Report on the Work of the Shaanxi Provincial Government (2015)

2017-04-19 16:54:52 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Fellow Deputies,
On behalf of the Shaanxi Provincial Government, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval and for comments and suggestions from the members of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the nonvoting delegates.

1. Fulfillment of the tasks set by the second Session of the 12th National People’s Congress.

Last year, facing the economic downturn pressure throughout the whole year, we stuck to the general keynote of making progress while maintaining stability and earnestly carried out the Central Government’s decisions of stabilizing growth, promoting reform, modifying structure, benefiting livelihood and preventing risks, and the economy of our province grew healthily within a reasonable range. The GDP grew by 9.7% to 1.77 trillion Yuan. The local financial revenue grew by 13.6% to 189 billion Yuan. Per capita income of urban and rural residents grew by 9% and 11.8% respectively to 24,366 and 7,932 yuan. The registered urban unemployment rate was 3.41% and prices rose by 1.6%, which were remarkably lower than the targets. GDP per unit is estimated to have reduced by 3.3% and four targets in reducing pollutants emission have all been fulfilled.

1.1 Focusing on the key links that can stabilize growth and accurately devoting effort enabled our economic growth to stand in the first legion. Firstly, double Ten Comprehensive Measures to Stabilize Production, Promote Sales and Maintain Markets are unveiled; green exit channel of coal, export of Lan Coal to other provinces, increase in sales outlets of oil products, direct dealing of electricity and gas and others have effectively relieved the industry from sluggish growth with industries above a designated scale grew by 11.3%, which ranked fifth in our country. Secondly, a lot of attention was paid to the assessment of project constructions. About 61% approving procedures of provincial investment were cut off and 39 projects were launched to encourage social investment. Fixed-asset investment growth got itself out of the continued decrease and grew by 17.8% last year, among which private investment grew by 21.1%. Projects of Datong-Xi'an High-speed Railway, the southern part of Xi’an Subway Line 2, Xianyang-Xunyi Expressway, Hanzhong Airport, Lijiahe River Reservoir and others had been finished and put into use. Breakthrough has been made in the construction project of diverting water from Hanjiang River to Weihe River and Dozhuang Reservoir. Thirdly, we focused on implementing the project of doubling residents’ income, stepping up consumer price stabilization, cultivating consumption hotspots to inspire consumption, and the total retail sales of consumer goods grew by 12.8% and stepped up its contributions to economic growth. Fourthly, we coordinated the constructions of modern agricultural parks and the registration of the rights of rural lands. 81 new provincial parks and 1.6 million mu of high-standards prime croplands were built. Crop production achieved great success for 11 consecutive years. The production and sales of fruits, meat, vegetables, eggs, milks and tea were both uprising. And the fundamental position of agriculture became more solid.

1.2 Transitional development was accelerated by focusing on upgrading and optimizing the economic structure of Shaanxi. While further pushing the energy and chemical engineering industry to high end, we accelerated the cultivation of new pillar industries such as electronic information, new energy automobiles, aviation and space and new materials with the constructions of a group of leading projects showing plentiful highlights. The world’s first project on the comprehensive transformation of coal, oil and gas and China’s first project on the integration of aluminium magnesium alloy of coal power were built and put into operation. The eye-catching project of Samsung flash memory chip started mass production as scheduled. The largest intelligent terminal production base in western China the 15-million-cellphone-project of Zhongxing has been launched. The sales of heavy trucks powered by natural gas and hybrid-power cars produced in our province ranked first in China. Projects of large aircrafts, Xinzhou Series Airplanes and unmanned airplanes are on progress at the same time. The growth percentage of non-energy industry output is 13.4% higher than energy industry. Out of the 12 industries, 10 industries have seen profit increase. Based on the 30 major cultural projects such as the top-quality cultural tourist routes of mausoleums of Emperors in Han and Tang Dynasties, a lot of efforts were devoted to promote the integrative development of cultural industry, modern service industry and related industries. Tourism revenue grew by 18.1%, and the cultural industry added value amounts to more than 4% of GDP. Taking building a national innovative province as a opportunity, we furthered the reform of coordinating S&T resources, started to build 20 provincial test bases for S&T achievements, the world’s largest free forging oil press, 3d printing, intelligent power transmission and transformation equipments and other projects have made breakthrough in research and development. 25 achievements have gained the State Science and Technology Awards. Transaction volume of technology contracts and patent licensing grew by 20% and 9.5% respectively. The contribution to economic growth by science and technology achieved 55.8%.

1.3 Take opportunities to speed up the construction of new starts of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the inland development and opening-up had a good start. Firstly, the internal and external communications had started in full swing. The 1st Silk Road International Arts Festival, Film Festival and International Tourism Expo and the 27th General Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists were successfully organized. Activities such as Silk Road Economic and Trade Cooperation International Pavilion of the 18th Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China, China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair, and the Cooperation Week of Shaanxi, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau became more pragmatic and a good relationship with relative provinces and states of the Four Central Asian Countries was built. Secondly, trade became much more convenient and easier. Xi’an Custom was allowed to copy system of Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Yan’an Custom and Weihenan Custom were officially set up. Cooperation mechanism of customs clearance has included Inner Mongolia and Guangxi Province. Chang’an International Freight Train ran regularly and four new international airlines were launched. Xianyang Airport adopted the policy of TWOV in 72 Hours.Xian’an-Xianyang Airport Bonded Logistics Center and Xi’an Railway Port were rarified and Xi’an became the pilot city of China’s e-commerce of cross-border trade. Thirdly, Bringing In and Going Out were carried out at the same time. We have cooperated with Central Asian countries in more than 100 projects covering infrastructure, geological survey, energy, agriculture and other fields. Our province drew 498 billion Yuan of domestic investment, 4180 million dollars of foreign investment, which grew by 19% and 13.5% respectively. The total export-import volume grew by 36%, among which export accounts for 13.93 billion dollars with 36.2% increase. Dependence on foreign trade kept rising.

