, we have improved the public cultural service system, comprehensively realized family access to rural broadcasting and television programs, held more than 3000 performances and shows by purchasing public services, allocated more than 47,000 national fitness apparatuses, and staged a group of top-quality cultural programs on CCTV or national media. Improving people’s livelihood is a process in which people’s increasing material and cultural demands are satisfied continuously. We should comply with people’s yearning for a good life, and should endeavor to realize, maintain and develop the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of people.

(VIII) We have fully advanced the transformation of government functions in order to build a law-based, service-oriented and sun-like government. We have strengthened the Party’s self-discipline according to Xi Jinping’s instructions that we should “take a strict approach to self-cultivation, use of power and self-discipline and take a pragmatic approach to planning, pioneering and behaving ourselves”, stuck to “eight rules” (required by Xi Jinping for cadres to improve work style and maintain close ties with the masses), strengthened audit supervision and efficiency supervision, fully implemented financial budget and final account and disclosed “three public” expenses, initiated reform on government cars, resolutely corrected prominent issues concerning “four immoral styles of work” (formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance), resolutely investigated and treated corruptions among cadres, resolutely punished non-conduct and arbitrary conduct. We have investigated and punished 3278 government workers. We have always adhered to law-based administration of government, positively accepted law-based supervision by the Provincial People’s Congress, and consciously accepted democratic supervision by the Provincial Political Consultative Conference. We submitted 4 drafts for local laws and regulations, dealt with 724 proposals by deputy of the Provincial People’s Congress and 747 proposals by the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, reported 13 special projects to the Provincial People’s Congress, received 4 law execution inspections by the Provincial People’s Congress about regulations on protection of Qinling Mountains, received 4 inquiries for public cultural services, participated in 2 annual discussions and 10 monthly discussions about government work by members of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference. We have further perfected the mechanism for making decisions by law, strictly normalized administrative law enforcement, and kept the public informed of government affairs. Based on construction of peaceful Shaanxi, we have focused on raising government capacity of social governance, implementing the work safety supervision responsibility system, safeguarding food and drug safety in full process, perfecting the emergency management mechanism, improving petition work and resolution of social contradictions in new situation, maintaining national safety and social stability, and strengthening activities in such fields as ethnics, religion, earthquake, meteorology, surveying and mapping, civil air defense, postal service, archives and local chronicle.

Fellow deputies, fulfillment of all tasks of 2015 marks a perfect end of the “12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15)”. We have basically achieved the 12 obligatory targets and 15 anticipated targets set for the “12th Five-Year Plan”, and realized a historical leap from an under-developed province to a medium-developed province! First, our overall strengths have been greatly enhanced. The gross value of production grows by 11.1% per year on average. The economic aggregate ranked fifth nationwide. The financial revenue has doubled. So we are now standing at new historical starting point. Secondly, we have done a number of great and practical events that have laid the economic foundation and will have long-term effect. The fixed asset investment has tripled that during the previous five years; newly built highways has extended 1700km; the passenger throughput of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport has exceeded 33 million person/times; international routes have increased from 8 lines to 36 lines; the high-speed rail has extended from one capital city to “one-day traffic circle”; the subway era has opened in Xi’an; cleaning target of Weihe River in three years has realized as scheduled; diversion of Han River water to Weihe River and Dongzhuang reservoir projects are accelerated, and Shaanxi’s supporting capacity of development has been obviously enhance. Thirdly, the innovative potential has been effectively released. Shaanxi has been listed by the State Government as innovative province, comprehensive reform experimental area and independent innovation demonstration area. In the five years, Shaanxi has won 163 national prizes for science and technology, and formulated 17 international standards. Last year, the technological turnover of Shaanxi amounted to 72.17 billion yuan and patent applications granted were 33,400 items, respectively 7 times and 2.9 times the figures five years ago. Fourthly, we have strengthened opening up to the outside world. Actual utilization of domestic and foreign capital has grown by 18.6% and 20.5% respectively. Foreign direct investment is 3.6 times that during the “11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010)”. The growth rate of import and export has consecutively ranked among top nationwide. There are 112 Global Fortune 500 enterprises registered in Shaanxi. The economic extroversion of Shaanxi has increased from 7.9% to 10.4%. The popularity and influence of Shaanxi have obviously been raised. Fifthly, Shaanxi leads the country by a series of significant reforms. Exploration of social insurance, medical service, commercial affairs and new-type urbanization has been popularized by the State. The ecological relocation that features disaster control and poverty alleviation and has drawn public concerns has opened a new path for national poverty alleviation program, and has effectively stimulated vitality of social and economic development. Sixthly and finally, “two 80%” has been fully implemented. The growth rate of urban-rural residents’ income is faster than gross domestic product. The employment level has been raised during stability. Social security benefits all groups in urban and rural areas. More than 2.3 million households and residents have moved into new houses owing to affordable housing project. More than 1.7 million people said farewell to remote mountains by virtue of migration and relocation. Shaanxi people have shared more achievements of economic development, living with more diginity and pride.

Fellow deputies, looking back to the past five years, the process of our struggle is full of hardships, but the achievements we made are exciting and the lessons we learnt are worth remembering: however severe the challenges may be, we must stick to the concept of scientific development; whatever difficulty we are faced with, we must pull together and maintain a good political ecology; whatever complex problems we have, we must prioritize the well-being of all people in Shaanxi province; whatever remarkable achieves we have made, we must take a modest and pragmatic approach to them and concentrate on work.

