Shaanxi Epidemic Psychological Assistance platform has been opened

2020-02-07 12:02:09 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

According to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education, the Education Work Committee and the Provincial Department of Education commissioned the Shaanxi University Psychological Education Research Association to establish a "Shaanxi epidemic Psychological Assistance platform" to carry out psychological support services related to the epidemic situation for teachers, students and people in the province.

Service For

For those who affected by the epidemic situation in Shaanxi Province is in urgent need of emotional counseling and psychological support.


The team of psychological support service provided by Shaanxi Education system Psychological Assistance platform is composed of professional psychological counselors in Shaanxi colleges and universities. At present, there are 181 volunteers, each of whom has the function of hotline and message. The hotline opens from 9:00 to 21:00 a day, with a service time of about 30 minutes each time. In order to protect the privacy of consultants, all consultation information will be deleted within 3 days.


1. The maintenance and management of the platform is the responsibility of the Shaanxi Provincial College Psychological quality Education Research Association, regularly training and supervision of psychological assistance volunteers, and do a good job of psychological support service statistics.

2. According to the development of local epidemic situation and the actual situation of psychological counseling team, colleges and universities in various localities should carry out relevant psychological support services. We will encourage qualified departments of psychology (colleges) and national and provincial demonstration centers for psychological counseling and education to set up separate psychological support hotlines and network counselling services.

For those in urgent need of emotional counseling and psychological support, please identify the following QR code or click on the bottom to "read the original text" and call the psychological assistance hotline or online message consultation on 9: 00 / 21: 00 every day!


Psychological Assistance platform for epidemic situation in Shaanxi Education system

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