Featured product hall of the 3rd Silk Road Expo

2018-05-09 17:03:33 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Featured product hall of the 3rd Silk Road Expo is in Pavilions 1 to 4 of the Xi'an Greenland Pico International Convention & Exhibition Center

I. Scale

A total area of 15,000 square meters for display and exhibition in Pavilions 1 to 4 in the Xi'an Greenland Pico International Convention & Exhibition Center.

II. Division and Content of Exhibition Areas

In accordance with the exhibiting needs, there have been divided into five exhibition areas. In these areas, product promotion activities will be held, including those for porcelains, tea products, fine silk, wines, and geographical labeling products from countries along the ancient Silk Road, Shaanxi, and other provinces and cities of China.

i. Exhibition Area for Tea Products

Pavilion 1 is for tea cultural products. To be exhibited in this pavilion includes fine tea, tea sets, tea products produced with the “Millennium Silk Road” traditional handicrafts, as well as products from the full industrial chain of the tea industry in regions along the ancient Silk Road. To be put on display, includes innovative and modern tea products featuring new processes and technology, and multiple business types including tea industry e-commerce (offline tasting and online ordering) as well as promoting meetings for tea sets and tea culture. High-end tea tasting, promoting and marketing fairs oriented for an audience within the tea industry will also be organized.

By building an exchange platform for agents, franchisees and customers along the Silk Road, these tea brand shows and on-site tea tasting activities will help to promote tea consumption, expand marketing channels and improve the tea quality and product efficiency, thus realizing sustained, healthy and rapid development of the tea industry along the ancient Silk Road.

ii. Exhibition Area for Fine Silk

The north part of Pavilion 2 is for fine silk. To be displayed in this pavilion includes product promotions for fine handcrafted silk produced with exquisite folk art along the ancient Silk Road. Besides, the major silk production enterprises within the reach of the New Silk Road region of the Belt and Road will be organized to display the silk products and their utilization, silk related software and publications, as well as silk spinning and dying and garment making equipment and technologies. The goal is to promote new-era trade exchanges of brand products in the Silk Road areas.

iii. Exhibition Area for Porcelain Art

The south part of Pavilion 2 is for porcelains. It showcases high-end daily porcelain ware and decorative porcelains from home and aboard, with a view to promoting Silk Road ceramics and culture. It also demonstrates domestic and overseas featured porcelain products, superb craftsmanship and the technical heritage in porcelain production so as to pass on ceramic evolution along the Silk Road and promote corporate development and mutual cooperation between enterprises. Well-known high-end porcelain enterprises at home and abroad, especially domestic porcelain and decorative porcelain enterprises will be invited to present at the exhibition.

iv. Exhibition Area for Wine & spirits

The north part of Pavilion 3 is for wine and spirits. It serves as a platform for well-known enterprises from the Belt and Road areas to display wine and spirits produced with traditional crafts and new modern high technology, expand marketing channels, promote exchanges and cooperation in wine and spirits industries, and enrich product types along the Silk Road. The goal is to meet the people's ever-growing needs for a better life and fully implement the spirit of the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress.

v. Exhibition Area for Geographical Labeling Products

The south part of Pavilion 3 and Pavilion 4 are for geographical labeling products. To highlight the Belt and Road elements, the Expo will invite enterprises from countries along the ancient Silk Road, Shaanxi, and other provinces and cities in China to exhibit and sell their products with geographical labeling.

Exhibitions and promotions will help to promote trade exchanges in the regions along the Silk Road in this new era, by further stimulating the consumer markets and accelerating the supply-side reforms.

During the exhibition, displays, promotions and matchmaking fairs will be held. Particularly, large department stores, chain supermarkets and wholesalers will be invited to these matchmaking fairs to hold business talks with participant representatives. This will be a platform for mutual cooperation, exchanges, connectivity and trade promotion for enterprises in regions along the Silk Road. Meanwhile, it will also provide opportunities for high-quality products to be exported outside the province and even abroad, thereby helping exhibitors to develop international and domestic markets, raising product awareness, increasing their market share, and pushing forward with the go out strategy for brands along the Silk Road.

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