1.4 New urbanization was promoted with people at the center and overall urban-rural development gained remarkable achievements. Turning rural residents living in cities into citizens was considered as a major task and registered residence was fully opened in middle and small-sized cities. About 13.93 billion Yuan was used to build key model towns and famous towns for cultural tourism. Projects of 434 thousand government-subsidized houses started. The basic constructions of 315.9 thousand suites of houses have finished, among which 84.4 thousand were turned from shanties and 253 thousand of households moved to their new houses and 1002.2 thousand rural residents registered their permanent residence in cities. 267.5 thousand children of migrant workers went to school for free. Taking advantage of Xi’an-Xianyang New Region being approved as the national model in innovating urban development ways and plans of new urbanization in our whole province, we improved the quality of urbanization. Constructions of Xi’an-Xianyang New Region entered a new stage. Historical and cultural streets of the Southern Gate of Xi’an were officially opened to the public. The constructions of Yan’an New Region were accelerated. Renewal of trough-traffic highways in 28 counties and construction of highways along the Yellow River were all put in to practice. 31 famous towns for cultural tourism received 3.32 billion yuan in tourism revenue. Experiments of “Integration of Various Planning” in Yulin and other places have reached the national level. Shangluo was elected as the model pilot city of national ecological civilization. Xianyang was named National Garden City. We organically unite immigrants’ relocation, poverty relief and development, reform of towns and villages, and constructions of new rural communities to fully improve people’s producing and living situations. 60 thousand houses were planned to be built for relocation in the Southern Shaanxi Province with 53 thousand finished, while in the northern Shaanxi Province 40 thousand houses were planned to be built with 32 thousand finished. As for the northern side of Qinling Mountain and Hanyuan of Northern Weihe River, 14.2 thousand were planned to be built with 11.5 thousand finished. Post-disaster reconstruction of Yan’an was fully completed. 236 new rural communities were built in our province and 1.14 million people were relieved from poverty.

1.5 Strict measures were taken to deal with severe problems and blue sky, green land and clean water have gradually become reality. 188 thousand heavy-polluting cars and old cars were obsoleted and we are the first province to achieve whole covering of V Oil supply. There were 13.17 million kilowatts of desulfuration and denitration facilities being built and remolded and 2347 coal-fired boilers were removed or remolded. Coal consumption in Guanzhong Area decreased while dusts blowing in construction sites were under control. And Xi’an has been out of the rank of 10 Most Polluted Major Cities in China for 10 months in a row, which means our effort against pollution and smog began to pay off. And much more efforts were paid to the protection of Qinling Mountain and the pollution abatement of Weihe Rive, Hanjiang River and Danjiang River. And the rectification of the illegal buildings in the Xi’an part of the Northern Qinling Mountain was fully completed ahead of schedule. The goal of cleaning Weihe River in three years was achieved on time. Tributaries such as XX have reached the standards of pollutant discharge. The water quality of Hanjiang River and Danjiang River were stable at the level of II and III. More efforts on the comprehensive improvement of the rural ecological environment were devoted. Model projects in 872 administrative villages of 122 towns of 42 counties have all been finished, which benefited more than 1.3 million people.There were 3.414 million tons and 37 million meters of outdated and excessive production capacity being eliminated, which saved 1.72 million tons of standard coal and over-fulfilled national task. There were 4.976 million mu of forests being built and 1.46 million mu of wet land was protected or recovered. There were 0.56 million mu of cultivated land being converted to forests.

1.6 Practical work concerning people’s livelihood goes smoothly according to the principle of filling the short points and people were enabled to enjoy more fruits of reform and development. Firstly, employment is in a basically stable situation. 436 thousand more people in cities and towns got jobs and 160.5 thousand unemployed people went back to work. There were 88.5% of college graduates got their first jobs and 6963 thousand of rural laborers were transferred. Secondly, social security continued to improve. The highest level of basic endowment insurance and allowance for residents was raised from 80 Yuan to 200 Yuan. The basic pension for enterprise retiree grew by 200 yuan per month. Fees of Insurance for unemployment, occupational injury and maternity were reduced by 50%, which was the first of its kind in China. Social insurance for 22 special groups were all improved at the same time. Financial aid for urban citizens’ health insurance and new rural cooperative medical system were 30 Yuan more than the national standard. Thirdly, there was more social assistance. About 7 billion Yuan was appropriated for salvation and there were 412 thousand people that received medical assistance and 166 thousand households that received temporary assistance. There were 287 public cemeteries built. Fourthly, various educations developed coordinately. The number of public kindergartens grew to 2178 and the raw enrollment was 96.9%. There were 1.62 million square meters of newly-built and renewed school dormitories. Communication and job shift of headmasters and teachers of compulsory education and reform in university regions were carried out in full-scale. Specialization and diversification of regular senior secondary schools were speeded up. Optimization and integration of educational resources in secondary vocational schools were furthered and the connotative development of high education was promoted actively. Shaanxi was the first in China to implement the Nutrition Improvement Plan in the whole province and 2.308 million students would benefit from the plan. Fifthly, there was great improvement in health serving abilities. Major projects such as Northwest Women and Children's Hospital was built and put into operation. Yan’an Medical Group and Baoji Medical Association were formally built. 172 public hospitals at the county level and 367 health centers of towns achieved integrated management. 3436 medical undergraduates were employed particularly for the grass roots. Tracing system of drug quality has been adopted by all medical organizations above city level. And the number of diseases covered in the Severe Illness Security System reached 22. Receiving medical treatment in other places of Shaanxi Province rather than in ones’ own hometowns or went to see doctors in Xinjiang Province, Qinghai Province and Hainan Province rather than in Shaanxi Province realized instant settlement. Sixthly, work on birth control, women and children, and the aged was improved. And subsidy for families whose only Child were injured, disabled or hurt in urban and suburban areas were the same. And the Second Child Policy was implemented smoothly. There were 25 Child welfare institutions been improved and 21 new Growing-up Homes for left-behind children were built. And the nursing homes increased 24.1 thousand beds and the number of nursing beds owned by elder people was 4.7‰ higher than the national average level. Seventhly, the cultural undertakings became more prosperous. Yan’an Theatre, Shaanxi Province New Library and other provincial major project successively started. A group of cultural stadiums in cities and counties were built and put into operation. Teleplay Nie Rongzhen and other master works received a lot of praises. Cultural and physical activities of the masses were widely organized. More than 2,100 public performances were made and 510 thousand households were added to the Project of Radio and Television Huhutong, which provided free radio and television programs to rural households. And for the first time Shaanxi Provincial Arts Festival and Shaanxi Provincial Sports Meeting were held outside our capital city. 7 relics and 12 projects were selected to be included in the world cultural heritage and the national non-material cultural heritage lists. We also gained the best performance— 8 gold medals and 2 bronze medals in the 17th Asian Games. Eighthly, more and more effort was put into building a safe Shaanxi. Accidents of various kinds and people died in accidents dropped by 9.1% and 6.9%. Supervision on food and drugs safety was much more strengthened and the law-and-order situation was further improved.

