Policies for Expanding Opening-up and Promoting Foreign Investment

2017-08-24 11:41:15 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The table below lists names of the national preferential policies and preferential policies of Shaanxi Province and main policy chapters for foreign investors investing in Shaanxi. For more details, please visit website “Guidelines for Investment in Shaanxi”.

Preferential Policies for Foreign Investors Investing in Shaanxi


Name of policy

Policy chapters related to foreign investors

National Policy

Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Central and Western Regions’ of Undertaking Industry Transfer (GF [2010] No. 28 August 2010)

1. Foreign investors investing in competitive industries in central and western regions will be exempted from the tariffs on the imported equipment for self-use within the total investment according to the regulations.

2. Encourage and guide foreign banks to set offices and conduct business in central and western regions.

Announcement of Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs and State Administration of Taxation on Issues of Tax Policy Concerning In-depth Implementation of Western Development Strategy (CS [2011] No. 58)

Foreign investors investing in competitive industries and industries encouraged to develop in western regions will be exempted from the tariffs on the imported equipment for self-use within the total investment within the specified scope of the policy.

Opinions of the State Council on Division of Work for Departments for the Implementation of Key Work in the “Government Work Report” (GF [2017] No. 22)

1. Further relax the control over foreign investment in service industry, manufacturing industry and mining industry.

2. Encourage foreign-invested enterprises to participate in the activity of listing and bond issue of China and allow them to be involved in national science and technology program.

3. Treat domestic enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises equally in such aspects as qualification licensing, standard setting, government procurement and the enjoyment of policies of Made in China 2025.

4. Local government is allowed to make and introduce preferential policies for investment promotion within the scope of statutory authority.

Policies of Shaanxi Province

Decision on Promoting the Breakthrough Development of Open Economy (SF [2011] No. 10)

1. Fully and flexibly put all policies for China’s Western Development into practice, put all preferential measures of Shaanxi Province in place, speed up project introduction and vigorously support the development of enterprises.

2. In case of financial difficulties due to heavy tax refund for exported goods, the Shaanxi Province Finance Department will give subsidies in appropriate amount.

3. Actively develop preferential policies available to the foreign investors investing in private equity fund and the startup investment tax.

4. Leading enterprises settling in Shaanxi and investing in important projects and fast-growth enterprises with strong driving force and large increase in foreign trade will enjoy the special preferential policy of “one policy for one enterprise”.

5. Organize designated personnel to promote the research of open economy and improve the perspectiveness, effectiveness and pertinence of policies and measures.

Opinions on Further Optimizing the Investment and Development Environment (SZF [2014] No. 7)

1. Infrastructure projects in development zones which are eligible for the economic and social development and industrial development planning could enjoy the priority of the provincial special funds.

2. All cities and districts should increase financial efforts to support production and infrastructure projects involving in road, gas, water, power and telecommunication.


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