Jinan County, Jeollabuk-do (South Korea)

2017-04-26 15:50:25 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Jinan County (Jinan-gun) is a county in North Jeolla Province, South Korea.

Famous as the "sacred peak" or the "center-piece" of the southwestern provinces, the mysterious Maisan Mountain forms the watershed of the Geumgang River and Seomjingang River in Jinan-gun, where kind-hearted people thrive on the nation's granary land. The high-altitude land is well suited to the cultivation of Jinan's special products: ginseng, deodeok(lanceolate) root, shiitake mushrooms, black pigs, and delicious top-grade hot peppers.

Jinan 8 Scenic Beauties

There are 8 well-known scenic spots in Jinan-gun, namely, Mai Mountain, Gubong Mountain, Mai Mountain Stone Pagoda Group, Yongdamho Lake, Wunilam Banilam, Recreation Forest of Wunjang Mountain, Wunjang Mountain, and Punghyeol-Naengcheon(Wind Hole and Cold Spring).

Mai Mountain

The 100 million year old mystery is pleasing to the senses. Mai Mountain was easily overlooked with the simple story that the mountain looks like a horse's ear without acknowledging its mysterys, legends and histories of nature kept in it. Mai Mountain, the only double peaked mountain in the world, is at the center of Jinan Heights on the boundary of the Noryeong Mountains, approximately 32 km to the east of Jeonju and 3 km to the southeast of Jinan-Eup. The whole mountain consists of the sedimentary rocks. The female Mai peak of 673m and the male Mai peak of 667m form the backbone of the Geumgang and Seomjingang rivers.

Gubong Mountain

Gubong Mountain is unique because you can see all noted mountains in Jeolla-Do in every direction when you arrive at Janggunbong Peak (919 m), the top of Gubong Mountain. The mysterious appearance of the mountain with dominant rock peaks as the mountain name, 6 km from Wunjang Mountain toward the northeast, indicates us that it is the noted mountain that we can't easily see. You can clearly see Myeongdobong Peak, Myeongdeokbong Peak and Daedun Mountain forming the Wunilam and Banilam Valley on the north. You have a bird's eye view of Bokdubong Peak and Wunjang Mountain connected in the shape of the letter to the west and appreciate the Oknyeobong Peak, the Bugui Mountain and the Mandeok Mountain on the south. Furthermore, the grandiose appearance of Deokyu Mountain and Jiri Mountain enters your line of sight on the southeast.

Wunilam Banilam

Wunilam BanilamThe marvelous harmony of fantastic rocks and cliffs, clear water and green mountains, heaven and earth, create the scenic masterpiece of Wunilam and Banilam. Run 24 km via Jeongcheon from Jinan-Eup toward the north, and you will arrive at Jucheon-Myeon. Go up about 2 km along the upper Jujacheon River toward the Wunjang Mountain, and you will see the marvelous scene of Wunilam and Banilam. The Jujacheon River valley, about 5m between Myeongdeokbong Peak (845.5m) and Myeongdobong Peak (863m) on the northeast of Wunjang Mountain is called Wunilam and Banilam. There were only the passing cloud, the sky, the stone and the tree because there was only the steep cliff about 70 years ago.

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