The Rose Town Hidden among the Qinling Mountains Enriches Visitors

2018-06-08 17:51:31 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Over 133.3 hectares of colorful roses and tulips are currently growing in Gucheng Town, Luonan County of Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province, which has turned the once impoverished village into a “Rose Town” by integrating agriculture and tourism the town has to overcome poverty. Since 2016, the CPC Luonan County Committee, along with the local government, has started to carry out the comprehensive treatment of “combining the landscapes, forests, fields, roads and residences”, so as to achieve the scientific collaborative development among manufacturing, living and ecological environment. Via attracting businesses and investment and leveraged by the form of “combining enterprises, bases and farmers”, it has built a sea of roses, cherry orchards and traditional Chinese medical herb gardens. Moreover, the spare rooms there have been converted, with over 200 houses being developed to form a tourist resort. As a result, more than 3,000 jobs have been generated and helped 1,400 people in 350 low income families. In the meantime, under the theme of the sea of roses, a series of tourist projects have been built, such as the rose square, the rose corridor, a log cabin styled hotel, the special commercial block, the water park and the graffiti-art village. Since then, the way of production there has become recreational agricultural tourism, instead of the old way of agricultural production solely. The Rose Town has been comprehensively open to visitors since May 2017. Now it has received over 200,000 person-time visitors.

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