These ancient soldiers are women

2023-11-30 14:18:26 , Source : China Daily

Actresses dressed in the military garb of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) patrol the Xi'an City Wall Scenic Area in Shaanxi province on Tuesday. [Photo provided to]

At 4:30 pm daily, an actress dressed as a general of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and a cohort of female soldiers begin patrolling the Xi'an City Wall Scenic Area in Shaanxi province.

They start at the wall's Yongning Gate and engage with tourists as they go, their graceful, heroic figures adding to the visual feast in the ancient city of Xi'an.

The management committee of the scenic area has been promoting cultural and creative elements to enhance visitors' experience.

The patrols are a new cultural highlight for the scenic area, following the previous patrol of workers dressed as armored warriors.