A Special Report on International Children’s Day: I will Become What You Are When I Grow Up

2018-06-01 17:57:32 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On the 69th International Children’s Day, the reporter asked the children in the kindergarten about their dreams and showed them what it would be like if they realized those dreams 20 years later.

Hu Yuetian, 6 years old, wants to be a soldier.

“I want to be a soldier, so I can beat up the bad guys and protect people,” the boy told the reporter with a serious look on his face, “and I can keep a police dog.” That’s another reason why he wants to be a soldier.

Zhang Peipeng, serving the Hanzhong Detachment of the Armed Police Shaanxi Contingent.

“Being a soldier has been my dream since I was young. My uncle was a soldier. When he went to the army, my family and I went to the station to see him off. I was in primary school at that time, and I thought being a solider was awesome and glorious. Since then, my only goal had been to join the military academy and become a soldier.”

During his 11 years in the army, Zhang has taken part in various missions, including disaster alleviation after earthquakes, fighting floods and forest fires, patrolling in the cities, and maintaining order at the train station during the Spring Festival Rush. In 2008, during the disaster alleviation mission after the Wenchuan Earthquake, he almost sacrificed life, an incident which left him with an unforgettable experience.

“I was a new recruit in the army for only 6 months when the Wenchuan Earthquake occurred, and my mission was to remove the damaged houses and help the local residents in rebuilding their homes. One day, when we were removing the house, the wall suddenly began to fall apart. I ran out with all strength as the wall fell behind me. I still get chills every time I recall this experience.” said Zhang. Thanks to his experience in the army, Zhang has learnt to manage and care for his teammates with a strong sense of discipline.

Su Qingmo, 6 years old, wants to be a dolphin trainer.

“The dolphins are so cute. I wish I were a dolphin trainer, so I could play with them.” Ever since she watched the dolphin show with her parents at the Chimelong International Ocean Resort in Zhuhai, Guangdong, the 6-year-old girl has had the dream of becoming a dolphin trainer.

Wang Ruixue, a dolphin trainer at the Qujiang Polar Ocean Park, Xi’an.

“Dolphin training seems to be a pretty interesting job, but it requires a great amount of efforts in places that the public don’t see.” Wang Ruixue, who has worked as a dolphin trainer for five years, told the reporter about the happiness and the bitterness behind her job.

One day in May, 2013, Wang visited the Qujiang Polar Ocean Park. After watching the dolphin show, she was shocked and touched deeply in her heart. The job for her was like “love at the first sight”. Wang said: “I was looking for a job at that time, so I sent my resume to them, and after rounds of interviews and tests, my dream finally came true.”

From being strangers to the dolphins to understanding them, from being familiar with them to going on stage with them, Wang made a huge effort. “At the very beginning of the training, sometimes I would get bitten by the dolphins if I wasn’t careful enough, their teeth would leave bloody marks on my hand.” Despite the risk of getting hurt, Wang never has the thought about giving up. “Training a dolphin for 5 years is like raising a kid for 5 years, it’s too hard for me to give up on a 5-year relationship.”

Wang also suggests that if Qingmo wants to be a dolphin trainer, she must be caring a caring person and must know how to swim. “If you want to be a dolphin trainer when you grow up, you must have a healthy body, and give your love to the dolphins.”

Liu Jiachen, six years old, wants to join the SWAT police.

Becoming a member of the SWAT police is the dream of the little boy Liu Jiachen. He has taken a fancy to the weapons held by the SWAT police. “These weapons are advanced, and I also want to use them!” He said that the work of the SWAT police was to catch bad guys and to train hard. “I am not afraid of criminals and hard work.”

Gao Peng, Captain of the Xi’an Beiguan Police Station Criminal Police Squadron.

Gao Peng told the reporter that his uncle who wore a yellow military uniform and a pistol on his waist was his idol when he was growing up. “I still remember a classic TV drama involving police and gangsters. The protagonist was a policeman, and he single-handedly fought against evil forces. He was very brave, so I also want to be such a hero.”

Gao Peng finally became a policeman in 2006. He was extremely busy. Sometimes he couldn’t return home for four or five days after receiving a case. However, he said that he had not been afraid to deal with difficult cases until his baby was born.

“Once you have a child, your heart will turn soft. The understanding of what it means to be a hero is also gradually changing. There remains lots of cases, and I still have to search for clues and catch criminals. The child can only rely on his mother for growth and development.” Gao Peng has complex feelings on hearing that many children want to be police officers when they grow up.

“The police force is a glorious but dangerous profession. If you want to be the police, you must first have a strong body. Children must build up a strong body from an early age. The discriminability is critical for being the police. That means the children need to study hard, arming their brains with knowledge.”

Ke Chenhao, six years old, wants to be a subway driver.

“It would be an honor for me to be a high-speed train or subway driver, traveling around with passengers!” The six-year old Ke Chenhao knew that the high-speed train or subway driver had to obey the traffic rules and pay attention to safety when he was a kid. “The driver must wear a safety belt when driving. When two trains pass each other, drivers should also pay attention to safety.”

Pang Lei, the driver of the Xi’an Metro Line 2.

“In fact, as a qualified subway driver, it is not only necessary to have safety awareness, but also to have good driving habits and be full of energy.” As a subway driver for 8 years, Pang Lei has been very enthusiastic about his profession since he was in college. “It is special and honorable for me to drive such a long train, transport passengers safely and contribute to the development of the city.”

