Free Trade Zone Opened in Shaanxi

2017-05-27 14:53:46 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Yesterday (April 1st), China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone was officially in operation!

★ What is free trade zone?

A free-trade zone (FTZ) is a specific class of special economic zone that enjoys preferential trade agreement in trade and investment. It is a geographic area where goods may be landed, stored, handled, manufactured, or reconfigured, and re-exported under specific customs regulation and generally not subject to customs duty.

★ There are 3 districts of Shaanxi free trade zone

The first one is the center district including Gaoxin district, economic development district and Xi-Xian new district;

The second including Xi’an international port district and Chanba ecological district;

The third one is the Yangling district.

★ Citizens in Shaanxi will be able to enjoy

Favorable price for of imported goods

The open of free trade zone will attract more imported goods, therefore reducing the selling cost.

Cross border shopping in Shaanxi

The goods will be delivered directly to customers with preferable price.

Overseas medical care in Shaanxi

The free trade zone allows the establishment of wholly foreign-owned medical institution. So citizens will be able to enjoy overseas medical care in Shaanxi including general hospital, special hospital and outpatient service.

More financial products

More international financial products as well as overseas investment opportunities will be introduced in Shaanxi. And more overseas banks will enter Shaanxi free trade zone.

More entertainments

Wholly foreign owned entertainment venues are allowed to establish in free trade zone, which means people in Shaanxi will have chance to experience overseas entertainments.

Slack policy of visas

Sino-foreign joint travel agency is allowed to register in free trade zone. It will be more convenient for Shaanxi people to travel abroad.

More employment opportunities

There will be more new enterprises entering in free trade zone, thus creating more job opportunities.

★ Policies for the establishment of foreign enterprises will be more flexible

Policies for foreign investment will be less limited, more flexible and transparent. The government encourages foreign investment on high-end equipment manufacture, new generation information technology, advanced material, biological medicine etc., and encourages transnational corporations to set up regional headquarters, research center, sales center, logistic center and accounting center in free trade zone.

★ Contact info. of free trade zone:

Gaoxin General service office

Add: A block of Dushizhimen, 1 Jinye road, Xi’an


General service office at economic development zone

Add: 66 Fengcheng 9th road, Xi’an


General service office at Xi-Xian new district

Add: 1 Xiyi road, Fengjing avenue, Xi-Xian district


General service office at Xi’an international port district

Add: 6 Gangwu avenue, Xi’an international port district


Chanba general service office

Add: 2nd block of Chanba business center, Chanba avenue

Tel:029-83511531 All Rights Reserved

Registration Number:陕ICP备10004160号