Xi'an renews first Serbian driver's license

2022-03-22 14:20:57 , Source : en.xa.gov.cn

On March 13, China and Serbia began allowing holders of valid driver's licenses issued in either country to obtain a driving permit and drive without having to take any additional tests.

China and Serbia begin recognizing each other's driver's licenses on March 13. [Photo/Xi'an news network]

Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, completed the first driver's license renewal for a Serbian on March 17.

That day, the Serbian applied for a driver's license renewal at the east branch of the traffic police detachment of the Xi'an public security bureau.

After all his information was verified, he received a Chinese driver's license without having to take any additional tests, and praised the efficient and high-quality service at the Xi'an public security bureau.

The goal of the move, officially agreed in May 2021, is to further promote economic and trade cooperation and personnel exchanges between the two countries.

According to the agreement, the two sides will mutually recognize driver's licenses for medium-sized passenger cars, trucks, small private cars and motorcycles if citizens from either country stay in the other country for less than one year.

Chinese citizens who stay in Serbia for less than one year can drive directly with their Chinese driver's licenses and translated copies, and Serbian citizens who temporarily live in China can present their licenses for temporary Chinese driving permits by submitting their Serbian licenses and translated copies, without needing a physical examination or test.

Furthermore, Chinese and Serbian citizens who are staying in each other's countries for more than a year must present their original driver's licenses and translated copies, along with their passports, visas or residence certificates. In this case, only licenses for small cars and motorcycles will be recognized.

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