2017 Public Memorial Ceremony of the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan to be Held on April 4th (Tomb-sweeping Day)

2017-03-07 17:01:45 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The “2017 Public Memorial Ceremony of the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan” co-sponsored by the People' Government of Shaanxi Province, Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office will be held on April 4th (Tomb-sweeping Day) at Qiaoshan Worship Square, Huangling County, Shaanxi Province.

There are totally 14 series activities for 2017 Public Memorial Ceremony for Yellow Emperor, which centres on worship ceremony and have their own typical characteristics, and the height and level will be further improved. Beginning in March, “Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor •Cultural Confidence” Academic Exchange, “Sanqin's lecture & “Chinese Traditional Culture Seminar”, “Calligraphy Exhibition by Cross-strait Masters”, “National Customs •Qinyun – Concert”, “Chinese Descendant”, “Siyuanlin”, “Tongxinlin” Tree Planting Activities” will be held one after another. And three new activities including Inauguration Ceremony for Signboard of Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor, Stone Inscription •Tradition Inheritance – Inscription Opening Ceremony for Public Memorial Ceremony for Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan , Overseas Chinese Leaders Planting Launching Ceremony will be added.

Public Memorial Ceremony this year aims to traceability, root searching, agglomeration and spirit, and persists Chinese civilization, builds cultural confidence and construct common spiritual homeland of Chinese nation by interpreting and exploring Chinese splendid traditional culture, firming cultural confidence and strengthening culture. It is known that in addition to Taiwan’s political party leaders will be invited to attend Public Memorial Ceremony, more juvenile students and grass-roots representatives from Taiwan will also be invited. Interview activity themed with "Journey to roots searching and traceability for Chinese civilization" “The second national Children's Artwork Competition themed with “Draw Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor in Your Heart”, “Honoring Earliest Ancestor and Celebration – Travel to Yan’an”, people from all walks of life will attend activities, which aims to improve influence and attraction of these activities, deepen Chinese people's recognition on Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor, popularize and spread Chinese excellent traditional culture and inherit Chinese culture.”

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