New foreign ID card leads to convenient financial services in Xi'an

2024-01-11 14:14:43 , Source :

The exit-entry administration of the Xi'an Public Security Bureau issued its first new version of China's Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card on Jan 9.

A French teacher took this card and experienced a wider range of convenient financial services at a branch of the Bank of China in the Xi'an High-tech Industries Development Zone.

The National Immigration Administration announced the release of this new version of China's Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card in December 2023. Thanks to its incorporation of the five-star elements, the new version of this card is also referred to as the "Five-Star Card".

The holders of these cards can now handle personal matters such as transportation, daily consumption, and online banking through internet platforms. This allows card holders to work, study, and live more comfortably in China. These cards also help improve the quality and efficiency of immigration management services.

Currently, according to the latest policies, card holders can open bank accounts and handle financial services with the card as a valid form of identification.