Fellow deputies, achievements in the past five years have resulted from our joint efforts in innovation and overcoming various difficulties. On behalf of the Provincial People’s Government, I hereby would like to extend my highest respect to the people, the officers and soldiers of military troops stationed in Shaanxi, the armed police forces and the police officers. I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to all deputies, all committee members and persons from all walks of life who have provided substantial support for the work of the government, and to all friends both at home and abroad who have concerned and supported Shaanxi construction.

II. Basic thoughts of development and target tasks during the “13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20)”

The “13th Five-Year Plan” is a decisive stage for building a moderately prosperous society. According to the Provincial Party Committee’s proposal to formulate the program for the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the Provincial Government has completed compilation of the draft program for the “13th Five-Year Plan”, which puts forward the development goals, main tasks and major measures for the future five years. We will earnestly organize implementation of the program upon approval by the conference. 

Main development goals during the “13th Five-Year Plan”: based on improvement of quality and benefits, the economic growth will be faster than national average. By 2020, the total domestic product will be 3 trillion yuan and per capita GDP will exceed US$10,000; urban and rural residents’ income will catch up with and surpass the national average; under the current standard, all rural poverty population will get rid of poverty; the fundamental public services will be equalized; the people’s living standard and quality will be further improved; a moderately prosperous society will be built; and the construction of “three Shaanxi” (rich, harmonious and beautiful Shaanxi) will reach a higher level.

To achieve such ambitious goals, we are faced with severe challenges: considerable economic uncertainty and instability, especially continuously falling price of international energy, has given rise to increasing downturn of economy; under dual influence of environment and resource restriction and market fluctuation, more deep-rooted contradictions of industrial structure have emerged; economic growth is seriously short of momentum; shortcomings such as people’s income, poverty alleviation, ecological construction and opening to the outside world have been overcome to some degree but remain far from people’s expectation.; the ability to cognize, grasp and lead new normal needs further improvement; huge challenges are facing economic acceleration, structural adjustment and energy conversion; in terms of government construction, it is urgent for us to address the problem of being afraid of bearing responsibility or omission as well as strengthen clean governance. However, we should see significant opportunities for Shaanxi’s development: the technological and personnel advantages and the increasing standard, patent and technological achievements have laid a solid foundation for innovation-driven development; more support will be obtained from the State Government since we are endowed with the mission to build an inland reform and open-up new highland and many of our plans have been listed into national strategies; rapid construction of modern industrial system will provide good opportunity for Shaanxi in the increasingly drastic market competition; continuous high rate growth and perfected infrastructure have provided powerful support for better and faster development of Shaanxi’s economy; continuous improvement of livelihood and ecological environment has greatly protected and developed productivity; the great pattern of the “Belt and Road” has expanded the space for Shaanxi’s development; comprehensively deepening reform and 37 million Shaanxi people’s pursuit of dreams have irradiated strong impetus. In accordance with Secretary-General Xi Jinping’s requirements for catching up with and surpassing the advanced economies and “five solid progresses” (make solid progress in sustainable and healthy economic development, in construction of agricultural modernization, in cultural construction, in safeguarding and improving people’s livelihood, and in implementation of strengthening Party’s self-discipline), we will focus on “four comprehensively” (comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society, comprehensively deepen reform, comprehensively implement law-based governance of the country, and comprehensively strengthen the Party’s self-discipline) and five concepts of development (innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing), actively advance supply-side structural reform, realize new leapfrog development under new normal, and strive to achieve a great victory in comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society.

Using innovation as the first momentum, we will take the lead to build Shaanxi into an innovative province. By seizing the opportunity of building an innovative province, building overall innovation and reform experimental area in Xi’an and building the independent innovation demonstration area in Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone, we will give full play to the leading roles of technological innovation, accelerate transformation of government functions from R&D management to innovative service, strengthen principal position of enterprise innovation, support building national laboratory, strengthen protection and application of intellectual property, promote collaborative innovation among enterprises, universities and research institutes, implement action plans of “Made in China 2025” and “Internet +”, promote transformation of technological achievements, and create the modern industrial system with Shaanxi characteristics and leading roles of innovation. By 2020, the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress will rise to 60%, with the quantity listed into Chinese famous brand being greatly improved.

Using coordination as intrinsic requirement, we have focused on building sustainable development structure. We have implemented the overall strategy of collaborative innovation in Central Shaanxi Region, continuous transformation in northern Shaanxi and green cyclic regional development in southern Shaanxi so as to build Central Shaanxi into an important source for national knowledge innovation, technological innovation and achievements transformation, to build northern Shaanxi into a globally first-class high-end energy chemical base and a going-first area that integrates urban and rural development in national old revolutionary areas, and to build southern Shaanxi into a national comprehensive reform demonstration area of ecological civilization where environmental protection, industrial development and new-type urbanization will synchronize. By seizing the opportunity of national support for building urban cluster in Central Shaanxi and experimental project in Xixian New Area, we positively promote construction of big Xi’an, focus on improving bearing capacity of medium and small cities, innovate development mode of key towns, concentrate on construction of new rural community, traditional village protection and beautiful village construction. The urbanization rate of registered population will exceed 45%, and the coverage rate of rural community service center will reach up to 60%. Based on balanced development concept, we have strengthened our support capacity of infrastructures, with focus on building comprehensive three-dimensional traffic; initiate Phase III project of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport; make sure that Xi’an Subway’s operating mileage will reach 200km; build 3500km railways, 1500km expressways and 60,000km highways in rural area, and achieve the goal that high-speed rail runs from one city to another, highways run from one county to another, and asphalt roads run from one village to another.