In the past eight years, Pang Lei encountered many emergencies. What impressed him most was the failure of the subway operation system in 2013. “At that time, the system of the control center was out of order. I could only rely on my own work experience to correctly predict the operation of the vehicle and communicate with the center in a timely fashion, which ultimately ensured the vehicle arrived safely at the station.”

Pang Lei has little time to spend with his family due to his busy work schedule. However, he said that since he has chosen this career, he must stay true to the mission and forge ahead.

Zhao Ruitong, 6 years old, wants to be a fireman.

Those heroic deeds of the firemen that were reported on TV deeply inspired Zhao Ruitong. When he grows up, he wants to be a fireman who is courageous and not afraid of any hardship or difficulties.

Quan Kun, monitor of the Battle Class 2, Shijia Xingcheng Detachment, the Fire Protection Association of Xi’an Public Security Bureau.

Though he has worked as a firefighter for 5 years, Quan Kun, the young man born in 1995 still has the vein of a new recruit when he talks. At the beginning, he felt excited and scared on hearing the alarm bell. Now, he can cope with it unfazed. Through this whole process, Quan Kun’s firefighting dream has come true.

The work of the firemen revolves around rescuing life and property, such as putting out the fire, saving people and handling emergencies. Quan Kun’s mission is to rescue life and protect people’s property as well. “There’s not a single way to define the most dangerous situation, for the next task could be more dangerous,” Quan Kun said, “In order to be a firefighter one must gain the people’s complete trust, recognition and praise. All the above creates a lot reasons for the firefighters to work hard, hence, where they need us, we should be there at once.”

“It’s great that kids want to be heroes. From now on, they can start to prepare for their dreams. If possible, they can have a closer look at the fire-fighting equipment, so as to learn some working function, enrich their knowledge and endeavor to be a courageous person.” Quan Kun concluded.

Jia Yishan, 6 years old, wants to be a doctor.

“I suffered from a serious disease before, the doctors there were really nice to me. From then on I want to be a doctor when I grow up, and taking good care of others just like what those doctors did.” Jia Yishan said solemnly.

Yang Xiamin, an oculist from Xi’an No.1 Hospital.

Being an oculist for children, Yang Xiamin always considers the saying of “to cure sometimes, to relieve often and to comfort always” by the American doctor Trudeau as her code for working.

It is her seventh year as a doctor. Yang Xiamin said, “Both my parents are doctors. When I was in Grade Six, I often went to the mountain villages with my dad and helped the patients there. Each time, I could see those patients looking at my father with hope in their eyes, which strengthened my dream of becoming a doctor. Some kids came to me with very poor eyesight at the beginning, and they gradually got better during their therapy. I could notice their anticipation to me through their eyes.”

Being a doctor may seem very decent to others, but there’s still some unknown bitter behind. “Our working hours are really long, with only about ten minutes for rest at noon. During summer and winter vacations, there could be over 100 patients per day. Each time when I thought of asking for leave, it would occur to me that there were so many patients waiting for me. For that matter, I would stick to it even if I was ill.” As for Yang Xiamin, the biggest achievement in her doctor’s career lies in the trust and appreciation from patients.

Yang Xiamin added that, her four-year-old child also wanted to be a doctor, and she really appreciated that. She often tells her kid that being a doctor requires not only the rich knowledge, but also memorize a lot of information. The most important thing is to keep working hard at it.

Liu Jingshu, six-year-old, wants to be an astronaut.

The dream of this little girl is to become an astronaut and see a bigger world. She said: “My mother tells me that it is possible for me to achieve my dream as long as I can insist on following it no matter how hard it will be.” On this year’s Children’s Day, Liu Jingshu hopes to get a science book from which she can learn how to become an astronaut, and she believes that this can help her become more determinate.

Liu Yang, the first female astronaut in China.

As an astronaut heroine, Liu Yang, a first class astronaut of the Astronaut Corps, said on the Report Meeting of the Exemplary Deeds, “Five minutes after I took the rotating chair training the first time, the sudden nausea made me pale and caused me to sweat. I couldn’t eat for the whole day. Our instructor was worried and told me that there was still a long way to go before becoming extraordinary. Dreams are never easy to achieve, so I made up my mind and worked hard. I extended my training time from eight minutes to ten minutes and to twelve minutes and tried to challenge myself continuously. Finally, I could withstand the fifteen-minute training.”

Liu Yang shows the charm of a female in the vast space. As she said, “We should be brave and stay true to our original minds in pursuing our dreams.”

Qin Peiqi, six-year-old, wants to be a police officer.

No one can image that the little girl in the elegant princess dress would want to be a police officer in the future. “I lost my key once and couldn’t find it again so I want to be a police officer to help those in need.”

Chen Fang, the household registration police officer of the Lianhu Branch, Xi’an Public Security Bureau.

Chen Fang, a household registration police officer, is dressed in the police uniform and walks with steady steps. “My father is a police officer. When I was young, I recognized that my father could help a lot of people in need. So, I followed my father’s steps to become a police officer myself.”

Though being a police officer looks glamorous, there are lots of hidden difficulties behind the role. Chen Fang said: “At the Spring Festival or other festivals, I might be on a shift and need to help people deal with their business while others enjoy their family reunions. Even on New Year’s Eve, I was not be able to be at home until the following morning if I am on a shift. Not being able to unite with my family is not unusual in our home.” Chen Fang believes that one needs to pursue the career that they have chosen. So, she always makes sure that each assignment and each person are well treated. The responsibility and passion in her mind gave her motivation to follow the career all the time.

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