Foreign Investment Promotion Service Organization

2021-10-29 15:51:00 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Organization (offices related       to foreign investment)

Main functions of  organizations       related to foreign investment


Shaanxi Provincial Development 

and Reform Commission (Foreign 

Investment Office)

Propose opinions on revision   of catalogue of industries for guiding foreign investment; review major foreign investment projects.

Shaanxi Provincial  Department of Commerce (Foreign Investment Management Office and Foreign    Investment Service Office)

Examine and approve the  establishment and change of foreign-funded enterprises, supervise and check  the compliance with the laws and regulations and fulfillment of contract, and   receive and mediate the foreign investors’ complaints.

Foreign Affairs Office of the       

People’s Government of Shaanxi Province

Coordinate the foreign  affairs and foreign-related activities in the province to provide information for economic and trade cooperation and communication as a bridge.

Taiwan Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province

Coordinate the province’s investment attraction in Taiwan, take charge of identification of Taiwan enterprises and mediate the Taiwan enterprises’ complaints.

Shaanxi Administration for Industry and Commerce (Supervision Office of Foreign Investor Registration)

Take charge of the registration and annual inspection of foreign investment enterprises;    classify and manage the credit of foreign investment enterprises; analyze and make public of the registration information of foreign investment  enterprises.

Shaanxi Province Office. SAT      (Import and Export Tax Management Office and International Tax Management Office)

Organize and implement the  management of import and export tax and refund of tax for exported goods;deal with the matters concerning tax between countries (regions); organize     the adjustment of special taxation as the      leader.

Shaanxi Local Taxation Bureau    (Foreign-related Taxation and Anti-tax Avoidance Office)

Deal with the matters  concerning tax between countries (regions); organize the adjustment of special taxation as the leader; organize the  regional and industrial joint inspection and anti-tax avoidance inspection of large multinational corporations and investigation of major anti-tax avoidance case in Shaanxi  Province.

State Administration of Foreign    Exchange Shaanxi Branch

Take charge of the statistics, management,    pre-warning and analysis of international     balance of payments and foreign exchange    receipts and payments in Shaanxi Province.

Department of Human   Resources and Social Security of Shaanxi Province

Prepare social security policies for employees; labor arbitration and supervision;            introduction and management of foreign    experts.

Public Security Bureau of          Shaanxi Province (Entry and Exit   Administration Bureau)

Management of administration concerning    residents and residency, nationality and     entry and exit matters.

China Council for the  Promotion of International Trade Shaanxi Sub-Council

International commercial  certification,      submission of international exhibition for    approval, and  industrial intermediate      management.

Shaanxi Entry–Exit Inspection       and Quarantine Bureau

Implement the laws,       regulations and policies and working procedures for entry and exit       inspection, quarantine of animals and plants and import and export commodity       inspection, and be in charge of entry and exit inspection and quarantine,       identification and supervision management in the region within the       jurisdiction.

Xi’an Customs District People’s     Republic of China

Supervise the transportation tools, goods,     luggage and belongings, postal articles and other items  entering and exiting; charge tariffs and other taxes and fees.