Seeing green as a necessary condition, we integrate ecological civilization into the full process of economic development. We have accelerated construction of main functional areas, make overall arrangement of land use for production, living and ecology, put under control the total scale of construction land, strictly mark and execute various ecological red lines, earnestly carry out supervision of natural resources and environmental protection as well as life-long accountability system, continue to play hard ball on pollution and haze control, implement urban dredging and greening project, carry out green mine construction, deeply advance contiguous governance of rural environment and waterhead protection, initiate ecological protection and restoration of mountains, water, forests, field and lakes, strive to build national parks such as Qinling Mountains, Qiaoshan Mountain and the Yellow River park, build water systems based on systematic planning for “water scenery in Central Shaanxi, water control in southern Shaanxi and water diversion in northern Shaanxi”, positively support green clean production and consumption, vigorously develop cyclic economy, and make sure that the forest coverage rate exceeds 45%, that total emission of main pollutants is obviously reduced; that energy consumption per unit GDP will reduce by 15%, that Xi’an will have additional 10 fine days per year, and that fundamental change will occur in rural environment in Central Shaanxi region.

Viewing open-door as the only road we must take, we have built the new highland for inland reform and opening to the outside world. We were active in construction of the “Belt and Road” and build the international commerce and trade center, the technological innovation center, the industrial cooperation center, the cultural tourism center and the regional financial center on the Silk Road Economic Belt, accelerate construction of consulate area in Xi’an, actively apply for pilot Shaanxi free trade zone, jointly build economic operation park with countries along the Silk Road, continue to hold the Euro-Asia Economic Forum, the East-West Cooperation and China International Fair for Investment and Trade and Silk Expo, the China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair (CAF) and the series Silk Road festivals and exhibitions, endeavor to attract transnational corporations and global leading enterprises to make strategic investment or build regional headquarters and branches, support enterprises with proper conditions to participate in international capacity cooperation, ensure smooth channels for government dialogue, enterprise cooperation and interactions among civilians, and promote all-dimensional opening up to the outside world.

Viewing sharing as an essential requirement, we have constantly created new well-being for Shaanxi people. We have guaranteed 2.2 million persons employed, popularized three-year pre-school education, comprehensively implement 13-year free education, advance free secondary education, and made sure that 5 universities and 50 subjects were listed as national first-class subjects. We have finalized basic systems for social security that covers all legal groups, made reasonable adjustment of security standard, improved the social assistance system and created house supply system to cater for multilevel demands. Based on healthy Shaanxi action plan, we have strengthened public health service, accelerated overall reform of public hospitals, improved Chinese traditional medicine service system, and perfected graded diagnosis and treatment system. In 2017, the outpatient rate in county will reach 90%; in 2020, the life expectancy per capita will be 76.7 years. We will basically build a convenient and efficient modern public cultural service system that covers urban and rural areas, guarantees basic living level and promotes fairness. The cultural industry will grow at least by 15% per year on average; people’s spiritual life will be enriched; Shaanxi’s cultural soft strength will be obviously enhanced. We will achieve victory in poverty alleviation; all key counties will get rid of poverty; and 3.31 million poor people will overcome poverty.

III. Main tasks in 2016

This year, we will positively adapt to new normal of economic development, stick to the general direction of seeking progress in stability, make elaborate plan for supply side structural reform, make overall arrangement for steady growth, structural adjustment, benefiting people’s livelihood and risk prevention, do a good job in five tasks such as de-capacity, de-stocking, de-leverage, cost reduction and overcoming shortcomings, enhance the momentum for sustainable economic growth, and make a good start of the “13th Five-Year Plan”. Main anticipated goals: economy grows by about 8%; local financial revenue grows by about 10%; registered unemployment rate in towns is controlled within 4%; urban and rural residents’ income increases by about 9% and 10% respectively; total retail sales of consumer goods grows by about 10%; and the margin of price rise is controlled within about 3%.

(I) Actively advance supply-side structural reform
Balance promoting of “de-capacity” and “three special projects”. This year, industrial enterprises above designated size are planned to grow by about 9%. To restrain downturn of production and profit, we should make every effort to “de-capacity”, make accurate judgment of change in international market prices, benefit from management and technological innovation, and seek for new balance point of petroleum production and sales. We will focus on development coal mines in northern Shaanxi and Binchang Coal Mine, and gradually close down old mining area on north of Weihe River. We will carry out classified promotion of state-owned enterprise reform, optimization of state-owned asset allocation, and positive development of mixed ownership enterprises. We will strive for the Central Government’s funds or subsidies for special projects, resolutely eliminate “zombie enterprises”, high-pollution enterprises as well as those with overcapacity and incompetence, and make appropriate arrangement for dispersion of personnel. We will implement classified policies to support profitable enterprises to expand sales, assist SMEs with healthy development, encourage popularization and application of the first piece or set of advantageous equipment, and improve supporting policy for purchase and use of new energy cars. We will carry out the strategy of making Shaanxi stronger based on quality to urge enterprises to develop new products good for sales. By cutting down on transaction, manpower, logistics and financial costs, tax dues and five insurances and housing accumulation fund for employees as well as electricity price, we will normalize intermediary services, implement management of list and catalogue of charges from enterprises, improve linkage mechanism of coal and electricity prices, carry out reform in straight power supply and low electricity price areas, and try to reduce costs and increase benefit. To assess uses of technical innovation funds, we will a guidance directory of 150 key technical innovation projects.

