Rochester, New York (U.S.A.)

2017-04-24 14:24:46 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Located in the Northeast of the United States, Rochester is called the typical American city by tourists from all over the world. It is 8-hour drive from the New York City, 2-hour drive from Canadian border and 90-minute drive from the Niagara Falls.

It is the third largest city in the New York State with over 1 million residents in the Greater Rochester. Four seasons are distinctive here, and average temperatures in summer and winter are 26 degrees 0 degrees respectively.

Rochester is surrounded by lakes and rivers. In its north is the Lake Ontario, a freshwater lake. Bisecting the city, the Genesee River fiercely flows across the Grand Canyon near the Letchworth State Park and then runs through three falls to the north. There are various new and old sights along the legendary Eire Canal. Particularly, the 96-foot wide fall in the center of the city and laser light shows in the summer night make the city more charming.


With a long history of industry, Rochester is home of headquarters of Eastman Kodak and Bausch & Lomb, as well as the main manufacturing base of Xerox. Products produced here can be seen anywhere in the world. Rochester exports products worth of over $ 12 billion every year and has economic relationship with 155 countries. The relationship between local companies and high technology projects carried out by institutions of higher education in the city is unprecedented. The production of photography and optical devices is second to none in the world and keeps leading the world in aspects of imaging, optical technique, electronics and communication.

History and Culture

Rochester has a long history and brilliant culture. Eleven universities and colleges have created a marvelous environment for higher education. Attracting students from the whole world, the Eastman School of Music is known as one of the best music education schools in the world. Outstanding theaters, music and optical arts have made the city full of creativity.

George Eastman House

It is now an international photography and film museum. Tourists can visit the luxurious house with over 50 rooms and a beautiful garden of George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak Company. The gallery covered with photographic works and photography facilities in all ages are also open to the tourists.

Strong Museum: It is one of the earliest history centers for families and children in America. In the museum, an innovative environment is provided for people to study for themselves. Collections famous in the world including dolls, toys and miniature statues can also be enjoyed.

Memorial Art Gallery

It has art treasures with more than 5000 years history. Rochester Museum & Science Center, featuring many exhibits related to Indian art, natural science and history, also has a first-class Planetarium.

Genesee Country Museum

Tourist guides in clothes of ancient times and 57 primitive architectures from pioneers’ wooden houses to luxurious Victorian villa can immediately take you back to the America of 19th century.


Charming nightlife with all kinds of performances and films can be experienced in Rochester. Performances by artists from home and abroad in the night clubs, restaurants and halls are staged every night. Either Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the best U.S. Orchestras, or novel astronomic performances, everyone can find his or her own favorite night activity. Entertainment shows and night performances can be seen anywhere in the city, from the East Avenue near the Eastman Theater to High Falls Venue, from St. Paul Quarter to University Avenue, Monroe Avenue and Park Avenue.


Rochester is the heaven of golf players thanks to its predominant golf course and fans. Rochester owns the best baseball team, ice hockey team and field hockey team. A racecourse for great horses is also near the city. Additionally, there are a lot of recreational sports from indoor and outdoor volleyball to bowling. In the summer, you can drive a car or rent a boat to fish; in the winter, you can come here for langlauf or speed skating; and you can also ride a bike along the pretty streets and park trails to enjoy sports in Rochester.


Rochester has various franchise stores and modern plazas. There is an old printing house with all kinds of stores and galleries, a free market with 80 years long history and beautiful streets filled with small shops. Various stores along the Erie Canal and huge modern shopping mall in the suburb provide you with more shopping choices. What’s more, there are wholesale centers and fruit stands where you can even pick fruits for yourselves.

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