1.7 Much effort was devoted to self-constructions combining with educational practice and the government working efficiency was greatly improved. Rectification measures towards educational practice on the mass line of the provincial government and the provincial departments solved a series of severe problems raised by the people. The publicity of budget, actual budget and Three Public Expenses has expanded to all counties and districts. Expenditure for Three Public Expenses decreased 580 million Yuan and people went abroad on business reduced by 16%. The phenomenon Mountains of Paperwork and Seas of meetings was restrained. Reform on official cars started in all aspects. 875 incidents and 1235 persons against the Eight Rules were investigated and 994 cases of freeloading were cleared. One-stop examination, approval, and service were adopted by departments directly faced the masses. The system of the cadres doing work for the masses in villages, towns and counties was fully established and additional 2,500 full-time community workers were employed, which made it easier for people in need. We considered administration by law the lifeline of government’s work. We consciously accepted the supervision of Provincial People’s Congress and tried to have more communications with People's Political Consultative Committee. The rule of Uniformly Registering, Compiling and Publishing normative documents was pursued to a wide extent. Constructions of administration and law enforcement team were strengthened and various inappropriate law enforcement behaviors were strictly investigated. During the last year, 7 local regulation drafts were handed to standing committee of the provincial People’s Congress and 669 pieces of advices from deputies to the People’s Congress and 798 proposals from People's Political Consultative Committee were handled. 

1.8 Obstacles of our system and mechanism were cracked down through reform and the inner vitality and energy of development were released faster. According to the uniformed arrangement of the provincial Party committee, we persisted in further reforming in fields of administration, economy, ecology, rural places, culture, society and others directed by problems, and especial progress was made in streamlining administration and delegating power to the lower levels, relieving the burden on enterprises and strengthening social government. A new round of reform in provincial government organizations was completed with 57 internal organizations and 632 authorized employees were cut down. And classifications of provincial public institutions were implemented. Reform in organizations of cities, counties and towns were promoted in all aspects. “Five Offices and Three Centers” and supervision offices of food and drugs were set up widely in villages and towns. And 195 towns and 9,801 administrative villages were canceled or emerged with others. There were 556 matters that needed provincial examination and approval were canceled or delegated to lower levels, which means 52.7% of matters needed provincial examination and approval were cut off. The policy that enabled people to provide certifications after applying business licenses was widely carried out. And 22 administrative charges concerning with enterprises were canceled or streamlined. Supervision system of state-owned culture assets was initially built. Reform in the prices of water, electricity and gas was quickened. Train transportation, post industry and telecommunication industry were included in the tests of “Turning Business Tax to Added-value Tax”. Financial reform was greatly promoted. Tainong Bank and the first auto financing company in northwest China were approved to be built. Loan in our province grew 2.6% faster than that of the whole nation. Furthering reform inspired the market dynamics. There were 302.5 thousand newly-registered market participants in our provinces last year, which grew by 34.68%. Xinhua Publishing Group, Aviation Industry and other enterprises were built. There were some more mixed-ownership enterprises. There were 2 companies successfully going public and 20 middle and small-sized enterprises got listed in the “Xin Sanban” equity trading platform. The share of non-public sectors of the economy grew by 0.5% and the operating revenue of provincial state-owned enterprises grew the fourth fastest in China.

In the past year, our province also gained new achievement in national defense mobilization, talents, ethnics, religions, foreign affairs, affairs concerning nationals living abroad, affairs concerning with Taiwan Province, earthquakes, meteorology, surveying and mapping, archives and others.

Dear fellow deputies, to gain these achievements took us a lot of efforts. These achievements were results of the powerful leadership of our provincial Party committee, were results of the supervision and support from provincial People’s Congress and People's Political Consultative Committee, and were results of the efforts of the whole province. On behalf of the Shaanxi provincial government, I express high respect to all people, army commanders, armed police and people’s police in our province and heartfelt thanks to all members of the People’s Congress and People's Political Consultative Committee and people from all sectors of the society for your strong support in our government’s work.

Apart from affirming our achievements, we should also see some severe problems and deep-seated conflicts standing in the way of Shaanxi’s development. And the problems mainly include: structural adjustment and pollution control are very difficult because of the constraints of resources and environment. Impetus for S&T innovation and vitality of market participants are still insufficient. Income of urban and rural residents is still lower than the national average level. More efforts should be devoted to market supervision, social governance and public serving abilities. Constructions of law-based government and anti-corruption will still be a long-term task. As for these problems, we will try our best to solve in our later work.

2.The basic rules of our province’s development in the “New Normal” and the main indexes of 2015

The macroeconomic environment is facing profound changes currently. The central government made the strategic assumption that China’s economic development had entered the ‘New Normal”. To keep intermediate or high-speed growth and to march towards middle or high level are not only the development necessity of the “New Normal”, but also the basic rules guiding our future work. “New Normal” means variation in speed, optimization in structure and shift in impetus with challenges coexisting with opportunities. We must stand the gap between actual growth and expected target, the pressure from fluctuated decrease of the economic growth, the pressure from structural modification faced by resource dependence and the extensive development driven by investment, and the pressure from the long-term deep-seated conflicts in our whole province and many problems that already being solved by the east emerged at the same time. But we are also endowed with great opportunities. We have confidence that under the firm leadership of the provincial Party congress, we can turn pressure into impetus and challenges into opportunities. We have confidence because the strategies of One Belt And One Road (OBAOR), innovation-driven and giving priority to China Western Development are implanted by our country, thus we will gain more support.  We have confidence because the central government has endowed major missions to Shaanxi Province such as the new engine of scientific development in the west, new heights of inland reform and opening up, and model of new urbanization with Chinese characteristics, which means Shaanxi has become more important in the national overall situation. We have confidence because we adjust our industry structures early following the principle of “for the existed ones, we should adjust their structure to free up space; while for the added ones, we should optimize their structures to expand space”, and developing pattern led by strategic emerging industry multi-elements is forming and is destined to lead the way in the new round of competitions. We have confidence because when all provinces are suffering from the pain of “The Three Period Superimposed”, Shaanxi Province has more prominent advantages in science, technology and culture, especially the geological position— the center of China has greatly expanded our economic domain and were are totally capable of catching up and surpassing. We must correctly understand the “New Normal”, take the initiative to adapt to the “New Normal” and positively lead the ‘New Normal”. And we should create a new situation of “Rich Shaanxi, Harmonious Shaanxi, and Beautiful Shaanxi” using systematic thinks according to the requirements of “Synchronization of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization. Reform should be constantly furthered and breakthrough development in key fields and links should be achieved to drive overall development and to further release bonus of our system. Transformation and upgrade should be accelerated. Improving of advantaged backbone industries and cultivating of new pillar industries should be done at the first time to construct a modern industry system with Shaanxi characters. Opening up should be expanded in all aspects and industry, while industrial structure adjustment and the development of export-oriented economy should be promoted as a whole, by which new economic growth points should be constantly generated. The philosophy of Innovation-driven should be strengthened. Innovation system with enterprise as the main participant should be built and the endogenous growth impetus should be inspired furthest. The ecological bottom line should never be crossed and integrated governance of mountains, waters, forests, lands and lakes should be carried out to fully promote green development, low-carbon development and cyclic development. We should also keep improving people’s livelihood, cover the bottom line, improve our system, promote the expanding of benefits to provide  people in our province a more happy and healthy life with dignity and confidence.