Strengthen construction of major infrastructures according to requirement for supplementing shortcomings. We will further improve effectiveness and accuracy of investment by following national policy tendency; continue to strengthen construction of all-directional high-speed rail network, accelerate progress of Baotou-Xi’an and Xi’an-Chengdu high-speed railways, and try to promote northward movement of Lanzhou-Lianyungang railway functions; accelerate construction of highways to intensify highway network, interconnection of classified highways and ensure asphalt road runs from one village to another, and promote construction of Huangling-Yan’an, Baoji-Pingkan, Pingli-Zhenping expressways and highways along the Yellow River as well as centralized settlement of relocated households. We will make overall plan for building Big Xi’an rail transit and inter-city railways in Central Shaanxi, support acceleration of Xi’an subway construction, and initiate construction of Phase III airport project. We will accelerate construction of diverting Han River water to Weihe River, construction of Dongzhuang Reservoir, Doumen Reservoir, Tingkou Reservoir and Yan’an Yellow River diversion to promote a new round of water conservancy construction. Based on four coal and electricity bases in Shenfu, Yuheng, Yan’an and Binchang, we will build the ultra-high voltage power transmission passage leading to Hebei, Shandong and Jiangxi provinces as soon as possible, accelerate construction of pumped storage power station in Zhen’an. We will actively realize fiber to building and to household, popularize public wireless network in urban areas, constantly expand outgoing bandwidth, urge operators to implement cost reduction and acceleration policy, and build a “broadband Shaanxi”. Based in Shaanxi, we will make elaborate planning for subsequent major projects and rolling investment program to maintain steady growth of fixed-asset investment, which will grow by about 10% this year.

Improve factors allocation system to achieve marketing objectives. We will carry out reform of management methods for use, disposal and gain of technological achievements, actively nurture comprehensive patent operators, explore the mode of technological credit risk compensation and intellectual property mortgage financing, give play to platform roles of provincial S&T resource coordination center, and fully release vitality of innovation factors; strengthen government debt management, consolidate special financial funds, innovate investment methods, and attract more social capitals into industries by means of setting up industrial development fund, promoting equity investment, substituting rewards for subsidies, carrying out risk compensation and improving financial discount and government purchase service; encourage various financial institutions to develop in Shaanxi, perfect local financial system, try to have two private banks approved, explore the mechanism for cooperation among government, banks and guarantors, actively develop financial lease and consumer finance, support enterprises to raise funds by listing on the stock market or issue bonds, and improve economic capability of financial service providers; continue to focus on disposal of idle land, withdraw illegal land use, activate existing stock and improve efficiency to ensure prior use of rare resources in major infrastructure, strategic new industries and livelihood projects; accelerate market-based mechanism to determine prices of water supply, gas supply, heat supply and environmental protection; carry out differential punitive or tiered electricity price for industries with high energy consumption, and implement tiered prices of electricity, water and gas for all residents.

Deepen reform of “power delegation to lower levels, management and services” to solve prominent problems. We will announce the list of powers and responsibilities of government agencies at city and county levels, continue to reduce and normalize administrative licensing items, carry out online approval and supervision of investment projects, accelerate “separation of license from certificate”, fulfill pilot administrative separation of industrial association and commercial chamber, and try to include it into national pilot reform of market access negative list management system; promote down-shift of working center of supervision and law enforcement agencies such as industrial and commercial administration, quality supervision bureau, food and drug administration and urban management, implement regulatory functions of government possessions, practically solve management omission problem in such fields as market order, safety production, food and drug safety, city appearance and social integrity; delegate necessary powers to lower levels and take care of the affairs within a department; continue to improve public services for enterprises and the masses, require cadres at county, town and village levels to earnestly deal with common people affairs, popularize “Internet + government services”, and extend physical government affairs hall to online hall.

(II) Rebuild the industry system that reflects leading roles of innovation and caters for consumer demands
Optimize industrial structure according to medium and high end requirement. First, we will select 30 scientific research institutes to reproduce and popularize the modes of Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS and Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research, support enterprises to merge or restructure scientific research institutes using Yanchang Petroleum Group’s mode, improve the operating system of Industrial Technology Research Institute, support joint construction of laboratories and research laboratories by all CAS members in Shaanxi and universities, accelerate China Western S&T Innovation Port of Xi’an Jiaotong University, subsidize universities to realize full coverage of group innovation space, and accelerate cultivation of innovative entity that integrates production, university and research. Secondly, promote advantageous industries to improve quality and efficiency by means of mutual interaction between innovation chain and industrial chain. We will support energy chemical enterprises to utilize technical reserve, accelerate technical achievement transformation projects such as comprehensive utilization of coal for Shenhua Yulin cyclic economy and comprehensive utilization of kerosene oil and gas of Yanchang Petroleum Group in Yan’an; carry out development in downstream of industrial chain, and lay a solid foundation for high-end energy chemical industry development. We will initiate “Made in China 2025” action plan, build the world first-class chip manufacturing, packaging and testing industrial base, ten-billion-scale intelligent terminal industrial cluster, national self-owned brand automobile base and new energy autos R&D and production base, domestically leading aviation and aviation service industry and satellite application industrial cluster based on leading enterprises of electronic information, aerospace, new energy car, 3D print and robot; and accelerate cultivation and incubation of new pillar industries. Thirdly, make plan for key projects according to national strategic innovation system and mechanism. We will try to obtain national support of special aero-engine project fund and integrated circuit industry fund and thus drive large-scale and cluster development of related industries. Fourthly, actively explore effective paths for military and civilian integration to achieve local transformation of military technological achievements and encourage private enterprises to participate in war production. Fifthly and finally, make prospective arrangement for cutting-edge technology R&D platform and research projects in such fields as grapheme, quantum communication, G5 mobile communication and spin magnetic memory so as to seize the commanding height for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial renovation.

