2021 the 5th anniversary of the Xi'an Marathon

2021-03-25 16:33:31 , Source : Discover Shaanxi

2021 marks the fifth anniversary of the Xi'an Marathon and two marathon games will be held in April. While waiting for the exciting games, let's review the wonderful moments and the route of previous marathon races. 

Xi'an City Wall International Marathon

As the world's only marathon game to set the whole track on ancient city wall, Xi'an City Wall Marathon perfectly blends sportsmanship and history.

Xi'an Sunac Marathon

Hearing the gunshot, marathon runners get off the mark at Yongningmen in the morning, running across the ancient capital city to the finishing line. Along their way are ancient quaint  buildings and modern cityscape.

Young ladies in Tang costumes and staff in Tang armor make Xi'an Marathon race more diverse.

Volunteers shout and cheer for athletes who are all sweaty.

The race sets the blood of every runner on fire and adds a trace of vitality to the magnificent historical city.

They pass the Bell Tower roundabout, catching a glimpse of the city's vibe of the past and the modern.

They pass the Dayan Pagoda, looking into the long history of the city.  

In the Tang Paradise, they see the atmosphere of prosperous Tang Dynasty.

In Qujiangchi Lake, they are enchanted by picturesque scenery.

Xi'an Inno Start-up Wonderland in Gaoxin district presents to them a dynamic and modern Xi'an.

They pass W Hotel, an epitome of Xi'an rapid development in recent years.  

They pass univerisity town, impressed by rich academic atmosphere.

After the arduous journey, they spurt into the goal, brimming with the joy of victory.

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