The China Railway Express with Shaanxi Commodity Arrived in Hamburg

2018-06-08 09:53:35 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On 5th June at midday local time, the China Railway Express train of “Chang’an” loaded with Shaanxi commodities arrived at the DUSS Station in Hamburg, Germany after a 16-day journey. Han Yong, the Chairman of the CPPCC Shaanxi Committee, and Sun Congbing, the Consul General of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Hamburg, attended the welcoming ceremony.

As the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg is the most import harbor in the country and the biggest foreign trade center. Since its launch in September, 2016, the Xi’an-Hamburg China Railway Express currently has six operations every week. With a low cost in terms of its time and delivery fees, the express has greatly improved the efficiency of cargo transportation. Last September, the Xi’an International Inland Port Group and Deutsche Bahn signed an agreement in Hamburg to jointly build the “Belt and Road” China Railway Express routes, so as to enhance and deepen the cooperation on trade and logistics between the two parties.

After listening to the introduction on the China Railway Express by the official in charge of the Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park and the Inland Port Group, Mr. Han asked about commodity supply resources as well as the operational and organizing condition of the China Railway Express. He said, the China Railway Express has helped to forge a golden logistics pathway to the center of Europe, which is a key feature of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. He also expressed his hope that through the “Chang’an”, more Shaanxi commodities could be brought to Germany and other countries and regions in Europe, and European commodities could be introduced to Xi’an as well, which will further improve its capacity to open to the West, concentrate on the East and radiate the whole nation, accelerating its pace to become the hub for international commerce, trade, transportation and logistics.

Han Yong pointed out that Shaanxi is currently following the strategic deployment of the 19th CPC National Congress to deeply integrate itself into the construction of the Belt and Road, vigorously develop the hub economy, portal economy and mobile economy, accelerate the establishment of reforms and an opening up platform, and create a two-way cooperation with links running eastward and westward over land and sea. Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park is hoping to give full play to its platform of China’s first inland port. Xi’an hopes to fully release the Free Trade Zone advantages, make bold and independent changes, improve the efficiency of customs clearance and continue to optimize the business environment. All these efforts aim to build a regional and international open channel, cultivate and develop the “three different types of economies”.

Yan Chaoying, the secretary-general of the Shaanxi Political Consultative Conference, Xue Hua, the chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shaanxi Sub-council, Maher Stan, the general manager of Germany International Railway Transportation Co., Ltd, Masvo Nevich, the general manager of TCO Intercontinental Freight Co., Ltd, Thomas Schutz, the deputy general manager of TCC Multimodal Transport Logistics Co., Ltd. and representatives of Chinese and German enterprises also attended the welcoming ceremony.

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