Hanzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone

2021-10-25 17:17:00 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province


Hanzhong Economic Development Zone (hi-tech Technology Industrial Park) is a national economic development zone, covers a planning area of 14.42 square kilometers, consists of southern and northern district, aims at “laying foundation within three years, producing effect within five years and developing greatly within ten years”, exercises in full operation an open, environment-friendly, industrial, commercial trading, harmonious and steady strategy, actively creates an environment favorable, prosperous for commercial development, respect and reassure the merchants, constantly improves the quality of economic operation and enhances continuously the general strengths. Over years’ development, the following characteristics begin to show up in the development zone:

First, good foundation conditions: National roads 108 and 316 as well as Xi’an-Hanzhong highway, Baoji-Bazhong highway and Shiyan-Tianshui highway run through the zone; railway main lines connect to everywhere in the country; Xi’an-Hanzhong-Chengdu high-speed railway adjoins the zone; flights from Hanzhong can get to Tianjin, Chengdu, Wuhan and Xi’an directly; so there is convenient traffic. In the development zone, there are power supply, water supply, roads, sewage drainage and communication, which conform to complete supporting service system including industrial and commercial agency, tax administration, public security, finance, insurance, school, hospital and residence; a large number of infrastructure facilities have been completed and put into operation; environment for development and construction is increasingly improved.

Secondly, essential formation of industrial structure: The zone firmly establishes the idea of building the zone as planned to ensure scientific and reasonable planning and characteristic orientation; priorities are given to three characteristic industrial parks, including Shannan modern Chinese traditional medicine industrial park, Hanzhong aviation supporting manufacture park and non-public equipment manufacturing park. Currently, an industrial pattern is created in northern district, focusing on aviation supporting manufacturing, precision machine processing, instrumentation and modern pharmaceutical chemical industries; in southern district, the industrial pattern is based on commercial trade, large logistics, warehousing, chemical and food. Two districts complement and bring out the best in each other.

Thirdly, superior investment environment: The development zone always exercises an operating mechanism of centralized simplification, flexibility and high efficiency as well as pragmatism, adheres to management strategy of “small government, big society, small organization and big service”, positively carries out responsibility system for merchants, service commitment system and fulfillment within specified time and Through Train for major projects, which prove effective in handling affairs as they follow standardized management and legal administration; policy guidance is respected; principles of “introducing what is not legally forbidden” and “focusing on reward and aid” are observed; sixteen measures for growth in industry and real estate are executed and more aids are given to enterprises; investment environment is governed and purified legally to ensure lawful rights and interests of merchants as well as create a high-efficiency and honest environment of government affairs, a market environment of open competition, a legal and impartial environment, friendly ecological environment and human environment so as to introduce, maintain, retain and afford projects.

Finally, huge potential for development: The development zone sticks to the idea of the cyclic economy; based on Hanzhong aviation industry, mechanical manufacturing and green industry, emphasizes construction of Shannan Aviation City in support of Shaanxi Aircraft Industry Group to build aviation onboard industrial district and aviation supporting industrial district; positively promote aviation industry and precision instrumentation, tool R&D and production, aerospace standard component supporting production; based on Shannan Chinese traditional medicine resources, promote R&D and production of modern Chinese medicine and new drugs, biomedicine and bioengineering R&D, green food and processing equipment. We practice “discussing one affair and handling one case with special method”, execute all preferential policies concerning national development of west regions and breakthrough development of Shannan, observe the idea that “if you invest, we’ll pave the way, if you operate, we’ll protect you, if you have any trouble, we’ll offer help and if you earn money, we’ll provide services”, uphold Hanzhong spirit of “opening to the outside world and taking a compatible attitude” and development zone spirit of “pragmatism, innovation and dedication”, and sincerely welcome your investment in Hanzhong to complement each other’s advantages and achieve win-win results.