FREE! Cultural Tour in Early Summer

2019-05-28 11:12:30 , Source : Discover Shaanxi

The weather is getting hotter, here is a full guide of FREE cultural tour in early summer for you guys:

Jia Pingwa Culture & Art Museum

In this museum, tourists can experience the intangible cultural heritages, including ancient papermaking, rubbings making, pottery, oiled paper umbrella painting and bandhnu art, etc.

ADD: South campus of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Lintong District, Xi’an City

Tickets: Free

Opening Time:10:00~18:00

Parrot Temple Park

In 126 BC, in order to praise the achievements of Zhang Qian, the Silk Road pioneer, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty started to cultivate pomegranate and such other western species that Zhang brought back in Lintong. Parrot Temple was built to worship the figure of Buddha shipped from the Western Regions.

Afterwards, pomegranate has become the special local product of Lintong District, which is also the regional cultural symbol of Lintong. Pomegranate blossom has become the city flower of Xi’an. This is absolutely the precious wealth left by the ancient Silk Road.

ADD: North end of Zhiyang 3rd Road, Lintong District, Xi’an City

Tickets: Free

Xi'an Museum

Xi’an Museum is the aggregation of museum, scenic spots and historical sites, as well as urban gardening. It was opened in 2007. Xi’an Museum is well-known for precious cultural relics, ancient pagoda from Tang Dynasty, Morning Bell of Xiao Yan Pagoda, as well as the view of landscape architecture.

ADD: 72 Youyi Road, Beilin District, Xi’an City

Opening Time:9∶00—17∶00

Tickets: Free with your ID card/passport (3000 free tickets per day/ Closed on Tuesday)

Meibei Lake

Meibei Lake was the most famous place in Qin and Han Dynasties, as well as Tang Dynasty. There are lots of historical sites. It’s called one of the best places among the views on the central Shaanxi Plain.

Tickets: Free

ADD: South side of Laobin North Road and Meibei West Road, Huyi District, Xi’an City All Rights Reserved

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