Make full use of the roles of modern service industry to drive industrial development and stimulate consumption. First, promote integrated development cultural tourism industry. To innovate system and mechanism, we will concentrate on improvement of supply-side structure, deeply explore historical and humanistic resources, systematically create cultural brands such as red culture and historical culture, protection of great historical sites, natural scenery, the Silk Road culture and literature and art in Shaanxi; give play to the leading roles of 30 key cultural projects, promote cooperation between state-owned entities and social capital to develop multi-cultural products and create high-quality tourist spots and routes; initiate the “Hundred Excellent Young and Middle-aged Writers” program, popularize the performance mode of A Song of Everlasting Sorrow, encourage performance group to create quality programs at fixed spot, and impress both national and foreign tourists with a good memory of Shaanxi during leisure and recreation, considering construction of famous cultural tourism towns and beautiful villages as well as construction of countryside tourism and suburb leisure travel. Secondly, guide producer services to extend towards high end of specialization and value chain and consumer services towards fineness and high quality. We will improve the backbone logistics system based on “three networks” such as aviation, railway and information and “two ports” such as international land port in Xi’an International Logistics & Trade and international aviation logistics port in Airport New City of Xixian New Area, and build a group of state-level logistics parks to develop aviation logistics, bonded logistics and bulk commodity logistics. We will actively promote the service mode of Shaanxi Drum Incorporation and producer services including R&D design, finance lease and information technology service; support service entities to increase effective supply for new demands of consumer goods, focus on popularization of real estate brands, build urban commerce accumulation area and “15min” life service circle in communities, nurture consumption condition for cultural leisure, sports and fitness and combination of medical care and convalesce. Thirdly and finally, develop new industries according to “Internet +” strategy. We will sign strategic cooperation agreements with state communication operators and leading e-commerce enterprises to promote in-depth integration of Internet with manufacturing, energy, agriculture, commerce and trade, logistics and finance; develop crowd-sourcing design and development and collaborative networking manufacture; build intelligent mining areas; develop precision agriculture and rural e-commerce; set up cross-border e-commerce service center to promote normative development of Internet finance; and create new growth poles so that transformation and upgrading will keep pace with the times.

Make steady progress in construction of characteristic modern agriculture. We will resolutely implemented governor responsibility system for grain safety and mark out permanent range of basic farmland. We have newly increased 500,000 mu basic farmland, diverted 11 million mu of farmland from gully land, and developed 800,000 mu arable land of water-saving irrigation; the grain acreage was 45 million mu and total yield exceeded 11 million tons; from this year on, grain safety will be included into annual appraisal of mayor or county magistrate. We have promoted fruit industry to improve quality and increase efficiency, expanded advantageous animal husbandry, carried out brand production of vegetables and tea, developed processing of agricultural products, nurtured ecological leisure and sightseeing agriculture, realized integration of the first, second and tertiary industries, and accelerated development of county economy so that peasant households could share gains of all industrial chain values. We have implemented agricultural support policy for scale management entity and industrial integration projects to develop such new agricultural management entities as industrialized leading enterprises, farmer’s cooperative, family farm and specialized households, and developed rural property rights trade market to promote land circulation and drive peasants to develop moderate scale management. We have accelerated transformation and processing of grain, and promote archives of farmland quality and the technology of testing soil for formulated fertilization to minimize unreasonable use of fertilizer and pesticide; carried out crop rotation of arable land, improved the system of modern seed industry, fruits and vegetables seedlings, fine breed of livestock and poultry as well as vegetables seedlings and breeding; developed market services of agricultural products, warehousing and logistics; and improved overall agricultural productivity and benefits. We have comprehensively implemented the Party’s policies to benefit farmers and further deepened reform in rural areas to maintain financial input, rise in economic aggregate and sustainable growth of peasant’s income.

Optimize the bearing space for industrial agglomeration. By seizing the opportunity of the regulations on modern agriculture parks, we have improved industrial system and ancillary facilities to enable parks to improve quality and increase efficiency. We continued to support counties to build industrial concentration districts so as to create a favorable condition for county’s economic development. We have promoted institutional innovation, management innovation, service innovation and mode innovation in state-level hi-tech zone and provincial development zone, and proactively undertake industrial transfer both at home and abroad. We have built a new mechanism for cooperation between local government and central government, further facilitated construction of industrial base for aviation, aerospace and armament, and accelerated national aviation city experimental area in Xixian New Area and intelligent aviation city in Hanzhong. We have provided support for Yangling’s construction of world-famous agricultural city so that Yangling will play its demonstration effect. We also provided support for Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone’s trusteeship of other development zones within Shaanxi so as to enjoy national policy for self-dependent innovation demonstration area and enable innovation factors to penetrate into all fields.

