Xixian New Area

2022-08-25 14:15:00 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Address:No 1 Fengjing Road, Xixian New Area, Shaanxi Province, China

Postcode: 7112000

Tel: 0086-29-33186000

Fax: 0086-29-33186111

Website: http://www.xixianxinqu.gov.cn/

Xixian New Area is the fourth sub-provincial district preceded by Shanghai Pudong New District, Tianjin Binhai New District and Chongqing Liangjiang New District, which were established upon the State approval. This new district is located at middle of built-up area of Xi’an and Xianyang, extending from Maoling and Lao River’s mouth into Weihe River in the west to Baotou-Maoming expressway in the east, to planning Xi’an-Xianyang loop line in the north and to Beijing-Kunming expressway in the south; total area of control area is 882 square kilometers and land for construction covers 272 square kilometers. Division of Xixian new administrative district involves 7 counties (districts) and 23 towns (sub-district offices) in Xi’an and Xianyang.

Xixian New Area means integration of Xi’an and Xianyang that has been planned for a decade. This new supporting point pushes Xi’an international metropolis onto a new height. Guanzhong-Tianshui economic zone, Chengdu-Chongqing economic zone and Beibu Gulf economic zone, where Xixian New Area is located, are three key economic zones in Western Development and national key development areas defined in “National Principal Functional Region Planning”. Guanzhong-Tianshui economic zone lies at center of China inland, links its east to west and north to south, has important strategic position, solid scientific and educational strengths, good industrial foundation, profound cultural heritage and formed town belts, and is hence an important economic center in the western region, a nationally important base for advanced manufacturing and hi-tech industries, a center for technology, commerce and trade, a comprehensive transportation hub, an important technological innovation base in northwest and a nationally important base for history and culture.

Following the path of “reliance, integration, dislocated layout and cluster development”, by dislocated development of existing industries in Xi’an and Xianyang and mutual complement among groups, the district strives to foster strategic emerging industries, develop low-carbon, energy-saving and environment friendly industries and high-end manufacturing, hi-tech and modern service industries, upgrade traditional industries and construct modern industrial system with distinct features.

All is “people-oriented”, including intensive land use, comprehensive urban functions and easily recycled production and living; under the framework of large-area green land and modern agriculture, a modern three-dimensional urban system that combines material and spiritual elements has been created in a blended and harmonious order.

Centering on the core area of metropolis and in a “broad” mode, five new cities are arranged including airport, Fengdong, Qinhan, Fengxi and Jinghe to produce a modern garden city pattern consisting of “one district and five cities” and “penetrating corridors and groups”.

Construction of Xixian New Area will fully display feature advantages of comprehensive locations such as history and culture, ecological water vein and resource elements. In 5-10 years, the new district will be turned into a functional new district and ecological garden new city that features ecological civilization, environment friendliness, modern facilities, harmonious society, open and inclusive, history and culture and orderly clustered industries; become a growth pole of social economic development and a state-level new district of national regional coordinated development.

Four highlights:

Ecological garden new city area: In addition to maintaining good ecological layout through group arrangement mode, the new district has planned for 223km farmland and orchard and 237 km water area, ecological protection greenbelt. The district will be turned into a modern garden city where city lies in green and forest is widely distributed and where city blends with garden in harmonious coexistence.22

Rapid transit connection planning: supported by intercity railways, freeways, express ways, urban rail transit and large-volume public vehicles, comprehensive transportation hub will be built in the new district to realize zero transfer of public transport vehicles, to advocate low-carbon travel and to achieve rapid links to Xi’an international metropolis and internal groups.

Beautiful small towns in the planning: sustainable new urban life style is advocated in the new district to reach balance between economic development and environmental protection in a city; original rural life style is maintained, focusing on ecologic environment protection; ecological garden towns will be built, characteristic of cultural tourism, farmyard, folk custom in Guanzhong and waterside leisure; key demonstrative town will be built in stereoscopic mode through intensive use of land.

Modern agriculture supportive planning: by development of urban and modern agriculture with characteristics of ecological, leisure and extraverted agriculture, the new district will be turned into an area where modern agriculture highly blends with urban construction and into vegetable basket base and modern agriculture base for Xi’an international metropolis.

Functional layout

Airport new city: planned area is 141 km; principal functions are to build airport hub and industrial park in west region; based on airport industries, priorities are given to airport logistics, airplane maintenance, international business and modern services.

Fengdong new city: planned area is 161 km, including 13.3 km for protection zone of historic relics; principal functions are to build overall technological resources demonstrative base and sports exhibition center; based on high technologies, priorities are given to hi-tech research and development and incubation, sports, exhibition business and cultural tourism.

Qin-Han new city: planned area is 291 km, including 104 km for protection zone of historic relics; principal functions are to build aggregated exhibition area of Qin and Han history and culture that may have impact on the world and build ecological garden demonstrative new city in Xi’an international metropolis; based on ecology, culture and commerce, priorities are given to Qin-Han history and culture tourism, financial business, headquarter economy and urban agriculture.

Fengxi new city: planned area is 143 km, including 8.6 km for protection zone of historic relics; principal functions are to build emerging industrial base and comprehensive service sub-center in Xi’an international metropolis; based on strategic emerging industries, priorities are given to information technology, the Internet of Things, new materials, biomedicine, administrative business and urban agriculture.

Jinghe new city: planned area is 146 km; principal functions are to build overall urban and rural development demonstrative area and cyclic economy park in Xi’an international metropolis; based on low-carbon industries, priorities are given to energy-saving and environment friendly industries, high-end manufacturing, surveying and drawing, new energy, food processing and modern agriculture.