Xi’an Marathon Races were Held with Characteristics

2018-05-21 21:48:53 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

After April 15th, the domestic road running community ushered in a blowout day on May 20th, including more than 40 marathon and jogging races held throughout the country. On this day, the Xi’an Women’s Half Marathon and the 2018 Ultra-Trail Mountain Qinling Race were both held in the ancient city of Xi’an.

Xi’an used to be a “depressing place” as it did not hold a single race for a long time. Instead, its sister cities and regions such as the Yangling Demonstration Zone and Weinan in Shaanxi all held international marathons, with some of them gaining the recognition outside the country and gaining an international reputation. As a result, many insiders and native runners have designed multiple marathon routes for Xi’an.

In the past two or three years, several high-profile and distinctive road races have been held in Xi’an. The Xi’an City Wall International Marathon with a history of more than 20 years has been rejuvenated; Xi’an International Marathon and Xi'an Women’s Half Marathon have been held one after another as well; 2018 Ultra-Trail Mountain Qinling Race, depending on the advantageous terrain, was organized in Xi’an for the very first time this year. In addition, competitions with different features and special focus are to be organized in this ancient city, pleasantly surprising runners there.

During the Xi’an Women’s Half Marathon on May 20th, there were parent-child runners carrying the baby carriages, couple runners with wedding dresses or angel’s wings. Along the racing track, the special posing points of “sweet moments” were set for lovers; the “Father’s Garden” for parent-child activities was arranged on the square.

“Nowadays in Xi’an, we can run on the city wall, the 600 year old wall built during the Ming Dynasty, and participants can have a look at the comparison between the ancient and modern structures; we can run from the Bell Tower of Ming Dynasty to the Daming Palace Site of the Tang Dynasty; we can run through the arch at the destination hand in hand with our boyfriends; and we can even adventure among the Qinling Mountains to challenge ourselves.” according to Yao, a junior student at Shaanxi Normal University. Yao also said that not only the non-governmental-organized running activities were becoming more and more commonplace, but the official events concerning running races have been intensive.

In Yao’s eyes, the most exciting race must be the international extreme road race – the TNF100 Ultra-Trail Qinling Mountains, which was held in Shaanxi for the first time. During the race on May 20th, over a thousand extreme sports fans started from the Qinling Mountains. They carried out the 42km and 28km races on the mountain roads with a maximum drop of over 1000 meters, experiencing the magnificence and precipitousness of the great Qingling Mountains.

Though the two events were held on the same day, the interaction among marathons in Xi’an kicked off. This year, the Xi’an City Wall Marathon provided some tickets of the Women’s Half Marathon to the runners who shared their photos taken during the races, and in turn, the Women’s Half Marathon has reserved 50 paid full tickets for the follow-up Xi’an International Marathon this year for the participants.

The Annual Report for the Chinese Marathon was released at the Marathon Gala 2017 proposed in January to create a model of industrial management, as well as to develop diversified and specialized events in response to local conditions. As for a latecomer, Xi’an chooses to take advantage of features, such as its history and nature, to conduct these great events. Among them, the Xi’an International Marathon, a regular full marathon, became one of the special events featuring the most beautiful race at this year’s marathon annual meeting.

Zhuang Lingxin, the media director of the Amazing Sports Co., Ltd, which operates the City Wall Marathon and the Women’s Half Marathon, said that “The marathon events show the development trend of the national blowout. The next step will be the sub-phrases, designing relevant events and services for people with different demands. At that time, enterprises that create special eye-catching races with strong characteristics will stand out among the countless marathon races.”

Zhuang told the reporter that they have adopted a way to reforge the longstanding event--the Xi’an City Wall International Marathon--through taking the 13 dynasties as the main theme since 2016. In this way, the popularity and influence of this event has been continuously improved. It was also praised by A. Dakis, the Vice Chairman of the Athens Marathon.

Inviting masters from the birthplace of the marathon to offer guidance also reflects the determination of the ancient city to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international sports organizations and major event organizers, as well as enhance the level of organization. Feng Yanyang, the director of the Sports Bureau of Xi’an, said that “To some extent, sport is the world language. Xi’an needs grand sporting events to demonstrate its time-honored history, splendid culture and the dynamism of the modern city, so as to break the traditional inertial thinking of Xi’an at home and abroad.”

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