(III) Further promote construction of new-type urbanization Strengthen control of urban-rural development program. We have formed a planning system including general plan, detailed plans and special plans to promote “integration of various plans” and thus ensure healthy and orderly development of urban and rural areas. We have compiled plans for Guangzhong-Tianshui city agglomeration, town zones along the Yellow River and provincial spatial layout to make a scientific positioning of urban functions and population size. We have also compiled the general plan for core area of city agglomeration in Guanzhong (Central Shaanxi region) to strengthen connection of Xi’an, Xianyang and Xixian New Area and build the new center of modern big Xi’an. According to requirements for intensive and high-efficiency production space, livable and comfortable living space beautiful economic space, we have carried out overall city design, incorporated air channel into urban planning and management for overall planning and construction of urban green belt; the ratio of urban green area has reached up to 35% and the ratio of green area of newly-built residential area is no less than 30% so that the capacity of water system in each city has increased on a scientific and reasonable basis and each city has a unique historical and cultural symbol.

Advance coordinated development of large and medium-sized cities in the form of town cluster. According to the positioning of Xi’an as the center and Baoji as the sub-center, we have promoted integrated development of Xi’an-Tongchuan, Xi’an-Weinan and Xi’an-Shangluo to create Central Shaanxi’s town cluster with core competitiveness on the Silk Road Economic Belt, supported construction of regional central city of Yan’an, Yulin, Hanzhong and Ankang to guide town cluster development in both northern and southern Shaanxi. We have focused on construction of counties; carried out experimental construction of four town-level cities such as Caijiapo, Zhuangli, Daliuta and Hengkou; continued to promote construction of provincial key demonstration towns and famous cultural tourist towns; strengthened guidance on construction of city-level key towns; advanced construction of beautiful villages based on improving living settlements; and consolidated the foundation for development town cluster.

Improve the comprehensive bearing capacity of towns. We have emphasized construction of the supporting facilities for government-subsidized housing projects, rebuilt 280,000 shanty areas and ensured compilation of allotment and lease and sales program within six months prior to completion of construction and allow occupancy three months upon acceptance; focused on construction parking lots and charging piles in big cities, carried out urban ecological rehabilitation project, comprehensively advanced construction of sponge city and underground utility tunnel, and selected 2 or 3 cities as pilot sites; accelerated utilization and innocent treatment of household refuses as resources, improved sewage and wastes disposal facility in counties and key towns, and developed artificial wetland, and rebuilt highways running through 20 counties; advanced basic public services and conveniences in towns and enabled them to cover all permanent resident population; within this year, and the urbanization rate of household register will reach up to 40.8%. Taking new citizens’ housing demands as the starting point and to set up the purchase-rent housing system, we have focused on “de-stocking” of real estate to stabilize estate market; provided support for building industry to improve quality and increase efficiency; deepened reform of urban management and law enforcement system, strengthened urban refined management and services, carried out activities to enhance urban image and improve environment, and carried out intelligent applications of “one-network service”, “one-stop service” and “one-card service” to completely change extensive management mode.

(IV) Proactively participate in construction of the “Belt and Road” Accelerate construction of pilot free trade zone. We have actively reproduced practice of Shanghai free trade zone (FTZ), built a foreign investment management mode of post-establishment national treatment plus negative list, improved the quality of special customs controlling zone, and strove to have Shaanxi pilot free trade zone approved; continued to strengthen big customs clearance, optimized and consolidated port supervision service functions, promoted interactive development of airport and land port and integrated customs clearance of provinces and cities along the Silk Road, realized handling international trade affairs at “single window”, and tried to set up off-shore RMB settlement center in the Silk Road Economic Belt; improved subsidy policy for international services, opened 9 new international routes, actively organized return source of goods, and promoted operational benefits of “Chang’an” freight train.

Make every effort to optimize investment environment. We have set up and improved investment environment assessment mechanism and social supervision system; carried out follow-up services for significant foreign-funded projects; exercised regular return visit system for investors in Shaanxi; carried out special action on optimization of market order, strengthened coordination, supervision and handling of claims concerning foreign affairs, and strictly investigated and punished those receiving dinner invitation, taking bribes or deliberately placing obstacles in dealing with normal procedures; resolutely remedied various behaviors of passing the buck around the circle, practically protected legal rights and interests of foreign merchants, and resolved in time prominent problems that may have adverse effect on Shaanxi’s image; further enhanced relevance of investment promotion, unswervingly supported development of non-public ownership economy, and actively applied for state-level industrial transfer demonstration zone; vigorously promoted implementation of Central enterprises into Shaanxi, East-West Cooperation and China International Fair for Investment and Trade and China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair (CAF) and Shaanxi-Guangdong-HK investment projects. Last year, we actually utilized US$5 billion of foreign capital and introduced 590 billion yuan of domestic capital.

Actively promote economic cooperation with foreign countries. We will continue to well manage construction of the Semi-conductor International Cooperation Park, China-Russia Silk Road Innovation Park, Shaanxi-Korea SME Park, China-Kazakhstan Apple Friendship Park, China-Kazakhstan Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park, provide support for enterprises of energy chemical, equipment manufacture, non-ferrous metallurgy, building materials and cement, textile and garment, modern agriculture and Islamic foods to carry out international capacity cooperation; make overall arrangement for construction of overseas Shaanxi industrial park and investment and trade promotion center to drive export of products, technology, standards and services and nurture new advantages of foreign trade competition, and expand development space for “overseas Shaanxi”. Last year, the total import and export volume amounted to US$35 billion.

