The Steel Framework of the Xi’an Silk Road International Convention Center is Completed

2018-05-31 18:04:01 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

(The Completion Ceremony of the Steel Framework of the Xi’an Silk Road International Convention Center)

(In celebration of the completion of the main structure)

On May 30th, the last truss was slowly elevated and welded into position, marking the completion of the steel framework of the Xi'an Silk Road International Convention Center. Using 66,000 tons of steel beams, equal to building 7 Eiffel Towers, the China Construction Steel Structure Corp., Ltd. completed the work within 90 days, which is equivalent to a quarter of the construction time to build the National Stadium in Beijing and the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The largest amount of steel installed in one day was 2,100 tons, meaning that the steel structure work of the Chang’an Tower could be completed in one and a half days.

It was learnt that the project was completed so quickly because the technical team adopted the project life-cycle management developed by the company. At the very beginning of designing the steel structure, the team used BIM software to have an overall in-depth design. The project has a large amount of complex nodes for the anti-seismic structure, so they used BIM to establish 3D models for these nodes and flattened and swept the walls, so as to solve the processing and molding problems. Before the hoisting process began, there has been an overall simulation calculation on the steel structure of the project, then they determined the datum points at every sector and started hoisting by sectors. Over 31,000 hoisting units, with weights ranging from 2 or 3 tons to almost 100 tons, have all been installed without any mistake, a 3 month period.

The Xi’an Silk Road International Convention Center is a reflection of the governmental policy in encouraging the building of fabricated buildings, and it is a representative of the current trend of developing fabricated buildings in Shaanxi Province, after the issue of the Implementation Suggestion from the General Office of the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province on Developing Fabricated Buildings. All the construction components used in building the center were manufactured in the workshops of CSCEC Steel (China Construction Steel Structure Corp. Ltd.). With the advanced production lines and the product control throughout the whole manufacturing process, the workshop manufactured components according to the design as required every day. Moreover, every manufactured component could be checked and traced with its unique bar code to guarantee its accuracy and stability. Some components were being manufactured at the workshop, meanwhile others were being sent to the construction site. Just like building blocks, the builders put up steel frames, and combined floor bearing plates and walls. During the whole process, the rate of field assembly reached 80% and above, shortening the constructing period by a third of the traditional time. In addition, the fabricated method can save room, energy, water and materials with higher work efficiency. In the meantime, the industrialized production and field assembly greatly reduced dust, noise, sewage and other pollution on the construction site.

It is reported that the Xi’an Silk Road International Convention Center, with an area of 200,000 square meters, will be a convention center integrating ecology, internationalization and intelligence. After it has been finished, it can hold various international high-end conferences. It will also become a new landmark in Xi’an and a new starting point for promoting the further development of the Belt and Road, and improving the city’s image and economic development of and even that of northwestern China.

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