Uiseong County (South Korea)

2017-04-24 14:20:52 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Uiseong County (Uiseong-gun) is a county in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, South Korea. Located near the center of the province, it is bounded by Andong on the north, Cheongsong on the east, Gunwi County on the south, and Sangju and Yecheon on the west. As in most parts of Korea, most of the land is vacant and forested; only about 19% of the county's area is farmland. The county is largely rural, with an economy dominated by agriculture; the only urbanized area is the county seat, Uijeong-eup.

South Korean national treasure 77, a five-storied stone pagoda, lies in Geumseong-myeon. Also in Geumseong-myeon are a set of more than 300 dinosaur tracks from the early Cretaceous period.

Uiseong is home to Gounsa, one of the 24 head temples of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. This temple is located in Danchon-myeon.

Famous people from Uiseong include Yu Seong-ryong, prime minister and one of the best loyal contributors during the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592-1598).

Administrative divisions

Uiseong County is divided into 18 primary districts (1 eup and 17 myeon). These in turn are divided into 178 legal ri, which in turn are composed of a total of 399 administrative ri. The county's primary divisions are as follows:

Uiseong-eup, Danchon-myeon, Jeomgok-myeon, Oksan-myeon, Sagok-myeon, Chunsan-myeon, Gaeum-myeon, Geumseong-myeon, Bongyang-myeon, Bian-myeon, Gucheon-myeon, Danmil-myeon, Danbuk-myeon, Angye-myeon, Dain-myeon, Sinpyeong-myeon, Anpyeong-myeon, Ansa-myeon.

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