(V) Systematically strengthen environmental protection and ecological construction and continue to carry out comprehensive governance in key fields. We have implemented seasonal benchmarking appraisal for pollution and haze control, and emphasized key prevention in specific time period to ensure continuous improvement of air quality in Shaanxi. We will specify the system for protection of the Qinling Mountains and return all slope land at northern foot of the mountain to forest land; take strict measures to control exploitation of mines, resolutely restrict illegal quarrying and construction upon illegal approval; take overall measures to implement Qiaoshan Mountain protection works based on natural forest protection, returning arable land to forest land and small drainage basis management; carry out special action plans to protect mining area, prevent extensive exploitation mode, protect environment, control pollution and guarantee safety; transform and enhance oil pipelines in northern Shaanxi; strengthen comprehensive governance of rural environment, focusing on wastes and sewage treatment, surface source and heavy metal pollution of land; publish water system planning for Guangzhong, carry out water pollution control plan, continue to raise ecological functions of forest band, wetland and flood retarding basin along rivers, and resolve discharge beyond standards at key tributaries and a few drain outlets; carry out action plan for water source protection of south-to-north water diversion, and strengthen governance of Han and Dan rivers; and continue to carry out governance of Yanhe River and Wudinghe River projects.Comprehensively implement requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction. We will carry out modification works of up-to-standard emission of industrial pollutants and ultra-low emission of coal-fired power plant; expand total consumption of natural gas; raise application proportion of wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy; promote green building, prioritize development of public transport, and support comprehensive utilization of gangue, cal ash and building wastes.; and reduce total volume of chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide to 1.5%, 1.5%, 1.5% and 2% respectively.

Set up and improve system and mechanism of ecological protection. We have compiled the balance sheet of natural resources asset, carried out dual control system for energy, water resources and construction land area and strength, carried out off-office audit pilot of natural resources asset, and comprehensively implemented the method for responsibility investigation of eco-environment damage to prevent waste of resources, pollution of environment and damage of ecology from the source. We  will put into effect emission rights, carbon emission quota and market transaction, carry out third party governance of environmental pollution, and try to incorporate the water source reserve of south-to-north water diversion into the range of national pilot reform of natural resources management.

Construction of ecological civilization will benefit one generation but mean profoundly for following generations. Not only shall we try to manage currently prominent problems but also well protect mountains and waters in our hometown for the sake of the country and our offspring.

(VI) Make every effort to safeguard and improve people’s livelihood. Earnestly implement poverty alleviation project of “five batches” (a batch of poor people overcome poverty by development of production, a batch by relocation in other places, a batch by ecological compensation, a batch by development of education, and a batch by social security). Relocation to other places shall be in accordance the “three vicinities” principle, i.e. near a town, near a park and near a central village. This year, 280,000 people of 80,000 households will be relocated. We will improve infrastructures such as road, electricity, water and network, cultivate and strengthen “one leading industry or product in one village” and county economy, and help a batch of poor people get rid of poverty by industrial development; increase transfer payment amount to enable impoverished people with labor capacity to get rid of poverty through ecological compensation; for children in underprivileged families, we will provide an integrated assistance covering pre-school, primary school middle school and even university education to help them overcome poverty by means of education; for rural households under minimum subsistence guarantee, we will include them into object for poverty alleviation, and help them overcome poverty by providing social insurance of major diseases. From this year on, the annual average growth of the provincial financial anti-poverty fund will be no less than 20%; within this year, we guarantee that 1.3 million poor people will get rid of poverty.

Further strengthen employment and social security. There are 360,000 people employed in towns and 5.6 million employed by transfer of rural labor. We will guide university graduates to find jobs at grassroots levels or start their own business, and help those laid-off by “de-capacity” to get employed; improve the insurance policy for landless farmers, individual job holders and rural migrant workers, and gradually realize provincial overall planning on unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance; consolidate urban and rural residents’ basic medical insurance, implement critical illness insurance system for urban and rural residents; improve supply system for impoverished urban and rural residents, carry out living allowance for the difficultly disabled and the nursing subsidy for the severely disabled, and ensure that public welfare cemetery is open to all groups.; develop various types of pension services, and encourage all walks of life to carry out charitable activity and voluntary services.

Pay more attention to balanced allocation of public resources such as education, health and culture. We will accelerate construction of 450 public kindergartens, and fulfill the three-year action plan of Phase II pre-school education; accelerate improvement of basic conditions of rural poor schools and expand 100 new middle and primary schools in city proper; continue to carry out reform of urban university district system; optimize and consolidate educational resources in middle schools and vocational schools, and strengthen construction of special education schools; carry out reform of financial input methods to provide support for construction the first-class university, subject, academy and specialty; comprehensively advance construction of healthy Shaanxi, initiate pilot project of overall national medical reform, accelerate establishment of modern medical system, actively set up medical groups and consortiums, continue to cultivate general practitioners and recruit medical undergraduates for grassroots hospitals, and promote high quality medical resources going down to grassroots hospitals; accelerate preparation of Northwest Medical University, support creation of national first-class university of traditional Chinese medicine by Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and support Tongchuan to jointly run university with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine; comprehensively implement the policy of two children for one couple, and provide substantial assistance for family that lost the only child; elaborately organize the 11th China Art Festival, improve five-tiered public cultural service system, create directory of public cultural services purchase and subsidy by government, implement cable television connection to relocated households, make overall preparation for the 14th National Sports Meet, accelerate construction of standard football pitches in counties, and guarantee to satisfy people’s cultural demands.