In 2015, the general idea of government’s work is as following: to coordinately promote the work of transforming development model, modifying structures, promoting reforms, benefiting people and preventing risks through further reform and opening up, focusing on the improvement of development quality and efficiency, keeping economy in a reasonable range, persisting the keynote of seeking progress in stability and fully carrying out the spirit of the important speeches made by General Secretary of the CPC Xi Jinping in the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the third and fourth plenary sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Our main expected goals are: to maintain a 10% GDP growth, 12% local revenue growth, less than 4% registered urban unemployment rate, 11% urban residents income growth, 12% rural residents income growth, around 3%CPI, 3.2% less energy consumptions per GDP, 0.5% less sulfur dioxide, 1.5% less ammonia nitrogen emissions, 6% less oxynitride emissions. One thing that needs clarification is that the development goals set for the ‘New Normal’ are anticipated, regional and steering goals. Especially the economy growth being set 2 to 3 percent higher than the national one is not only the rigid demand to ensure employment and livelihood, but also the pursuits of building a moderately prosperous society and is not only the in the need of gathering development confidence, but also corresponds with the reality that Shaanxi grew faster than the whole nation for years. So the goal gives consideration to the necessity and possibility, the current and the future. We should keep calm, and take initiative to work. We should make sure that although the growing rate is adjusted, the growing trend should be contained, and the quantity grows along with quality. We should make sure that more brilliant achievements will be created in the “New Normal”.

3. Main tasks in 2015

3.1 Keeping economy in a reasonable range should be given the priority.
Same efforts should be given to stabilizing the productions and sales of advantaged backbone industries and cultivating new pillar industries to speed up the upgrade of Shaanxi Province’s economy. Marketability policies should be further implemented such as sales of coal and Lan coal outside Shaanxi, risk compensation to the first major equipment, correspondence of construction materials and government-subsidized housing projects, and direct supply of electricity and gas to enterprises. Projects of FMTA, MTO and CTL should be supported while stably increasing the capacity of the primary energy to speed up the growth of high-end chemical. The tractive effort of flash and intelligent terminal, hybrid electric vehicle and new-energy electricity, trunk and regional airplanes and unmanned planes, biological vaccines and other major projects should be used, and high-tech zones and development zones of national level and Hanzhong Aviation Wisdom New City should be relied on to build first-class integrated circuit, new-energy automobiles, aerospace and bioengineering industries. Building the cultural industry into a new pillar industry as the goal, we should keep focusing on the 30 major cultural projects, support the producer services to grow faster, build four logistics systems of manufacturing industry, bulk commodity, agricultural products and under bond, and promote the integrative development of culture, logistics, exhibitions, finance and others. Added-value of industrial enterprises above designated size of the whole year grows about 12%, the modern industry 9% and cultural industry above 25%.

The key role of investment should be fully ensured, and the progress and overall quality of major projects should be counted on to ensure the speed and efficiency of economic growth. We should keep an eye on the orientation of the national policies, take initiatives to plan and implement a number of major projects, lower the requirements of market access, promote Model PPP, implement the assessment system of projects’ quality and goals, achieve 2.2 trillion Yuan of fixed investment with the growth around 20%.We should ensure that projects such as Xi’an--Hefei Multi-track Railways, Comprehensive Treatment of Fenghe River, the Second Channel of Tonghuang Expressway, and Xi’an-Xianyang North Loop Line will be finished and put into use, among which the mileage of expressway should be more than 5000 kilometers. We should ensure a number of projects to start on schedule such as Guanzhong Interurban Railway, Wuqi-Dingbian Expressway, Ankang New Airport, Doumen Reservoir, Weihenan Combined Heat and Power Generation, Shanbei—Weihefang Electric Transmission Line, and the Comprehensive Park of The Fourth Military Medical University. We should speed up the constructions and progress at the early stages of major projects such as Xi’an-Baotou Passenger Rail Line, Xi’an Railway, Along-The-Yellow-River Highway, Yan’an New Airport, Diverting Water From Hanjiang River To Weihe River,Dongzhuang Reservoir, Diverting Water From The Yellow River to the Northern Shaanxi Province, Zhen’an Pumped Storage Power Station, Electricity Outward Transmission Channels and other major projects. We should drive growth in the current period, increase development impetus and lay solid foundations for building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects through constructions of major projects.

Modern agricultural parks should be relied on to transform the development mode of agriculture and fully mobilize masses of farmers’ enthusiasm for production. We should keep implementing the project of “Giving Major Support To 10 Leading Enterprises, 100 Advanced Model Cooperation, 1000 Professionalized Farms, 10000 Real Farmers”, guide the circulation of land management rights in an ordered way, devote great effort to cultivate new types of agricultural business entities. We should do practical work in the constructions of major grain-producing counties, dry farming counties with high yields, and whole counties of contiguous modern grain-producing bases; we should speed up the transformation and upgrade of whole counties of fruit industry, energetically build key counties of meat, eggs and milk production, and develop industries of vegetables, tea, fried fruits, woody oil pants and others according to local conditions; we should plant 46 million mu of grain and achieve the total grain output of 11.5 million tons.

We should start measuring and archiving of cultivated land’s quality, promote accurate fertilization, water-saving irrigation, environment protection and other advantaged suitable technology, speed up the development of modern seed industry, give subsidies to agricultural machineries by type, increase 500 thousand mu of basic farmland and 800 thousand mu of land receiving water-saving irrigation and 80 thousand mu of lands derived from ditches in northern Shaanxi Province to improve the comprehensive productivity of agriculture. We should build tracing platform of agricultural products’ quality at province, city and county levels, carry out the certifications of “Nuisance Free Agricultural Products, Pollution-free Food, Organic Produce, Geographical Indications” of agricultural products to really improve the safety of agricultural products. We should implement in all aspects the CPC’s policies to make farmers strong and rich and give farmers benefits, build and perfect the system to provide steadily growing input to agriculture, farmers and rural areas, and enable the masses of farmers to go to the market and start businesses without worry.

