Buzău County (Romania)

2017-04-11 09:28:15 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Buzău is a county of Romania, in the historical region Muntenia, with the capital city at Buzău. In 2011, it had a population of 432,054 and the population density was 70.7/km². Buzău County has 2 municipalities, 3 towns and 82 communes.


This county has a total area of 6,103 km².

In the North Side there are the mountains from the southern end of the Eastern Carpathians group – the Vrancea Mountains and the Buzău Mountains with heights over 1,700 m. The heights decrease in the South and East passing through the subcarpathian hills to the Bărăgan Plain at about 80 m.

The main river crossing the county is the Buzău River which collects many small rivers from the mountains and flows to the East into the Siret River.


The Buzău County Council, elected at the 2016 local government elections, is made up of 33 counselors, with the following party composition: Social Democratic Party, National Liberal Party, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, Romanian Social Party.


The predominant industries in the county are:

• Mechanical components; railway and automotive components

• Metallurgical parts

• Glass

• Food

• Textiles

• Wood

The hilly area is well-suited for wines and fruit orchards. Salt and oil are the main resources extracted in the county.


The main touristical destinantions are:

• The city of Buzău.

• The Vrancea Mountains and Buzău Mountains.

• The Berca Mud Volcanoes

• The amber museum in Colţi

• The Ciolanu Monastery and the Măgura sculpture camp

• The Rătești Monastery

• The Amara Resort.

• The Sărata-Monteoru Resort.

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