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Music Shows

Fool and Idiot

Through the darkness, the sunlight wants to pull you and me, who are experiencing beautiful but ephemeral dreams, back to the reality. It seems to be a natural law that can’t be violated, but we believe that there are always some people who intend to seal rationality into dreams, drifting in the long night. We want you to sleep a little longer. We want to create opportunities without any limits for you who don't want to wake up. We just want to mix the variety of ideal, the beauty of hope, and the obscurity dreams. Now we're here. It’s hoped that your dreams are at rest and you don't want to wake up. The third chapter of 2019 Fool and Idiot "long night and few dreams" tour will be helpful fr you to understand.



Ticket Price: 200 yuan.

Concert of Rocc’s 3rd Anniversary

Dear guests, the members of ROCC will bring you the original underground Hip-hop live experience, based on the wonderful music works with grounding and powerful on-site singing skills.



Ticket Price: 40 yuan.

Piano Concert: Richard Clayderman 2020 Xi'an New Year Concert

He is known as the "evergreen tree" in the world's piano circle; he is the pianist who produces the most records; he is the idol worshipped by several generations of Chinese children; and he is Richard Clayderman, the most familiar piano prince for the Chinese people. In 40 years, Richard Clydeman has used more than 4000 pianos; in 40 years, Richard Clydeman has performed for 28 years outside France; in 40 years, Richard Clydeman has flown more than 3,000,000 kilometers.

Date: January,5th,2020.

Place: Qu Jiang Auditorium in Xi’an.

Ticket Price: 280 yuan.

Piano Concert: Classics Electronic New year's concert

Hyper music is a live brand for the audience who is fond of pure music. A number of songs are adapted from modern music. Some of these piano pieces are popular on the Internet, and some are the works of famous pianists, and others are the works of modern pianists from Japan and the United States. The exciting Star Sky and Beethoven Virus will also be presented to the audience.

Date: January,10th,2020. 

Place: Symphony Hall of Xi'an Concert Hall. 

Ticket Price: 80 yuan.

The Ninth anniversary of Nous Underground Special Performance in Xi'an.

Unconsciously, it has been nine years since the establishment of the brand of Nous Music in Xi'an. This year, the brand newly welcomed Lofimaker, the producer, Huang Jinghang, the superdino, and GoodLeft, Zuo Hao, the drummer. This also produces a distinctive spark for this year's annual performance with the cooperation with each other, which is bound to offer you a special audio-visual feast.

Date: January 10th, 2020.

Place: Guangyinshilu Original music Exhibition Center. 

Ticket Price: 200 yuan.

A Tribute to Beyond · Huang Jiaju Concert 2019

After 26 years, the voice of Huang Jiaju reappeared in the world. It is said that those who never heard Beyond are denied to talk about youth. A group of musicians with dreams named 630 as the name of the band, aiming at inheriting Huang Jiaju's music dream, and inspiring all people embracing dreams!

Date: January 11st, 2020. 


 Ticket Price: 180 yuan.

Kuishirang & Hayao Miyazaki Animation Classic Music Concert

With Kuishirang joining hands with Hayao Miyazaki, a series of classic animations come into being, and a number of music legends have impress all of us. Both of them, as the legends in the history of world animation, bring the world animation into a golden era.

Date: January 18th, 2020. 

Place: Symphony Hall of Xi'an Concert Hall. 

Ticket Price: 100 yuan.

Talk show night – Kam Banjitino‘s Main Show Tour in Xi'an

What do talk show actors look like in a stressful competition? What are the new feelings of entering the “Post-King” life? The combination of real and interesting story with the whimsical jokes will make you laugh at ease. Come to the theater to have a look! Just have a careful look at the performance without reservation so that you can see nothing, including the people who come along with you, but the show!

Date: January 19th, 2020.

Place: Xi'an People's Theatre.

Ticket price: 180 yuan.

New Year's Symphony Concert of Xi’an Symphony Orchestra

XSO Xi'an Symphony Orchestra is the only municipal Symphony Orchestra representing Xi'an, which is the professional Orchestra organized by Shaanxi Grand Theatre and Xi'an Concert Hall. According to Xi'an commentary, "Xi'an Symphony Orchestra is changing the spiritual outlook of the city".

Date: January 28th,2020. 

Place: Symphony Hall of Xi'an Concert Hall. 

Ticket Price: 90 yuan.

The Chivalrous: Jinyong Martial Arts Film and Television Works Concert

Where there are people, there is a corner of this world, and chivalrous people will always be there.

Date: January 29th,2020. 

Place: Symphony Hall of Xi'an Concert Hall. 

Ticket Price: 100 yuan.

The Audio-visual Symphony Concert of Classic Animation Works

The wonderful pictures in the films let you relive the tortuous stories one by one, and the attractive music overwhelming you will bring your thoughts into a romantic fairy tale world full of dreams.

Date: January 30th,2020.