We should persist in focusing on increasing people’s income and cultivating new types of consumption, and inspire consumption demands by all means. We should implement the linkage mechanism that works on growth in urban and rural residents’ income, economy, and revenue income, supervise and urge enterprises to strictly follow the collective wage negotiation system and minimum wage standard, publish enterprise wage growth guide wire at proper moments, strengthen the safeguard system of ensuring migrant workers’ being paid, further implement Farmers’ Income Doubling Program, adjust salaries of employees’ in government organizations and institutions, set up the system of positions in parallel with job levels for civil servants in government organs under county authorities, and build and perfect the adjustment system that takes people from all fields of the society into consideration and ensures their normal remuneration. A 13% growth of retail sales of consumer goods in our whole province this year is planned. We should target at the varied demands of the people and innovate consumption mode relying on market strength. The constructions of national information network and big data backbone projects should accelerate; leading enterprises in e-commerce and logistics should be introduced energetically; internet content industry should be developed innovatively; e-commerce and information consumption should be greatly promoted. We should support the accelerated development of distinctive entertainment and consumption such as customs experience, agritourism and rural home inns, and self-driving travel combining with the constructions of famous towns for cultural tourism and beautiful villages along with protection of ancient villages. We should try our best to enable our province to be included in the pilot provinces of pension service industry, support the private capital in pension service, encourage the integrated development of community health-care and nursing agencies for the aged. We would merge public rental housing with low-rent housing, merge low-rent housing with low-cost commercial residential housing, introduce policies on purchasing supplementary houses of commercial residential housing, relax restrictions on withdrawing accumulation fund and guide the real estate industry into healthy development. We should perfect the social credit system, implant system of pad leaves of employees, crack down illegal acts such as production and selling of counterfeits and business fraud, try our best to keep the general prices basically stable, and create a good environment for people to enjoy safe consuming with nothing to worry about.

We should implement innovation-driven strategy tightly focusing on the orientation of structural adjustment, and build innovation system with enterprises as the main participants. Firstly, various types of innovation platforms should be developed. We should strongly support the constructions of Science and Technology New Harbor of Xi'an Jiaotong University, eagerly copy the science and technology innovation mechanism of Xi’an Institute of Optics And Precision Mechanics, summarize and promote the model of Yanchang, perfect the operation mechanism of six industrial technology research institutes, support enterprises in building key laboratories and engineering technology centers, and promote the coordinated innovation and integrated development of enterprises, colleges, scientific research institutions and intermediary agents. Secondly, achievements transformation should be accelerated focusing on industry transformation and upgrading. We should accelerate the constructions of 20 test bases, promote the applications of key technologies in fields such as advanced manufacturing, new materials, modern agriculture, energy conservation and environment protection, and break the “bottleneck” restrictions of disjointing of scientific research projects and industry development. Thirdly, more effort should be devoted into expanding of technology reform. We should further implement the “Giving 100 billion Yuan To Support Hundreds of Projects In Technical Innovation” Project and “The Double Hundred” Project meaning giving major support to 100 civil-military enterprises and 100 civil-military industrialization projects, enhance the level of industries such as nonferrous metals, food, spinning, steel and cement, promote the transformation and upgrade of construction industries and the organic integration of military industry corporations. Fourthly, the scientific innovation environment should be optimized in all aspects.  We should keep promoting and coordinating the reform in scientific and technological resources, try to set up the Guanzhong National Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and support every city in building national high-tech zones and science parks. We should increase the scale of investments on curbing science and technology risks, keep supporting the financing institutions in developing scientific financial service, and explore the models of risk compensation for scientific loans and pledge financing of intellectual property. We should pay more attention to the protection and use of intellectual property, eagerly learn from the allocation modes that Zhongguancun is adopting such as stock ownership incentive, sales commission, and disposal and earnings of achievements and others to inspire the innovation impetus and business-carving enthusiasm of the plentiful scientific and technological talents to the greatest extent.

3.2 Releasing the bonus of development through furthering reform should be persisted.
The economic structure reform should be accelerated by giving priority to further inspiring the vitality of market participants. ‘Negative List” should be used to clearly define the fields that enterprises are prohibited and limited to invest and operate in and private enterprises should be encouraged to enter into fields such as finance, oil and public service. We should reform the operation system of state-owned enterprises and the system of benefit packages of people in charge, strive to develop mixed ownership economy, and accelerate the building of modern enterprise systems in cultural enterprises. We should eagerly promote the market constructions of lands, electricity, natural gas, water and other factors, modify government priced catalogue, and free the price of commodities and service that have competitive conditions. We should eagerly reform financial and taxation system, innovate financial investment mechanism through integrating special funds, changing appropriation into investing and other ways, expand the pilot spots of changing business tax into added-value tax, fully implement the price-depended taxation system of coal resources and clear and specify preferential tax policies. We should build consumer finance companies and financial leasing companies, strive for breakthroughs in private banks pilots, and carry forward the “Going Out” of banks of our province. We should complete the registering and certificating of the rights of rural lands, explore and build trading markets of rural property rights.

Streamlining administration and delegating power to the lower levels should be given priority and reform of administrative management system should be furthered. We should carry forward the reform in examination and approval system, keep downsizing administrative licensing projects at the provincial level, and clear non-administrative-licensing examination and approval system in all aspects, keep the management of directory of examination, approval and charges. We should eagerly reform commercial system, allow “one license for more than one addresses” and “more than one license for one address”, try the implementation of “merging of three certificates”, further relax the registration limits for market participants, perfect the systems of social credit and publishing of corporations’ annual reports and a directory of poorly-operated enterprises, and prepare a responsibility list of people who give permission and supervision. We should further the reform of government organizations in cities and counties, give more support to municipalities with independent planning status, perfect the management system of counties under direct management of the provincial government, accelerate the comprehensive report in towns and counties and give support qualified places in setting up town-level cities. Reform of public institutions should be carried out according to their classifications and experiment on the reform of corporate governance structure should be implemented sooner. The management of government debt should be specified and the registration of real estate should be carried forward.

