The 3rd Silk Road Expo Ends with Great Success

2018-05-16 18:16:37 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On May 15th, the 3rd Silk Road Expo lasted for five days and ended with great success. In the morning, the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province and the Executive Committee of the 3rd Silk Road Expo released the achievements made during the expo.

Under the theme of “New Era, New Situation, New Development”, the 3rd Silk Road Expo focused on the construction of the “Belt and Road”, with 26 central governmental departments and committees, directors from some central enterprises, and 30 delegations of provinces, districts or cities attending the event in groups. Over 1,900 guests and 52 high-rank government officials from Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, Malaysia and another 72 countries and regions have participated in the activities. It is worth mentioning that as the guest countries of honor for this year, the UK and Malaysia attached great importance on this Silk Road Expo as a platform for international cooperation, and thus held the most activities that covered the most areas in the Silk Road Expo history. The UK organized 9 activities covering investment, economy and trade, education and other areas, while Malaysia held 5 themed parallel conferences concerning economic and trade cooperation.

Under the philosophy of becoming an open and green event, the arrangement of the pavilions has been changed from region and nationality to a more scientific way, presenting 1 Cooperation and Exchanges Pavilion, 4 Industry Pavilions, and 1 Special Products Pavilion. The United States, France, the UK and over 20 other countries together with more than 30 overseas enterprises have participated in the exhibitions. There were 2,600 booths from over 2,000 exhibitors, with tens of thousands of special products for exhibition and selling, attracting 300,000 visitors and over 4,500 professional audiences to visit and sign businesses.

During this Silk Expo, the total investment that the Shaanxi delegation signed through the foreign investment project contracts was USD5.122 billion, including USD4.708 billion of foreign capital and achieving a year-on-year increase of 16.5%; the total investment signed through the domestic joint project contracts was RMB1.4045 trillion yuan; the volume of trade contracts for high-tech products and achievements was RMB519 million yuan. During the expo, the amount of intentional agreements with the UK was about RMB121.5 million yuan, and the amount of intentional trade with Malaysia was about RMB164.7 million yuan.

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