Place: Symphony Hall of Xi'an Concert Hall. 

Ticket Price: 80 yuan.

Drama, Opera and Dance

Urban Family Ethical Drama

At the beginning of their marriage, a devoted couple solemnly reached an agreement that they would never make a baby if their economic foundation was not sound enough! After hard-working, the couple finally realized their middle-class dreams. Then they took a bold oath: Never give up without a baby! The plan is strictly implemented for two years. There was no sign of pregnancy. Even worse, a physical examination showed that the husband’s sperm survival rate was only 0.01%! Since then, the loving couple encounters the most severe test in marriage, but finally bursting out the most fervent passion.

Date: December 27th, 2019 to January 11st, 2020. 

Place: Shaanxi People's Art Theater. 

Ticket Price: 100 yuan.

the original Musical Drama in the Westend of London

As early as 1996, there was a movie for Matilda, but it attracts the audience who has seen the movie to enter the theater. Because the musical version of Matilda is totally different from the movie version in terms of narrative style and visual presentation, which can be said to be a comprehensive upgrade, and he most praiseworthy is the dance and beauty design of the drama version.

Date: January 4th, 2020 to January 11st, 2020. 

Place: Buick·Shaanxi Grand Theatre-Opera Hall. 

Ticket Price: 180 yuan.

The First Musical Promoting the Spirit of Westward Migration in China

The original concert Moving to the west is an original production by teachers and students of Xi'an Jiaotong University. Taking the struggle and life path of Professor Luo youmu's family of four generations who moved to the West for 60 years as the main story line, several life scenes during different historical periods are displayed from various aspects, and it deduces the emotional and ideological sublimation of a family for 60 years, reproducing such historical events in an artistic way as Jiaotong University’s relocation to the west in 1956, the college entrance examination resumption in 1977, the popularity of going abroad at the end of the 20th century, the competition of science and technology between China and the United States in the 21st century, and the construction of science and technology innovation port in Western China in recent years.

Date: January 10th.

Place: Xi’an People's Theater. 

Ticket Price: 80 yuan.

The Shadow Play Comedy during New year's Movie Season

The Sealed Shadow Box, Music of The King of Hell produced by Shaanxi Grand Theatre will be staged in Buick·Shaanxi Grand Theatre-Opera Hall on January 17 and 18, 2020, which is the first drama adapted from shadow-play of Shaanxi Grand Theatre. With the cooperation with both Sun henghai, the co-author, and Hu Ruonan, the director, it deconstructs the traditional stories of Wan Wan Opera(a type of Shaanxi Opera popular in the Weinan/Dali region) in shadow play, combining drama with opera, and it tells us an absurd farce in the way of "play in play".

Date: January 17th,2020 to January 18th, 2020. 

Place: Buick·Shaanxi Grand Theatre-Opera Hall. 

Ticket Price:120 yuan.

Experiencing Children's Play of Large-Scale Magic Snow Landscape

The Frozen creates a dazzling stage scene, and, with the utilization of multimedia technologies, it reproduces a world of ice and snow for the audience. The combination of professional actors and children's actors brings the children a truer feeling when they watch the performance. and there is not only an icy world, but also a magnificent palace. With the skillful application of colorful lights, the story’s content becomes even more attractive, and the vivid set props also give the audience a real feeling of being present on the scene.

Date: January 25th, 2020 to January 26th, 2020. Place: Buick·Shaanxi Grand Theatre-Opera Hall. Ticket Price:20 yuan.

Presented by Kiev Ballet from Ukraine

The music of Swan Lake is written by Tchaikovsky, the great Russian composer, in 1876. With the technique of Symphony writing, he constructs a grand music scene, and many of his music became classics.

Date: December 31st, 2019 to January 1st, 2020. 

Place: Buick·Shaanxi Grand Theatre-Opera Hall. 

Ticket Price:280 yuan.

Spanish Flamenco Dance Drama

As one of the three largest flamenco dance troupes in the world, the Spanish flamenco "dream team" and the Spanish Granada flamenco dance troupe are the best Flamenco Dance Troupe in the world. The classical large-scale dance play Carmen rehearsed by the troupe also represents highest level of flamenco dance in Spain.

Date: January 4th, 2020. 

Place: Xi’an People’s Hall. 

Ticket Price:120 yuan.

The Ballet of Russian Ballet National Theatre

The dance drama is based on The Nutcracker and the Rat king, the fairy tale written by German romantic writer Hoffman. At the Christmas Carnival, Clara received the Godfather 's gift, an ugly Nutcracker. Clara went into dreams with this gift. The doll defeated the mouse led by the mouse king. The Nutcracker became a handsome prince, and he invited Clara to roam the kingdom of snow. The sweet dream of happiness is always in Clara's heart.

Date: January 14th, 2020. 

Place: Buick·Shaanxi Grand Theatre-Opera Hall. 

Ticket Price:100 yuan. All Rights Reserved

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