The improvement of comprehensive governance should be taken as the key points and reform in various social fields should be done well. We should enforce the buildings of the governments’ social governance capabilities, separate industrial associations and chambers of commerce from administrative bodies within a definite time, and the government should buy more public service. We should adopt grid management of cities, construct supervision teams at the basic level of food and drugs, and strength the management of internet and information safety. We should further the reform on management of the social organizations, strengthen the supervision and assessment of the third party, build unified and normative standard and assessment systems of community work, and well complete the 9th transition of village committees. We should assure the regulatory responsibilities of the government and the participants’ responsibilities of enterprises on safety in production, perfect the system of the troubleshooting, prevention and control of hidden dangers, and firmly contain serious and extra serious accidents. We should perfect the legal aid system, improve the linkage system of people’s mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation, and legalize the letter petition work.

Social contradictions should be positively prevented and defused, and people’s legal interests should be protected. Ethnic work in new circumstances should be carefully done and religious affairs should be managed by law. The propaganda and education system to popularize laws should be improved, and the legal awareness of the whole society should be strengthened. We should innovate three-dimensional social crime prevention and control system, build working mechanism with down-forwarding barycenter and sinking power, enforce the comprehensive governance of key districts and places, further the constructions of Safe Shaanxi, and enable people to live and work in peace, contentment and safety. 

3.3 Construction of new starts of the Silk Road Economic Belt should be accelerated by seizing the opportunities
Bringing In should be combined with Going Out. Businesses and investment attraction along with export-oriented economic development should be promoted in coordination. We should combine national treatment with “negative list”, further relax restrictions towards foreign capital in commerce circulation, e-commerce, education, medical treatment and others. We should well construct Shaanxi-Korea Cooperation Zone, China-Russia Silk Road High Technology Industry Park and China-Central Asia Economic Cooperation Zone, actively try to make the cooperation project between Chinese and Singapore governments to be located in our province, and fully implement the regional collaborative planning of the Yellow River’s Golden Delta in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan provinces. We should cooperate more closely with Central Asian countries, Australia and other countries in resource exploration and development, accelerate the development of shale gas, and encourage the backbone enterprises in equipment manufacturing, aviation, automobiles, and electronic information, support Yangling in building foreign aid training center of agricultural technologies of OBAOR and building projects of water-saving agriculture, stock breeding, and bioengineering in foreign countries, and lead enterprises of construction materials, food, spinning, cement and photovoltaic to release their production capacity in Central Asian countries. Tax refund policies should be used fully and flexibly to consolidate the dominant positions of juice, heavy trucks, and petroleum drill and exploitation equipment, increase the export share of electronic information products, airplanes and components and parts, and promote service outsourcing with great effort. We should actively trace and implement major investment-attracting projects that have been signed such as Shaanxi-Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao, achieve 4.6 billion dollars of foreign investment in actual use, introducing 540 billion Yuan of domestic investment, 30 billion dollars of import and export among which 15 billion dollars are export.

Functions of the special Customs controlling zone should be kept integrating and optimizing and new models of inland free trade should actively explored. We should take the chance of Xi’an Customs being approved to copy the system of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, accelerate the building of a fair, unified and efficient system and mechanism, improve the level of informatization in all aspects, join the world in the fields of processing, logistics, account settlement and others, and well finish the preparation and application for Silk Road Economic Belt Free Trade Zone. We should cooperate more closely with port cities focusing on improving work efficiency of customs clearance, support Baoji in applying for high-tech comprehensive bonded zone, and actively facilitate trade. We should accelerate the building of aviation cities and railway logistics distribution centers along the Silk Road Economic Belt, establish energy trading platform among the five countries in Central Asia, increase international airline and cargo flights, enhance the operation capacity of Chang’an International Cargo Flight, and promote the integration of road transport and air transport and interconnection and interworking of transportation, logistics and information facilities. We should strive to become the national pilot for foreign exchange management and reform, explore offshore financial business, and support Xi’an in applying for cross-border electronic commerce.

Various cooperative communication mechanisms should be further improved, and international communication in all aspects should be carried forward with great effort. We should perfect the round-table conference mechanism of cities in Silk Road Economic Belt, persuade countries to set consulates in Shaanxi, and strive to find more sister provinces, states and cities with more countries. We should rely on Euro-Asia Economic Forum to hold the First Trade Fair among Member Countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, hold the Xi’an-Quanzhou Dialogue of Start Cities of OBAOR, well hold Silk Road Economic and Trade Cooperation International Pavilion of the Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China, Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair, the 2nd Silk Road International Arts Festival, Sun Simiao Medicine Culture Festival of China and others. We should support Xi’an Jiaotong University, Northwest University and other universities in running schools jointly or establish cooperation with the national universities of Central Asian Countries, accelerate the construction of Central Asia education and training bases, and promote deeper cooperation in education with an emphasis on teenagers. We should further international cooperation in cultural tourism, jointly launch preservation of cultural relics and archaeological researches with countries alongside the Silk Road, and further improve the visibility and influence of Shaanxi culture among foreign countries.

3.4 Strive to build a new-style urbanization model with Chinese characteristics
It is imperative to innovate population management and service model to speed up the urbanization of people transferred from agriculture. Reform plan for the household registration system should be issued to create step-by-step a housing guarantee system that covers all permanent residents. The reform of rural land system should be promoted in a prudent way. Companies should better implement their responsibility for paying various types of fees and it is important to include rural migrant workers into the basic old-age insurance system of urban employees and extend occupational injury, unemployment and maternity insurance to more rural migrant workers. It is also imperative to include rural migrant workers into the basic medical insurance for urban residents and allow rural workers out of permanent residents to enjoy basic medical insurance according to the law. It is also urgent task to incorporate the compulsory education for children of migrant workers into the education development framework of various levels, to provide guarantee through government subsidy for those students who have no access to public school, to encourage children of migrant workers to participate in entrance exams of high school and university. We should also support the set-up of more training bases for migrant workers in universities and vocational schools and improve regular labor-rights protection and supervision system for migrant workers. It is also important to create provincial financial transfer payment system taking permanent residents as a key factor and improve the cost distribution mechanism for urbanization of people transferred from agriculture, which involves government, companies and individuals. The city investment fund should be regulated and developed.

