Dive into a bird paradise in NW China's Shaanxi

2022-04-19 14:42:27 , Source : CGTN

The blood pheasant is among 172 bird species living in the Niubeiliang National Nature Reserve in northwest China's Shaanxi Province. Both male and female blood pheasants have red feet. The males are noted for the crimson feathers on parts of their bodies. They are under second-class state protection in China. 

A male blood pheasant.

A blood pheasant chick.

White-browed laughingthrushes and white-collared yuhina also live in the forest. The spotted nutcracker is nicknamed the warning bird by local forest rangers because of the loud sounds it makes when observing takins which often move away on hearing the call.

A white-collared yuhina.

A white-browed laughingthrush.

A grey-headed bullfinch.

(All images taken by Guo Pengbo, a senior forestry engineer in Niubeiliang National Nature Reserve.)

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