Luochuan Wool Cotton Embroidery

2017-12-04 14:58:40 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Luochuan Wool Cotton Embroidery takes hessian cloth as its bottom, uses colored wool and cotton as its raw material, and adopts the method of pricking, weaving, and embroidering. It not only has the characteristics of paper-cut, and has the charm of the embroidery. With the fine craft, it opens a new path for the Chinese folk soft sculpture art.

With extensive themes, the wool cotton embroidery is rich in content. The design is novel and the techniques are superb. Most of them are made by village girls and peasant women. The embroidery is filled with images and flat in shape. In terms of modeling, it is bold and full of exaggeration. The image is more distinct, and the color is bright. The embroidery blends elaboration with primitive simplicity, and is rich in decoration. With the development of folk art in the world, Luochuan Wool Cotton Embroidery has a rare work of art and tourism souvenir for both domestic and foreign artists and visitors.

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