It is important to implement new-style urbanization planning of the whole province, to improve the quality of urban development. The first is to identify the city positioning and development intensity scientifically. We should provide guidance for city and county governments in the formulation and revision of relative plans and start the formulation and planning of organic towns, and launch pilot experiments of “unifying multiple regulations” in Yulin, Fuping and Shiquan, start setting development boundaries in Xi’an, Baoji and Hanzhong. The second is to continue the improvement of “one city, one policy” development model, and further promote the construction of Great Xi’an by combing efforts of cities around the city, and provide support for the exploration of new development model for “Xi’an-Xianyang Development Zone” in areas of administration system, project construction and other types of work. We will give support to Baoji, Yulin and Hanzhong in their establishment of regional central cites, focus on the construction of 43 key counties, 35 demonstration towns and 31 famous cultural tourism towns. The third is to improve the city infrastructure by increasing occupancy rate in government-subsidized housing projects and speeding up the service facilities for on-going projects. Newly-built projects will give more attention to location livability and fair, open and transparent allocations. The newly-built government-subsidized houses amount to 163 thousand and renting subsidies are distributed to 18.7 thousand households. Renovation plan for shanty areas should be issued and cover 267.7 thousand houses per year. It is important to improve city facilities in a comprehensive way, increasing capacities in power supply, water supply and discharge, thermal power supply, communication services, to renovate more crossing-border roads of towns and counties, to improve public transport network, to develop parking lot towers, to design the marketplaces and supermarkets for people’s better convenience. The fourth is to promote fine management of cities, and resolve public-concerned issues of transport congestion, city appearance, lack of public space and services. It is suggested to use more information technology to lift up city management, speed up the construction of smart cities, advocate the healthy way of life, and widely carry out activities on constructions of Sanitary City, Park City, Forest City and Cultural City.  

We should encourage innovations to promote integration of urban and rural areas, and organically combine Beautiful Village, migration of residents, precise poverty alleviation, merging of small villages to form big villages, and building of new rural communities. We should more deeply carry out infrastructural constructions in rural areas and extend public service system to provide farmers with access to city life. There should be a migration of 110 thousand households or about 400 thousand people for avoiding natural disasters or alleviating poverty; in southern Shaanxi, about 60 thousand households or more than 200 thousand people join the migration; in northern Shaanxi, there are about 40 thousand households or about 160 thousand people, and in the north of Qinling Mountain and Weihe River, there are 10 thousand households and 40 thousand people. About 1 million people should shake off poverty. Renovation of rural living environment should be carried out in 42 counties and 21 towns, plan should be worked out to protect old traditional villages and the plan of clearance of rubbish in rural areas should be launched for the next 5 years; power grid renovation project is going to be launched and more than 6 thousand mile roads in rural areas will be repaired; about 2.2 million people begin to gain access to safe drinkable water. College students should be encouraged to work in rural areas and dedicated workers should be designated to scaled rural communities and about 1,000 new-style rural communities should be built. 

3.5 Resolve environmental problems through more patience, more determination and larger pace
It is the next-step plan to improve federated air pollution alarm and control system and further promote the action plan of “Fight against Smog and Protect Blue Sky”. It is suggested to promote the clean use of coal energy, adjust energy structure, promote clean discharge, implement co-generation of heat and power, the technology of denitration dedusting and the “two Ten- billion” natural gas utilization project, featuring the dismantling and renovating of coal-fired boilers in the 100 miles surrounding Xi’an city with the purpose of zero coal usage. It is also encouraged to manage vehicle exhaust by removing all “yellow-label vehicles” registered prior to 2005 and about 100 thousand old cars and to promote new-energy vehicles. Regular monitoring of construction sites and road dusts should be strengthened and more than 90% traffic lanes of Guanzhong area should be cleaned with machines. It is prohibited to burn crop straws and rubbish in the open air. A provincial air pollution alarm and control system should be established to make preparations for haze that unfavorable weather triggers.

Focus should be put on protection of Qinling Mountain, regulation of Weihe River and promotion of ecological protection. It is important to implement Qinling Protection Regulation and improve protection and management mechanism, to fight against unlawful construction, mining or quarrying activities in Qinling area, and to build Qinling National Central Park. Cooperation within the province and with other provinces should be created and monthly water quality monitoring system, quarterly assessment and regular announcement mechanism should be established. A three-year action plan for regulating Weihe River should be launched to regulate the water system in Guanzhong area by focusing on Weihe River regulation and the diversion project from Han River to Weihe River and the systematic planning of the watery system of Guanzhong Area. The construction of dikes, water storage and flood detention areas, and ecological protection of wetlands should be further promoted. The regulation of Han River and Dan River should be carried out, the water pollution alarm and prevention system should be established, and cooperation projects with other provinces should be implemented, to obtain national policy support on water conservation area of the central route of the Diversion Project from South to North. Protection of natural forests, the shelter forests in northeast, north and northwest China and regulation of small watersheds should be continued. It is necessary to start a new round of “return cultivated lands to forests” project, plant “million mu forests” and conserve million mu wetlands. The application for Hongjiannao National Natural Protection Zone should be further pushed forward. Regulation of coal goaf, subsidence areas and areas vulnerable to geological disasters should be further strengthened. Soil remediation demonstration project should be implemented, and contamination of heavy metal, dangerous chemical articles and waster should be curbed.

It is important to fully play the effect of structural adjustment and further save energy and resources, to implement a more strict environmental access mechanism, to better control environmental resources and introduce an assessment system for energy-saving and reduction of emissions, to fully promote cultivated land protection, water and energy saving. We should ensure balance between removed and returned cultivated lands, speed up the planning of basic agricultural lands and ensure the scale and quality of cultivated lands. We should better control exploitation and use of water resources, the water usage efficiency and pollution control of water functional areas, and implement dual control of regional underground water exploitation volume and the water level. Energy saving policies should further apply to industry, construction, transport and public institutions, and we should remove steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum and plate glass industries that have not reached standard and small power plant below 100,000kw. This year we should achieve a removal of backward capacity of 640,000mt and saving of 189,000mt coal. Support should be given to the experiment of national major functional areas at Ankang, Zhouzhi and Zhidan and the national recyclable economy demonstration zone at Shangluo area. Supportive policy should be made to establish sewage water treatment factory operation mechanism at the whole province, and paid resource usage and ecological compensation system should be improved to implement experiments in energy saving and transactions of carbon emission rights, emission rights and water rights.

3.6 Overall planning for guarantee and improvement of people’s livelihood
A more proactive employment policy should be put in place that focuses on college graduates, demobilized soldiers and urban residents with low income; the employment and business creation policy system should be further improved. College student internship system should be widely applied at the government, state-owned enterprises and public institutions. We should increase the number of public welfare jobs, offer free professional training to the impoverished people, and relax limitations on the amounts of personal small-amount loan and time limit of interest subsidy to promote employment rate and business start-up. We plan to provide jobs to 360,000 more people in cities, and more than 80% college graduates should get their jobs after graduation and 5.9 million rural laborers should be transferred. 

