Shaanxi Universities Are Allowed to Reopen Starting April 27th

2020-04-20 16:13:56 , Source : XIANEASE

The Shaanxi Department of Education issued a notice on April 19th announcing the schedule for the resumption of classes for universities in the province.

Similar to the return of students in high schools and middle schools, students in their final year, including for undergraduate, masters, and doctorate degrees, will resume on April 27th, while other students will return after the May holiday on May 6th.

Teachers and students who are currently abroad will not be allowed to return at that time and will need to wait for a lifting of the entry ban for foreign nationals. For those people, classes will continue to be arranged online.

Students and teachers returning to Shaanxi will need to have  a green 一码通 QR code or appropriate government issued health certificate in order to resume classes. Those returning from Hubei province or other medium to high-risk areas inside of China will be quarantined for 14 days on arrival in Shaanxi. During that period, the person in quarantine will be required to undergo testing for the virus, the cost of which will be covered by the school or institution.

All universities and other higher education institutions should continue to practice epidemic prevention measures and controls throughout the reopening period.

It should be noted that, while these are the suggested dates, some universities will reopen according to the situation, and will notify teachers and staff of the reopening time before they should return. Neither teachers nor students should return to school until indicated to do so by their universities.

A translation of the original message has been placed below for your reference. (Link to the source at the bottom of the page. For the link to the notice on the Shaanxi Department of Education website, click "Read More" below.)

Colleges and universities:

According to the situation of the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in our province and the trend of the epidemic at home and abroad, after research, the following is the notice for the opening of the spring semester of colleges and universities in the province in 2020:

1. From April 27th, colleges and universities can start arranging graduation grades (including higher vocational and undergraduate, master, doctoral), medical majors, medical colleges and students with scientific research tasks to return to school at different times Arranged by all universities.

2. After May 6th, colleges and universities can start arranging students from other grades (including higher vocational colleges, undergraduates, masters, and doctors) to return to school.

3. Teachers and students who are still abroad (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) will not return to school, and the specific time for returning to school will be notified separately.

4. Teachers and students should have a local health certificate or the national government information platform health epidemic prevention code and health QR code "green code" before returning to school; no health certificate or national government information platform health epidemic prevention code and health QR code are "yellow" "Code" or "Red Code" will not return to school.

5. Teachers and students who return to Shaanxi from Hubei Province and other medium- and high-risk areas in China, the faculty and staff will be kept at home for 14 days, and the students will be organized and watched by the school for 14 days. During the period of quarantine, all colleges and universities should contact a third-party nucleic acid testing institution to conduct free nucleic acid testing for such teachers and students at least once (the cost is borne by the colleges and universities).

6. For teachers and students who cannot return to school as scheduled due to epidemic prevention and control, self-isolation, disease, etc., colleges and universities should organize online education and teaching, strengthen care and care, and safeguard the rights of teachers and students in education and teaching.

7. After determining the time for teachers and students to return to school, all colleges and universities should promptly publish the "Notes on Starting School" to teachers and students to inform them of the anti-epidemic measures on the way back to school and the arrangements for anti-epidemic after arriving at school.

8. All colleges and universities should strictly follow the "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Pneumonia in Higher Education Institutions" of the Ministry of Education and the relevant requirements for the prevention and control of epidemic outbreaks in territories, and formulate the school opening plan (including the testing plan for the personnel who need nucleic acid testing) Contingency plan, do a good job of preparations for the prevention and control of materials, education and teaching and campus venues before the start of school. All colleges and universities should take the initiative to connect with the epidemic prevention and control departments of their territories. After the school start plan is approved by the epidemic prevention and control department of the city (district) where they are located, they shall be submitted to the Provincial Department of Education for approval 3 days before implementation.

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