The Third Silk Road International Exposition and the Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China has officially opened

2018-05-15 16:51:38 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The Third Silk Road International Exposition and the Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China was kicked off in Xi’an.

On the morning of May 11th, the Third Silk Road International Exposition and the Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China officially opened at the Xi’an Qujiang International Convention Center.

Many distinguished guests attended the opening ceremony, including He Wei, the Vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Umirzak Shukeyev, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Hu Heping, the Secretary of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Liu Guozhong, the Governor of the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province, Baroness Fairhead, the Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion, Datuk Isham Ishak, the Vice General Secretary of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia, Wan Lijun, the Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Han Yong, the Chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of CPPCC, Chen Zhenxiang, the former vice-chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang, Wan Gaoyong, the Vice-governor of Batangas, Philippines, Shakhrat Nuryshev, the Kazakhstan Ambassador to China, Wu Baina (Barbara Janet Woodward), the UK Ambassador to China, Dato’ Zainuddin Yahya, the Malaysia Ambassador to China and He Rong, the vice-secretary of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee. In addition, the leaders of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, the Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress, the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province, the CPPCC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, and the Shaanxi Provincial Military Region, 26 heads of the Central Government Authorities, National Ministries and Central Enterprises, 30 heads of provinces and municipalities and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, as well as guests from more than 70 countries and regions like Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan also attended the opening ceremony.

The secretary of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee Hu Heping delivered the welcome speech, and the Governor of the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province hosted the opening ceremony.

The keynote speech addressed by He Wei, the vice-chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC, pointed out that China’s economic development over the past 40 years was made against the background of opening up, and China’s future economic high-quality development will also be carried out under more opening-up. The priority for constructing the Belt and Road lies in constantly expanding the economic and trade cooperation and promoting common development and prosperity. The countries and regions along the Belt and Road are expected to further strengthen the synergy of major national policies, further improve the communication mechanism, expand cooperation, refine cooperation contents and conduct cooperative projects, so as to achieve greater cooperation results; strengthen communication and consultation, and focus on key areas such as land, sea and air corridors, railways, ports, pipeline networks and internet, to implement a multitude of connectivity projects; work together to promote trade and investment facilitation, to further improve the port clearance cooperation mechanism, deepen cooperation in various fields, and accelerate the construction of the Online Silk Road to constantly expand the trade scale; strengthen financial cooperation by the use of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the “Silk Road Funds”, to deepen the cooperation between financial institutions and markets; further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of science, education, tourism, culture and health, and organize more non-governmental exchange activities to build the social foundation of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Hu Heping also mentioned in his speech that the “Belt and Road” Initiative put forward by Chairman Xi Jinping was on the basis of creating a community of a shared future for all of humankind, which received strong resonance and a positive response from the international community. With the theme of “New Era, New Situation, and New Development”, and for the purpose of implementing the outcome of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, the Third Silk Road Expo will surely further expand the development space for provinces and municipalities in China and countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt. As an important hub of the Belt and Road, an important gateway for China’s opening up, and an important platform for the convergence of flows, Shaanxi will adhere to the opening policy in promoting reform, innovation and development, and vigorously develop the hub economy, portal economy and flow economy. It will build the free trade pilot zone with high-standards, strengthen international humanities exchanges, capital flows, technical cooperation, and information exchanges, so as to build a first-class platform and provide good services for friends at home and abroad to exchange and deepen cooperation.

The vice-chairman of the CPPCC He Wei also visited the pavilions before the opening ceremony.

The Silk Road Economic Belt Forum for International Cooperation was held after the opening ceremony, Umirzak Shukeyev, Baroness Fairhead, Datuk Isham Ishak and the Vice Minister of Commerce Qian Keming made speeches.

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