Social security system for both urban and rural areas should be further improved. The testing area for “combing five types of insurance” should be expanded; occupational injury insurance should cover all workers, and the insurance should cover more individual business and people with flexible employment; the Old-age insurance should be reformed in government and public institutions to ensure the bottom line. Protecting those in urgent need, improving policy sustainability and sustainability should be focused when enhancing social assistance, improving the minimum guarantee system for urban residents and five types of guarantee systems for rural residents; more care should be given to children of migrant workers, women and old people. Protection of the rights of handicapped people should be further increased, social welfare and charity should be accelerated; the targets of social security system should be more precisely categorized and differentiated, including increase of basic allowance for those retired from enterprises, increase of minimum standard of basic old-age compensation and basic medical insurance compensation standard for urban and rural residents, the increase of compensation standard for minimum guarantee and interim relief subsidies, to make the public finance system more transparent and beneficial to more people.

To provide more satisfying education, it is important to implement the second-phase of Three-year Action Plan for Pre-school Education, and to increase the financial subsidy to 1,300 yuan each year for each pre-school child. We should renovate and build 150 public kindergartens, actively promote the construction of primary school and middle schools in those areas where compulsory education is poor. It is necessary to build village primary schools and testing education points, to promote reform of education zone, and rotation system of schoolmaster sand teachers. We should promote the balanced development of compulsory education, diversify high school education, scale up vocational education for better practical utility, further promote the internalized development of high education, strengthen special education, and encourage and regulate social forces in building schools.

To improve medical guarantee capacity, it is important to deepen reform of public hospitals and medicine supply system, carry forward reform testing in one city and ten counties and improve segmented clinical system. “Thirty-thousand Project” should be continued and the construction of Northwest Medical School should be accelerated; support should be given to the co-creation of universities between Tongchuan City and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. It is encouraged to integrate maternity and child health care and family planning resources, start basic health care projects for pregnant women, and implement award policy on family planning. It is also suggested to relax limitations on social-funded hospitals, provide equal treatment in aspects of designated medical insurance, professional title appraisal and qualification evaluation, implement multiple-site license policy for doctors and provide safe, cheap and convenient medical services.

It is important to speed up the establishment of modern public cultural service system that is convenient, fair, covering both urban and rural areas and can satisfy people’s basic needs. More investments should be made into cultural business and a long-term mechanism that featuring government-purchased public cultural service should be put in place. We should start preparation work for the 11st National Cultural Art Festival, speed up venue of construction, and implement the plan of “one art work for one city”. Progress should be made in building new provincial museum and folk cultural art center; cultural sports auditorium construction should be accelerated. TV and Radio should enter each rural household; cultural heritage protection plan should be made and implemented; reading activities and sports activities for all residents should be widely implemented; People’s spiritual cultural needs should be met.

4. To speed up the construction of a law-based government

This year is the first year of promotion of rule of law in all aspects. It is important to combine the achievements of mass line education activities, and further promote the education of “self-discipline and being more practical”, to strengthen the party’s style of work. It is important to build up a law-based government, with its function scientific, responsibilities lawful, enforcement of law strict, efficiency high, open, fair, free from corruption, law-abiding and honest.

It is necessary to strictly implement government responsibilities according to the law. The responsibilities should include: authorization by law comes first, boundary of power be clarified, legalization be promoted in institutions, functions, limits of authority procedures and responsibilities. We should create a power list, a responsibility list and a negative list, issue without delay administration permit, administrative punishment, administrative compulsion, and administrative imposition, and prohibit power outside legal boundary. We should better implement responsibilities including public service, market supervision, social administration and environmental protection, and decentralize the power and streamline the government institutions. It is also imperative to resolve issues related to people’s lives, including food safety, city management and environmental pollution.

Efforts should be made to improve legal procedures for public participation, expert evaluation, risk assessment, legality investigation and collective discussion and decision. It is suggested to improve government legal adviser system, build modern think tanks, promote on-line administrative approval, and establish lifelong accountability mechanism for key decision. We should ensure that the policy-making system is scientific procedure is appropriate, process transparent and responsibilities clearly-distributed. It is imperative to speed up the improvement of administrative regulation making procedure, to increase laws and regulations made by legal institutions and third-party institutes, to expand legal channels for people’s involvements into government legislation and prohibit legalization of department interests. 

It is important to regulate administrative legal enforcement activities, delegate law-enforcement power according to responsibility and rights of different levels of government, promote comprehensive administrative law enforcement and resolve overlapping responsibilities and multiple law enforcement issue. It is imperative to establish a sound administrative discretion benchmark and legal review system for key law enforcement decisions, management of law enforcement personnel qualifications, and law enforcement record system. It is important to investigate and punish replacing law with verbal orders, using power beyond legal constraint, and other illegal behaviors for private benefits. It is also imperative to strictly implement accountability system, finish legal cases within due time, and supervision and appraisal system, introduce third-party institutions to make assessment of administrative efficiency, and advocate working style featuring shouldering responsibilities, hard-working and pragmatic efficiency.

It is important to strengthen restriction and supervision of administrative power. Government officials should willingly accept supervision by People’s Congress and its standing committee, the democratic supervision by the CPPCC of the province. It is suggested to further improve the work report and communication system, and timely respond to opinions and advice. We should strengthen the restriction and supervision within the government, delegate power according to different issues, different positions and different levels and rotate positions regularly, strengthen supervisions, expand the audit scope in usage of financial capital, supervision of state-owned asset, government investment, government purchase, public resource transaction and public project construction. It is also important to make administrative affairs more open and transparent, to make better work in information disclosure of financial budgeting, public resource allocation, key construction project approval and implementation, to pay attention to response to the public opinion on the internet, and to widely carry out activities of “citizen visiting government” and “college student internship”. It is required to implement the responsibilities in building a clean government and improving party’s working style, to strictly follow rules against waste and corruption for party and government institutions, to regulate financial expenditure for administration reception, outbound visits and public activities, to increase efforts in fighting against corruptions and investigating and punishing illegal behaviors, and to win trust and support of the people.

Fellow Deputies, the police officers and army troops stationed in our province have made remarkable contributions to the development and reform of Shaanxi, especially during natural disasters and other emergent occasions. On behalf of the government and people of our province, I would like to extend sincere thanks to them! We would continue to support the army construction as we always do, to do a better job in reserve force building and militia work, to promote national defense education, to widely carry out double-support work, to resolve practical problems for veterans, demobilized soldiers and entitled groups, and to consolidate and develop the unity between the military and people.

Fellow Deputies, with hopes in our minds, we are confident about the future development. Let us follow the leadership of the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the general secretary, hold the great banner of communism with Chinese characteristics. I believe that under the leadership of provincial leaders, we could build a rich, harmonious and beautiful Shaanxi through our hard work. All Rights Reserved

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