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Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone (“Xi’an Hi-tech Zone” for short), one of state-level hi-tech zones first approved by the State Council in March 1991, is located in famous scientific, educational and cultural district in southern suburb of Xi’an and covers 35 square kilometers of complete development. It is 7km distant to downtown area, 11km to railway station and 35km to airport. Section B of Shaanxi Xi’an Export Processing Zone lies in hi-tech zone.

Over years, Xi’an Hi-Tech zone has witnessed rapid growth of main economic indicators and its overall indicator ranks top among 56 state-level hi-tech zones nationwide. It has possessed its strength and specialty in promotion of technical innovation and development of hi-tech industries with national proprietary intellectual property rights. In accumulative total 10,000 scientific achievements have been commercialized, above 90% of which own proprietary intellectual property rights and are listed into various national industrial plans, ranking top among hi-tech zones nationwide.

Today, Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone becomes the largest economic growth pole in Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Area, has the best investment environment in middle and western area, is one of the regions with the highest degree of marketization and most active economic development and one of the six hi-tech zones supported by the state to be built as a first-class scientific park in the world, becomes the most potent economic growth pole and window open to the outside world in Shaanxi and Xi’an, and becomes an important base for hi-tech industries development in China. Leaders from the Central Committee such as Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin and Wen Jiabao had inspected Xi’an Hi-Tech zone for many times. In June 2005, Premier Wen Jiabao clearly pointed out that six hi-tech zones in Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan would be built as the first-class scientific parks in the world to make significant contribution to improving independent innovation capabilities and comprehensive national power. Premier Wen’s remarks emphasized independent innovation features of Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone; when the National Conference on Science and Technology was held, independent innovation was put onto a new height and Xi’an Hi-Tech zone regained much confidence and resolution in development of hi-tech industries with proprietary intellectual property rights. Technological innovation competitiveness of Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone takes third place nationwide, only next to Beijing Zhongguancun and Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park. In December 2008, along with Beijing Zhongguancun, Shanghai Zhangjiang, Wuhan Donghu and Wuxi hi-tech zones, Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone became the first group of 56 state-level zones with “Business Base for Overseas High-level Talents Innovation”.

Currently, there are over 180,000 registered market entities in the High-Tech Zone. The foundation of the high-tech industry is strong. Cultivate and form a "5+5+6+1" modern industrial system dominated by optoelectronic information, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, automobiles, new materials and new energy. In 2020, the scale of the electronic information industry reached 273.2 billion yuan, ranking No. 1 of the mid-west of China. The total industrial output value of the regulations is 245.985 billion yuan, of which the total industrial output value of high-tech manufacturing industry is 165.461 billion yuan, maintaining a rapid growth of 31.8%.

Four leading industries

1. Electronic information industry

There are more than 800 electronic information enterprises in Xi'an Hi-Tech Zone, led by ZTE, Huawei, Haitian Antenna, IRICO Info, Vishay and Infineon, and supported by a large number of mid and small sized technological enterprises such as Connector, Huajing Electronics and Huashan Semiconductor, producing an industrial cluster.

2. Advanced manufacturing industry

The zone has an industrial advantage in electric machinery, refrigeration equipment, petroleum equipment, instrument and meters and automobiles, and has owned a large number of nationally famous large- and middle-sized equipment enterprises and products such as Shaanxi Aviation, XAC, Xidian, IRICO, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Datang, Qing’an, Shaanxi Blower Shaanxi Fast Gear and Typical Sewing Machines.

3. Biomedicine industry

Output value of biomedicine ranks fourth in 40 industries in Shaanxi; biomedical industry has a solid foundation and consists of more than 220 large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises including Janssen, Lijun, Buchang, Jinhua, Haotian, Green Valley and Libang. There is also state-level biomedicine incubator in the zone. An industrial cluster takes its initial form, focusing on modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, research and development of chemical drugs and new drugs and biological technologies.

4. Modern service industry

Emphasis is placed on R&D design, information service, the Internet, financial service and creative industry. Software and service outsourcing increases rapidly; in 2009, Xi’an became one of the demonstrative cities in China.

Appraisals from national ministries and committees

Since 1994, Xi'an Hi-Tech Zone has always been rated as “National Advanced Hi-tech Industries Development Zone”;

In September 1997, Xi'an Hi-Tech Zone was the first to join the technological industrial network of APEC upon approval of the State Council;

In February 2001, it was listed as one of five national demonstrative hi-tech zones under key construction during the “10th Five-year Plan” period;

In December 2003, it was rated as one of the “China Top 50 Zones with Honesty and Safe Investment Environment” by the National Bureau of Statistics and China Integrity Construction Committee;

In August 2004, Xi’an Hi-tech Zone was awarded ISO14000 national demonstrative area of environmental protection by the State Environmental Protection Administration and the Ministry of Science and Technology;

In June 2005, it was listed as one of the five scientific parks under key construction into world first-class parks during the “11th Five-year Plan” period;

In August 2005, it was rated as the first Hi-tech Standardization Demonstration District by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and the Standardization Administration of China;

In November 2005, it was granted the title “National Pilot Park of Intellectual Property” by the State Intellectual Property Bureau;

In December 2005, it was granted the title “National Pilot Base for Intellectual Property Promoting Trade Projects” by the State Intellectual Property Bureau;

In June 2006, it was listed as one of six hi-tech zones under key construction into world first-class parks;

In November 2006, it was approved as “Hi-tech Product Export Innovation Base” by the Ministry of Commerce and was identified as one of national six comprehensive hi-tech industrial bases by the National Development and Reform Committee;

In August 2008, it was approved as “National Pilot Park for Scientific and Technological Insurance Innovation” by the Ministry of Science and Technology and China Insurance Regulatory Commission;

In December 2008, it was granted the title “Advanced Managerial Organization at the 20th Anniversary of Implementation of Torch Program” by the Ministry of Science and Technology;

In December 2008, it was granted the title “Overseas High-level Talents Innovation Base” by the Central Talent Working Coordination Unit;

In August 2009, it was rated as “Pilot Unit of MOST Technological Enterprises Accelerator” by torch center under the Ministry of Science and Technology;

In November 2009, it was honored as an advanced managerial organization of torch program by the Ministry of Science and Technology;

In January 2010, it was identified as “National Base for Communication Hi-tech Industrialization” by the Ministry of Science and Technology;

In July 2010, it was rated as “National Demonstration District of Hi-tech Industrial Standardization” by the Standardization Administration of China;

Appraisals from International bodies

In December 2002, it was rated as one of six “most buoyant cities and regions in China” by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization;

In October 2006, it was honored to win the “Asian Incubator Award 2006” and became the first incubator in China Mainland that gained this award;

Voices of the folk

In January 2001, Xi’an citizens listed Xi’an Hi-tech Zone as one of the Top 10 Historical Events in Xi’an in the 20th Century;

In October 2004, Xi’an Hi-tech Zone ranked first of Proud Cities in Xi’an and was also honored as the “9th Scenery in Guanzhong” that extended the “Eight Sceneries in Chang’an”, for which Shaanxi was known for a long time;

In December 2006, it was granted the title “China Top 10 Creativity Bases with Best Investment Environment 2006”;

In February 2010, it was rated as a “Region with Most Driving Force of Shaanxi Economy” by the overall rating list of driving forces of Shaanxi economy.

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