Strengthen and innovate social governance. We will carry out pilot project of new mode of community governance in 15 counties, improve public legal service system and people’s mediation mechanism, and continue to deepen reform of letter petition system, effectively prevent and resolve social contradictions; properly deal with ethnic affairs under the new situation and legally administrating religious affairs; comprehensively implement government’s supervision responsibility and enterprises’ responsibility for safety production, enhance food and drug safety supervision, strengthen the emergency response capacity for hazardous and chemical substances; build 10 new county-level repositories for relief materials, improve all emergency mechanisms, safeguard people’s lives and properties; improve three-dimensional crime-prevention and control system to crack down violent terrorists, crimes involving sinister gang or evil forces, strengthen management of special groups, guarantee network and information security, resolutely safeguard national security and make steady progress in construction of Peaceful Xi’an.

IV.  Strengthen construction of government itself in an all-round way

We will enhance government’s ability to legally perform its duties, actively innovate the mode of services management, continue to improve work style, and accelerate modernization of government governance system and governance capacity to cater for requirement of the Central Government and for people’s expectation and the needs of new situation.

Seizing the opportunity of putting power list into practice, we will incorporate government work into law-based governance; constantly improve the mechanism for making decisions according to laws, stick to legitimate review of major decisions, solicit public opinions or hearing on make government regulations, carry out “three uniformlys” of normative documents (uniformly registered, numbered and published), allow legal counsel into all administrative bodies, and speed up construction of characteristic and new think-tank system; deepen reform of law enforcement system, push focus and force of law enforcement moving towards cities or counties, refine and quantify administrative discretion standard, set up recording system of the whole process of law enforcement, accept supervision by Provincial People’s Congress and the Standing Committee according to laws, actively implement all resolutions and decisions by the Provincial People’s Congress, earnestly handle deliberations and deputy’s opinions; provide substantial support for the Provincial Political Consultative Conference to perform democratic supervision, continue to implement the joint conference system of the Provincial Government and Provincial Political Consultative Conference, positively participate in negotiations and handle proposals of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference; comprehensively refine and enrich the methods and contents of open government affairs, set up a normal supervision system by the superior to the subordinate, and make sure that administrative act is taken under the sun.

Persistently advance work style construction according to requirement of “three strictlys and three earnestlys” (strictly cultivate morality, strictly use power and strictly obey disciplines; earnestly make plans, earnestly establish a business and earnestly behave oneself). We will earnestly implement the Central Government’s eight regulations, continue to rigidly obey the State Council’s “three-point law”, unremittingly remedy “four styles” (formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance); implement entity responsibility for “two duties for one post” according to well-disciplined and well-behaved requirement, further strengthen construction of the Party’s conduct and clean government, and strictly investigate and punish all disciplinary and legal offences; create and improve long-term mechanism to practice  economy and combat waste; strictly control administrative cost, continue to implement approval of financial budget, public resources allocation and key construction projects, and disclose rules for implementation; and ensure reduction rather than increase of “three public expenses” (travel abroad at public expense, consume by public vehicle, and banquet at public expense); constantly strengthen supervision of administrative efficiency, accelerate full coverage of auditing supervision, focus on distribution and use of financial fund, supervision and inspection of state-owned asset, government procurement, public resources transfer and public engineering construction; require government leaders and cadres to take initiative to enhance Party spirit and behave themselves, consciously observe rules for honesty and self-control and disciplinary sanction regulations, and strive to safeguard a good political ecology.

Earnestly strengthen undertaking of responsibility and accountability of discipline executors, and strive to enhance the executive force of government sectors at all levels. In institutional aspect, we will strengthen implementation of decisions, improve performance management and assessment system, follow up the performance of major decisions, and handle affairs in strict accordance with the Party’s tenet and discipline; resolutely solve problems of officials’ omission due to inability or unwillingness or cowardice to act, and advocate cadres to prepare for both promotion and demotion. We will innovate incentive mechanism to stimulate cadres politically, support their work; guarantee their benefits and show care for their psychology so that they will feel assured of their family life and work environment and will be blissfully happy, confident, positive and responsible. We will set up reasonable fault-tolerant mechanism to differentiate faults and errors of cadres when propelling reform from disciplinary and legal offences committed knowingly, to differentiate faults and errors not yet specified during exploratory test from disciplinary and legal offences prohibited by explicit order, and to differentiate unintentional faults from disciplinary and legal offences committed for personal purposes when promoting development, so as to protect upright, progressive and decisive cadres, arouse their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity at most, stimulate them to lead the masses in doing pioneering undertakings and opening up a new situation for construction of rich Shaanxi, harmonious Shaanxi and beautiful Shaanxi. 

Fellow deputies, the army-government and army-people solidarity is our glorious tradition and political advantage. Shaanxi’s development cannot do without enormous support and selfless dedication of troops and armed forces stationed in Shaanxi. In accordance with the general arrangement of the Central Government for deepening national defense and army reform, we will resolutely support the strong army road with Chinese characteristics, give priority to national defense mobilization, soldiers recruitment, militia reserve forces and civil air defense, more proactively solve practical difficulties facing demobilized army cadres, ex-soldiers and entitled groups so as to consolidate and develop the good situation of the army-government and army-people solidarity.

Fellow deputies, now we have an inspiring blueprint inspiring and motivating development goals. Let us get together closely around the Party Central Committee led by Secretary-General Xi Jinping, uphold the socialist banner with Chinese characteristics, and make steady and practical progress in our work to realize a good start of the “13th Five-Year Plan” under the solid leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, and lay a solid foundation for our qualified entry into the moderately prosperous society. All Rights Reserved

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