Ankang National Hi-tech Industries Development Zone

2021-10-25 17:23:00 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Address: Ankang National High-tech Industries Development Zone, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Ankang Avenue, Ankang, Shaanxi Province.

Postcode: 725099

Tel: +86 (0)915/ 3321009

Fax: +86 (0)915/ 8168577



Ankang National Hi-tech Industries Development Zone is a national high-tech industrial development zone approved by the State Council on September 29, 2015. It implements the current national high-tech industrial development zone policy and enjoys the economic management power of a prefecture-level city. In 2001, Ankang biological technology industrial park – a provincial development zone – was established upon approval of Shaanxi Provincial Government; during nationwide clean-up and rectification of development zones in 2006, it was retained and renamed Shaanxi Ankang Industrial Park upon approval of the National Development and Reform Committee; in 2009, hi-tech industry development zone was built based on industrial park upon approval of Shaanxi Provincial Government.

Ankang Hi-tech Zone, extending eastward to Liujiagou, North Daqiao Road and junction of Yangpingguan-Ankang and Xiangfan-Chongqing railways, southward to Ankang Avenue and 316 national highway, westward to Ranjia River and northward to north ring expressway defined in Ankang urban master planning, covers a planning area of 28 square kilometers, including 19 square kilometers of land for construction.

Ankang Hi-tech Zone is famous for comparative advantage in development of biological resources in Qinba Mountains and plans and creates market popularity of Ankang biomedical products so as to build a well-known brand. In the zone, there are four functional areas: biological pharmaceutical area, new material area, green food area and comprehensive service area; industrial and product layout and development direction: biological pharmaceutical area is the planning area for key constructions of gynostemma pentaphyllan series of medicines, puerarin deep processing medicines, dioscorea zingiberensis wright series of medicines including saponin, diene enol, DHEA and deep processing hormone medicines, gutta percha deep processing products; new biological products developed using advantageous resources as raw materials such as konjac and other Chinese medical crops to push enterprises specialized in gynostemma pentaphylla, puerarin and diosgenin toward large-scale collectivization and push pharmaceutical products toward new formulation; new material area highlights profound development and utilization of mineral resources including zinc, titanium and barium and unique biological resources used for the development of new biological materials; use of hi-tech achievements to produce nanometer materials, PTC powder materials and follow-up electronic thermal element series, ultrafine active zinc oxide powder materials, titanium oxide new materials and subsequent medical and chemical cosmetic product lines, biological degradable materials and gutta percha new materials; green food area focuses on deep processing food of konjac lines, selenium-rich food and beverages, pollution-free green food in Qinba Mountains; comprehensive service area centralizes supporting facilities such as business center, office, residence and apartment, school, community care, conference and exhibition center and information processing.

Infrastructure provided for investors in Ankang hi-tech zone includes water supply and drainage, power supply, communication, broadband, roads, natural gas and land leveling.

Water supply: there is one running water plant in the zone with a daily supply capacity of 60000 tons for long term and 30000 tons for the short term.

Drainage: split-flow is used for discharging rainwater and sewage in 4900m pipes; one sewage treatment plant has a daily treatment capacity of 25000 tons.

Power supply: there are two 110KV overhead lines running through the zone; one 110KV substation.

Communication: now there are 5 communication operators in Ankang that can provide national and international services for enterprises; there is a telecom room in the zone, with capacity of 30000 lines in Phase I.

Broadband: two cable runs and backbone network of information superhighway provide comprehensive services for enterprises.

Roads: old and new national road 316 runs through the zone; maximum width of main road is 60m; minimum width of by-pass road is 15m, paved with concrete.

Natural gas: at present, the fuel gas is supplied in liquefied gas storage and distribution station with a maximum storage of 1020 cubic meters; upon completion, the dual-ring gas supply backbone network will provide users with pipeline gas, maximum gas supply 13516 cubic meters per hour.

Land leveling: the zone has a slight hillock terrain with basically level land and good geologic structure.